Ahead, cheese factor 10!

Mama Nature is alternately pounding the area with freezing rain and snow — since I have the weekend off, you can bet your last bikkie that I’m not going anywhere.

So, we have popped the cheese pop-corn, set out the cheese dip and made plenty of cheese-and-cracker stacks — all in preparation for …

Hell Comes To Frogtown!

Oh, my ever-loving-gods, I forgot how bad this movie was. Bad. Bad-bad-bad.

And, as is common with other Truly Abysmally Bad Movies, it has a certain boggy charm to it. However, boggy charm or not, this is still one stinker of a movie.

Fortunately, I have “Big Trouble In Little China”, “Tremors”, “Equilibrium” and “They Live” prepared and thus have managed to remove the worst memories of Froggytown from the old short-term memory.


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10 thoughts on “Ahead, cheese factor 10!”

  1. Cheesey??? Tremors is a classic on a plane above Casablanca and Gone With the Wind.I mean all they have is “we’ll always have Paris” and “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” Tremors has tons of better lines, “a few common household chemicals in the right proportions” and my fav, “You broke into the wrong goddamn rec room this time didn’t you!”
    And They Live has the honor of having one of the top ten fight scenes ever staged. And possibly the most realistic. I will admit the rest of the movie is pretty much old “cheese witz”

  2. You really need to watch “Ninja III: The Domination”

    It’s worth buying a used copy just to watch it. Talk about cheesy.

  3. I love Tremors, and even Tremors II. After that, it got a bit silly.

    But for cheesefests, you should try spending four hours in the Emergency Room waiting area, with your Most Beloved suffering from pleurisy, surrounded by a cross-section of Section 8 critters. And what’s on the TV, but a USA channel marathon of “The Substitute”.

    As ass-kicking hero/revenge movies go, the original, with Tom Berenger, was pretty good.

    The subsequent versions, with “Mr. Wimpy” Treat Williams… eh. *feh*

    And guess which versions were on the USA Marathon, with My Beloved sitting bolt upright in the ER waiting area, afraid to move a muscle and unable to draw a full breath, surrounded by kicking and screaming toddlers and perpetually puerile breeders…

    Yeah. Fun day. The Tordal and naproxen have worked nicely, though.

  4. What? No comments about the line “You’re not getting enough penetration.” I’m disappointed.

  5. I hope you have your six demon bag handy. Campy movies when snowed in… I’m jealous.

    I recommend Shawn Of The Dead if you haven’t seen that. Funny!


  6. Frogtown is jaw-droppingly bad…but memorable!

    “Let’s go people, I’m double-parked!”

    “Ballet? Modern? Jazz?”

    “You are one weird dude!”

    Mr. Bruce

  7. Another truly bizarre film that’s worth watching at least once is Fantasy Mission Force… skinhead nazi’s car surfing on 70’s muscle cars, hopping vampires, amazons, Abe Lincoln. This one’s got it all. 🙂

  8. Oh, boy do I love Big Trouble in Little China, but you need to add a little outrageous comedy like the Addams Family Values and High Spirits to round things out.

    P.S. Gotta look up Hell comes to Frogtown…embarrassed to say that I have never heard of it.

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