Seems that some people want to take me to task over my assertation that it would be a mistake for the Democratic Party to run a candidate with an Arabic name.

This apparently makes me racist and narrow-minded.


I do not think that the average American will vote for a candidate with an Arabic name in this post-9/11 era.

I do not think the average American will vote for a candidate with an Arabic name at a time when Islamic Terrorism is so prevalent in the news.

Would someone explain to me why my making the simple observation that Group ‘A’ is probably going to react in this manner to Person ‘B’ makes me a racist?

Do you wish me to lie?

Would I be less narrow-minded if I said, “Oh, I think it would be a stroke of genius for the DNC to run a candidate with an Arab name for president. Simply everyone will vote for him!”

Are lies more palatable to you than the truth?

Is your estimation of me so low that you would prefer that I lie about my opinions? Or am I to change my opinions based to match what you are comfortable with?


It is my belief that the majority of Americans will not vote to put Barack Hussein Obama in the White House because he has a Arabic middle name.

This has not one bloody thing to do with the fact that he is black.

This has not one bloody thing to do with his competence.

This has cock-all to do with the plain and simple fact that I do not believe that the average American is ready to elect a President with an Arabic name.

Anything else you read into that observation is yours, and yours alone.

This topic is done with.


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Are the Democrats insane?

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  1. One thing I’ve noticed that separates those whom vote democrat and those whom vote other: It isn’t a matter of intelligence, it’s a matter of personal insecurity and projecting those insecurities on others.

  2. Jeez, Americans and Muslim-Americans voted in a full fledged Muslim (with a somewhat American name) even after hundreds (if not thousands) of blogs highlighted that fact, along with his earlier connections with the nastier parts of the Black Revolution.

    It didn’t make a difference, he won with no problem.

    Of course, muslims in America and all over the world were made very happy by that.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  3. Personally, I had no idea his middle name was Hussein! I feel kinda dumb now. Though I agree with the ‘Dog.

  4. Papa Ray,

    Yeah, but wasn’t that up in the Twin Cities? Anyone besides Lileks vote Republican there anymore? You can’t draw national conclusions from a district that’s so blue as to be ultraviolet…

  5. I don’t care if his middle name is Hussein. I don’t care about his being a product of a mixed marriage.

    I will not vote for the man because he is a liberal Democrat. (Didn’t he win his Senate seat by default because Jack Ryan dropped out? Wasn’t that the story?)

    Having said that, ‘Dog is one hundred percent correct. There are plenty of people who will not vote for him simply because of his middle name. There’s a bunch of others who needed to stop and think before joining in the dogpile that post apparently engendered.

  6. You can be politically correct or you can have your own, considered opinions and express them freely. We call the latter freedom.

    If you are politically correct, it is probably best you don’t ever say anything for fear of offending someone, no matter how illogical or insane that person’s reason for taking offense.

    I keep reading your blog because you don’t fall into the politically correct trap. And because you’re informative and funny. Remember that old motto: illigitimi non carborundum, which is bad latin freely translated as don’t let the bastards grind you down. Keep up the good work and just ignore the slings and arrows of the easily offended elitist ankle-biters.


  7. I imagine that there are a number of people who don’t know that his name is Arabic…. *sigh*

  8. Unfortunately being ‘racist’ has devolved into a label that you throw at someone whose views you disagree with.

  9. Why are easily offended, thumb sucking, PC ninnies reading THIS blog in the first place?!?! This is a thinking man’s blog.

    There are millions of whining ninny blogs out there. Pick one and leave The Dog alone.

  10. People may not know now that his middle name is Huessein, but does anyone really think the Republicans won’t make it well known if the Democrats run him?

    I know someone who, just this past Election Day, did not vote for a local candidate because of their name. They voted for nearly every other candidate in that party, but couldn’t bring themselves to vote for someone with such an odd name. It wasn’t even a name that brought forth images of tyranny and violence… just a really odd name. Personally, I think that’s an ignorant and irresponsible way of deciding who to vote for. But it supports LawDog’s point… names do matter to the average voter.

  11. It’s not like anyone did a triple-take when they heard his LAST name…
    (I recall the press making a big deal out of the fact that W first thought some dimocrap’s button for the junior congresscritter in question read “Osama”…)

  12. “Is your estimation of me so low that you would prefer that I lie about my opinions? Or am I to change my opinions based to match what you are comfortable with?”

    Dog, please do not lie. I find great comfort and amusement in your ramblings and wish to continmue doing so. Living in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia, I get exposure to more PC than most and your postings are a refreshing reminder that all is not lost in America.

  13. You’ve got guts, LawDog, and people ought to appreciate your willingness to speak your mind and to stand by your convictions. Goodness, where would we be if politicians did that?

    I do have to admire cheryl howard for the courage to use her name when disagreeing with you. Anonymous, that resorted to name calling, must be ashamed of him/herself and views. Or should be.

  14. Unfortunatly, it appears you’re getting the same response I get everytime I post my ‘opinion’ at different forums.

    Its a free country (until you disagree with someone, and then your a racist/commie/homophob/hetrophob/yada yada/blah blah/ad infinitum).

    …..and for what its worth, I think your right too.

  15. Hussain = Arabic = Arabia = The source of Islam = the clear and present danger to freedom as we know it. No need to make 2+2=4 here. I do not think by pointing out that he has an arabic/muslim/(fill in your own description here)is in any way racist… Lawdog, ryou are just pointing out something that seems to be missed by the mainstream… I wonder why?

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