Czech check

I went down to the last Market Hall gun show, along with Reno and his family.

As an aside, how do you city denizens handle all those people breathing your air?

Anyhoo, where was I? Oh.

While I was down there, I got to coon-fingering a CZ-P01.

That is one sweet, no-nonsense little pistol.

I was originally looking for a CZ75-PCR, but there were none to be had in the entire gun-show, so I started taking a long look at the P01, which seems — I think — to be a PCR with an extended dust cover, slotted for a tac-rail.

I really don’t have much of an opinion concerning tac-rails on pistols, so the presence of one on a P01 is pretty much a moot point.

The P01 fits my hand like a glove, the controls are all easily reached by my thumb and the pistol points naturally. The fact that it comes in 9X19mm is a plus for me, as the 9mm is pretty much my favorite defensive pistol calibre.

The only down side I see so far is the fact that I haven’t gotten to shoot one yet.

I may have to take a weekend and brave the Metroplex in search of a rental gun range with CZ’s on the rent list.


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18 thoughts on “Czech check”

  1. Lemme know, ‘Dog. We’ll go shoot one together, if only for the morning. (I seem to have no evenings free these days.)

  2. Try calling BulletTrap Inc ( and asking if they have it for rental. They’re in Plano just off 75 at Parker & K. (east side of 75).

  3. Holler and you can shoot my PCR I bought from Alduro a couple of years ago. I might even send it home with you so you could enjoy it at your leisure. Just remember, it’s mine. You gotta find your own if you want one.

    It’s almost as nice as a SIG 😀


  4. LawDog, LawDog! I’ve been a reader and a fan for quite some time now, and I’ve grown quite fond of your style and your tales. I must comment on your “favorite defensive pistol calibre”, however. The 9×19 is a fine enough round for the average person with a CCW permit, but I really expected more from you, sir. Don’t you know that real handgun calibers start with a “4”, end with “Magnum” or both? All joking aside, keep writing!

  5. My brother shoots a cz-52. I believe it is a 7.62×25. a 30 caliber pistol is a blast tp plink with. I think it would be great for self defense. Even if you missed, the percussion and the noise would cause the attacker to crap his pants.

  6. Have to admit, I’m not thrilled with the aluminum frame guns.

    But then, I shoot a 1911 with a plastic handle, so what do I know?

  7. That looks pretty sweet. Probably something I would like as a self-defense gun, though take that with a grain of salt, as I live in a country where the best legal self-defense I can get is martial arts and/or a cane.

    The only thing that slightly worries me is if the beavertail is a bit low on the gun*. But not having held it(let alone fired it) who am I to tell?

    *bad term I know, but firearm or pistol just didn’t fit the sentence. :p

    As for calibers, 9×19 is pretty good, it might not have superior stopping power, but it won’t recoil to hell if you need to make a second(or third) shot. Load it with hydrashock or something, as most crooks don’t wear kevlar.

  8. I always enojyed going to shows at Market Hall (before the Army shipped me out here to the Beltway). Heck, I bought my first rifle (a Czech Mauser) there.

    I own a CZ 75 Compact, which is basically a PCR but in .40 S&W instead of 9mm. I love it, but it’s more for carry than range work (and here in Maryland I only get to carry with my issue weapon). This past Christmas I long-term loaned it to a friend of mine just south of Dallas; she just got her CCW and needed something smaller than a 1911 to carry.

  9. Hrmm. Let’s see, I now have a CZ27, a 52, a 70, a 75B compact, and a 75B compact 40.

    I have a sneaking suspicion they know what they’re doing. I also have a sneaking suspicion that you recognicze that handily 🙂

    CZ’s don’t get rented, they get borrowed. Our range/shop hasn’t had a used one on the shelf long enough to pull it for range status; so if anyone gets the itch to try one out long enough I’ll just hand them my 75 compact and they buy ammo.

  10. I fired this weapon at the fall “customer appreciation day” at Bill’s gun store & range (just outside of Mpls.) The CZ factory rep is starting to hate me, I take half his inventory out and shoot it every time he comes there… I think you will enjoy it. It’s a nice shooter, and a decent ballance between functionality at longer than arms length and weight/size. If any of you are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Bill’s open range days come twice a year and are NOT to be missed. A dozen factory reps, and you can take their samples out on the range for just the price of the ammo and targets. All gun shows should be like this-

  11. I love my CZ-85, and the P-01 is next on my list of pistols….

  12. Target Master’s in Garland has one in that model to rent, I believe.

    Cool thread, like to hear from other shooters in Dallas.

  13. Dog,

    Could you do us a favor and post the results of your CZxx range visit to THR?

    The High Roaders will get a kick out of that.

    ArfinGreebly, THR

  14. The P-01 is a nice pistol. Mine needed some breaking in and an ultrasonic bath before it felt smooth. The ergos are great, and it shoots well when worn in.

  15. Late to the party, as always, but let me second the suggestion that you try out DFW Gun Range.

    Not only is it the Imperial Firearms Advisor (Kim)’s “home”, it’s mine as well and I’m pretty sure that they have more CZs than you can shake a stick at.

    Not to mention that I’d love to buy you a beer if you were to show up while I was there, which can be arranged.

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