I have been meme’d!

Courtesy of Pawpaw, I discover that I have been hit with an Internet meme before I could duck.

This one goes:

“share five off the wall, strange, unusual or just little-known facts about yourself. Then you “tag” five other bloggers who are supposed to do the same thing.”

Goodness. “Off the wall” or “original” facts about me.

Only five?

1) I’m not superstitious, but magazines that hold a maximum of 13 rounds make me uncomfortable. When I carried a Browning Hi-Power, I went waaay out of the way to get my paws on British 14-round magazines and South African 17 rounders. To the best of my knowledge, no 13-round magazines were ever put into that pistol during the time I had it.

2) I have acrophobia — sort of. I can’t stand being a certain height above the ground if I’m on a structure. If I’m in an aeroplane or a helicopter, it doesn’t bother me to hang out the door at any height, and I’ve done a 300-foot rappel with nothing but a smile. Bridges, overpasses, roofs of tall buildings, though — hell, no.

3) According to the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator battery of tests, I am an INFP. It is apparently fairly unusual to find my kind of personality in Law Enforcement, enough so that the lady head-shrinker who administered the tests had never seen one before.

Heh. I’m unique. Just like everyone else.

4) I’ve never seen “The Wizard of Oz” or “Gone With The Wind”.

5) I once had an electric catfish for a pet. Kept him in a bucket on the front porch under the Mongoose-a-minium for several years and even taught him to take worms from my fingers without shocking the ever-loving [deleted] out of me.

I’m going to tag:

Matt G
Tolewyn (Update your blog, boy!)

Y’all have fun now, you hear?


Oh, you didn't!
Well, that's irritating.

7 thoughts on “I have been meme’d!”

  1. Interesting. I’m with you on the BHP mags preferring the 21 rounder myself, the acrophbia too

    From reading your posts IBFP makes a lot of sense and like you said is atypical for your profession

    I bet there aren’t a lot of people in Africa noodling for those catfish 😉

  2. Kinda hard to carry a 21 round magazine in a IWB holster.

    I’m not sure that I want to play, ‘Dog. My most interesting points are, um, kinda personal.

  3. I watched Gone With the Wind for the first time about a month ago. It really is a wonderful movie – a worthwhile way to burn a rainy Sunday afternoon.

    You are possibly the only living person over the age of 6 months who has never seen The Wizard of Oz. Also a great movie, actually a parable about American trashing the gold standard.

  4. I can’t believe you’ve never seen “The Wizard of Oz”! You don’t know what you’re missing.

    Thanks for the tag. I had a lot of fun with the meme.

    Also, I don’t see your email listed anywhere, but I was going to send you a thank you note for the added blog traffic. Much appreciated.

    Be safe out there, LD. You’re one of my very favorite bloggers and I’d hate to hear of anything happening to you. 🙂

  5. You cheeky bah-sted! Oh well, it’s up. Have a peek!

    Russ “Naviguesser”

    PS for those not in the know, “naviguesser” is a reference to my salad days as an aerial navigator.

  6. I don’t know how much stock I put in Meyers-Briggs tests, but they’re interesting. The wife of a friend of mine decided to try an experiment for a paper while she was in grad school. Since her husband was in to RPG games (old-style paper, pen, dice and imagination) she ran the test against all of the gamers of that sort she could find. With very few exceptions we all came back as INTJ.

  7. Aw, Dawg, get the wife and kids together and watch the wizard of Oz…
    You’ve had a deprived childhood, poor baby!

    Doug in Colorado

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