Your very own pocket camel!

One of the things I don’t miss about the Middle East is being the occasional camel cuspidor.

You would not believe how far and how accurately a camel can hork a semi-digested glob of yuck. Or how little provocation a camel requires to begin offensive expectoration. Brr.

Well, some self-defense-minded folks in Switzerland have apparently micro-sized a camel for those folks who — for whatever reason — might be a skosh averse to just shooting opportunistic critters dead.

Kimber of 1911 fame has seen fit to import and distribute these little darlin’s under the name “Guardian Angel”, and there seems to be a stouter version called a “Jet Protector”.

Huh. No imagination. I prefer “Pocket Camel”.

What these little gadgets do is shoot two 90 EmPeeHaitch globs of OC — and in imitation of the wily camel –the user of this little widget is hopefully going to put these 90MPH globs right smack into the face of whichever critter happens to be taking up space downrange.

As seen in the company promo video below:

A Kimber employee volunteered to take a double hit here:

Pocket camels! Isn’t it great living in the future?

Gee Whiz Factor aside, the concept looks interesting. Knowing me, I’ll probably get one just because it is so bloody neat — but — I think I want some thorough in-the-field testing and complete wringing-out before I entrust the lives of kith or kin to one of these doo-dads.


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13 thoughts on “Your very own pocket camel!”

  1. Thats prety cool.Definately would be on list of toys to get.

    I was at the natural bridge wildlife park feeding llamas when one decided he didn’t like my nephew.

    Thwack perfect aim in the face. Dang that stuff is nasty and accurate.

  2. In the second video, the guy who ‘volunteers’ – he’s somewhat impaired, but he’s not ‘down’ by any stretch – I just wonder if some critter, high on adrenaline or other chemicals, would really react to it, in the manner the manufacturers hope …………………..
    Semper Fi’
    Diamond Mair

  3. I wouldn’t bet my life on it. I wouldn’t bet any of my family’s life on it either.

    mustanger98 on THR

  4. If you can get the ok from above why not send Kimber a sample request on office stationary? Then you can do a little “beta testing” of your on on Tejas’ lowest and meanest.
    Let us know how it goes.


  5. Feh. I want a home X-26 Taser. I plan to get one, too.

    Pepperspray affects me more than most, and I’m susceptible to secondary hits.

  6. This isn’t going to be useful for self defense. I’m far from an expert, but it looks to me like you need a headshot to do more than piss your target off. Anybody else feel nervous about needing a headshot ? I”m not betting anyone’s life on it.

    I’m sure a faceful of 275mph pepper spray would suck if you get it on target. The volunteer in the video had goggles on and was still shaken up. A big question is how many facefuls you can dish out. It’s a two-shot weapon with a magazine that had better be quick to change. The shooter in the first video was shooting fine for bullets, but the first shot might not have affected the target and the second wasn’t a solid hit.

    This looks more like a non-lethal offensive weapon. The crowd control implications are obvious. A pump action riot gun with a larger clip would be very useful fired between gaps in a shield wall.

    In a self-defense situation I’m going for center of mass with something more… robust than this, no question.

  7. I might start with one of these but a 1911A-1 makes an excellent back-up gun for these.

    By the way Kim, the Jet Protector would be the Pocket Camel. The Guardian Angel is a Pocket Baby Seagull. Have you ever toured a seagull nesting site?

  8. I see this tool as better suited for institutional use than on the street. As already stated, the headshot is some what of a concern. If it is a standard stream you can adjust your aim on the fly. This is more of a shotgun blast.

    However, the idea of firing this through a bean hole to disable a barricaded inmate really makes me smile.

  9. I purchased one for my wife and went to get another one today for her to practice with, but they were sold out. It is a good fit in the hand and aims intuitivly.

    Any volunteers for when I get the practice one?

  10. Well, the pellets only travel at 132 FPS (90 MPH), which means you’d better be standing on the toes of whatever you intend to hit with it. By comparison paintball pellets travel around 300 FPS.

  11. I also have to go with Michael Llaneza 100% on this one – and add to his concerns. The trouble with most nonlethal weapons for self-defense is that they will drive away the weak and p*ss off the strong. With this, I’d expect that anything but a head shot is more likely to p*ss them off. A head shot could be disabling no matter how tough they are – but that’s because I think firing a lump of anything smaller than an eyesocket in the face at 90mph might put their eye out. (The videos aren’t playing for me, so it’s possible I don’t understand this thing right.)

    I’d rather defend against a lawsuit for killing the critter outright with a .45 round dead center than against one for putting his eye out. A dead critter can’t come into court swathed in bandages and lie about the incident…

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