Critter update

Seems our pedophile also has a MySpace page:

Note that the picture on the MySpace page is the same one as found on the Blogger page.

Given the number of children on MySpace, I would take it kindly if folks would report the presence of a known paedophile to the MySpace people.

There should be an ‘Abuse’ button at the bottom of the page, click it and type a polite message, of your kindness.


I love living in the future

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  1. Done, and done. Nice – did y’all notice that MySpace partners with the national center for missing and exploited children. *evil grin*.


  2. Done, and blogged. There are plenty of other retailers who will be glad to get the business that Amazon is losing!

  3. Done, both at myspace and for the center for missing and exploited children as well. Now let’s see just how long it takes for them to do something about it.

  4. Done and and thanks for the public service annoucement. This scumbag needs to be taken care of. If you get my meaning.

  5. Here’s my “Abuse Report” to MySpace:
    I question MySpace’s “commitment” to children – THIS individual brags about/advocates to others his molestation of 14 year old boys – while the ‘age of consent’ may well be 14 in Canada, I seriously doubt that any competent parent, either in the U.S. or Canada would accept “Tom’s” showing an interest in their son with any degree of equanimity …………………………. since MySpace is a free service, it seems to me that “Tom” should be playing by YOUR rules, not that YOU should play by his …………………
    With all the bad press that MySpace has recently received re: pedophiles enticing kids to run away, I would think you’d want to err on the side of caution.
    Sincerely {from a mother} and
    Semper Fi’

  6. Tossed my 2 cents into the hat.

    Even alerted the AFA in case they want to help with the boycott.

  7. UPDATE. Just got a message from MySpace admin. His MS profile has been deleted. Now to get Blogger and Amazon to give him the stomp too. Glad the light’s on this cockroach.

  8. 8:48pm PST:
    “This user has either cancelled their membership, or their acccount has been deleted.”


  9. I’ve reported his blogger page to blogger as a violation of terms of service.

  10. the following was sent to the FBI:

    there is this guy who is an admitted pedophile, he claims to be in ontario canada. He has a book being sold on of poetry and hiakus about homosexual pedophilia. he also has a blogger web page where he openly describes and boasts of having sex with 14 year old boys. He used to have a myspace page until we managed to get myspace to take it down. Google has not as yet deleted his blogger page here:

    This guy is sick and needs to never see the light of day ever again. please do something about this guy.

    Info about his sick “book” can be found here:

  11. got a call back a few minutes later from someone from the FBI informing me to go to the missing and exploited children website and make a complaint there.

    Does this mean that the FBI is not interested?

  12. Rorschach – No, it doesn’t mean they’re not interested… However, they can’t do anything until they have actual physical proofs of what’s going on. The best way they can do that is by having a non-government agency like the NCMEC to investigate and find out what’s going on, and forward the information to them as they get it. It could be that he’s stupid enough to actually place exactly where he is. If so, they’re technically out of the FBI juristiction unless Canada invites them in.

    While the book is certainly not ok, and neither are his professed claims to having sex with minors, they can only take action if they find out he has something physical that incriminates him… Pictures, eye-witness, whatever…

    Unfortunate, but true.

  13. BTW, Blogger took down his stuff, too. Confirmed it just now!

    He’s back yet again. I just checked.

    This sicko has got to go.

  14. Kateykakes, I just checked and the only thing there is a empty template. You may have seen a cached version or something.

  15. Merripan, BTW, that book alone is a violation of the law. you may not even write fiction that pedophilia.

  16. Not to worry! I’ve posted to all the sites, included his user profiles for ALL his different websites for their perusal, and included copies of their TOS for a reminder of what they should NOT be allowing on their sites..

    Bwa ha ha ha.

    I’ll be posting a copy of the email on my blog so if you’d like to follow my lead, please feel free!


  17. thought you might like to know, the original link on this boy made it on the BACA Nation radio show (via yours truely)…

  18. FWIW…
    The last login on that site is about 3/18/07. It’s now (8/29/08) occupied by one “Acme Cleaning Services”. Must be the calling card of whoever removed the scum and left the web a bit cleaner and safer.

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