24 thoughts on “New blogspot?”

  1. I’m not going there either.

    Until it has been up for six months, it’s just “Beta Testing” part deux.

    And “Beta Testing” is another way of saying “Let some other poor schmuck take the bullet”.

    I suggest you not switch yet. Your blog is the one I go to FIRST, every day. I’d be ticked if you couldn’t post because New Blogger crashed.

  2. We switched, but I prefer the old one. New one is a Google-driven login thing, and I see no advantage. But I suppose one day you will have to switch when they turn off the old mode.

  3. I’ve been switched for a little while now. The new Blogger isn’t terribly different. It’s a little more streamlined on your end, and there are various new features (privacy controls, easy template and formatting modification, etc). Overall, I like it.

  4. I’ve switched, and I don’t really note anything exciting. Blogger has some quirks which bug me (mostly involving formatting), but that’s in both the old and new version.

    I see no harm in switching, really.

  5. It’s not much of a difference really. I switched, haven’t lost any functionality. It hasn’t crashed yet, either. No worries. That being said, I DO like their new post-labeling feature.

  6. It works well, They are trying to corner and eliminate old blogger by cutting off communication with the new one.

    You’ll like some of the new features.

  7. I switched early on, I am not a computer savy type, but I couldn’t tell any difference. I have never used another blog account, so the changes are lost on me.

  8. I’m holding off as long as I can! They’ll never take me!

    Ok, they probably will, but I prefer to wait until all the kinks have been worked out or until they flat out make me move.

  9. I haven’t switched. Several of my blog buddies did and regretted it. Two were so regretful (is that a word?) that they really switched…to wordpress. Maybe it’s because the satisfied “new bloggers” don’t complain, but I haven’t heard anything but negative about it. I’m sticking with old blogger for now.

  10. I have switched, and I love the New Blogger.

    I also swear that I’m not a Google employee. I have a Google account, and I can now publish my blog directly from Google Docs and do all sorts of neato-torpedo things that I never once needed to do before but now I can’t live without.

    No, seriously I recommend it. Especially if you have a gmail account.

  11. It isn’t especially different on the front end. Where it is different it is generally better.

    There are a few new features worth mentioning. The layout editing stuff is great, except that you have to update your blog’s template to use it. Which for mean means rebuilding my entire template/layout from scratch. I don’t have that sort of time right now. Post labeling is great though. That alone made the switch worth while.

    New Blogger doesn’t seem any slower or less stable than the old one. In fact my posts seem to publish a lot faster now. Old Blogger used to eat posts on occasion because servers didn’t talk to each other properly. I haven’t had New Blogger do that either. Yet.

    Oh and I already use Gmail so a google ID wasn’t a turn off.

  12. I second Jeff’s assessement.

    I switched a couple of days ago. The changeover was relatively painless.

    The only two things that stand out to me, I like.

    1. I can label (categorize) my posts now which I’ve wished blogger could do for quite a while now.

    2. Publishing after creating a new post is MUCH faster than it used to be.

    My template transferred over flawlessly and I had modified it pretty heavily so that was a concern. I haven’t tried to edit it since so I don’t know how well the new template editing features work. I know enough about html that I may just keep editing it that way and leave the WYSIWYG editor alone.

    It really didn’t change much, but the two things I mentioned above make the switch worth it in my mind.

  13. My wife had a hell of a time switching to the new blogger but it works much better. old blogger would let her post one picture per day then it would break for some reason, new blogger works fine for her. if you’re a member of any group blogs you cannot switch though until you are removed from the group blogs.

  14. Make the switch, its no big deal. As noted, don’t go jumping into using the new template features until you have the time and inclination to rebuild all the additions you have made to your template. Since yours is pretty close to stock, it shouldn’t be too big a problem.

  15. I say switch, I did and have had no problems. As I understand the situation, blogspot/blogger’s infrastructure design which Google acquired, was not well thought out and amenable to scaling to more traffic and it was becoming a real headache for Google’s engineers to keep running. what was worse was that the “status” blog that they used to keep everyone informed of problems was on the same infrastructure as the rest so when it went down, the status page went down too, so none of the subscribers could even figure out what was going on or when it might come back up. do it and don’t look back, you won’t hardly notice the difference.

  16. I switched….not sure why I did it. It was a bit of a hassle to understand what to do and such. Well up to the point I read the intstructions.

  17. If you’re going to switch to something, make it WordPress, or Typepad, or some such thing. Blogger has too many crashes.

    WordPress took some getting use to, but I’m glad I got off Blogger. Can’t do some things, but they weren’t that important anyway, and it hasn’t gone down once.

  18. I have and without problems. However, I’m waiting to see the template editing changes!

  19. I haven’t switched yet and probably won’t until I’m forced to.

  20. I switched, and they still hadn’t fixed the things I didn’t care for, largely. They did streamline some of the layout stuff.
    Overall, it’s a little better than the old Blogger.

  21. I’m with Jeff and Sailor. My pet peeve is having to sign in to blogger, then in to the beta version separately. A bit of a hassle and probably something I’m doing wrong, “but dammit, Jim, I’m a nurse, not a computer whiz!”

  22. I agree with Kate.

    This is a popular blog, and would seem to deserve something a bit more robust than blogspot.

    It’s time for real blogging software, Lawdog. WordPress, Typepad, Movable Type…all good. These outfits will even help you with the switcheroo.

  23. As a reader, not a blogger, I would
    only point out that comments in the new version are “secure” (https)and
    take FOREVER to load. Otherwise, I don’t see any difference.


  24. I am happy, but since moving notice a quirk that wen I post using Firefox… IE eats my blog!
    I have to log in to dashboard, template and save my template using IE… then it resurfaces in IE. Firefox has no such issue.
    I have to use IE for my work but would prefer Firefox 24/7. 🙂

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