Dammit, dammit, dammit

Vicente Ignacio Beltran-Moreno a/k/a “Nacho” is a Mexican citizen, migrant worker, illegal immigrant and aspiring alleged kidnapper.

Seems that ol’ Nacho wasn’t content with doing them there “jobs that Americans don’t want to do” and decided to supplement his income with a wee bit of kidnapping for ransom.

So, El Sleazo apparently snatched a random 13-year-old kid from a bus-stop at gun-point — in front of twelve to fifteen other children — drove him out into the boonies and taped him to a tree.

Our dashing illegal immigrant then drove back into town, intent on writing and delivering the perfect ransom note.

Fortunately, the laddie had more than a bit of grit and by way of a safety pin and his teeth, got loose and found himself a farmer with a cell-phone, thus putting a bit of a monkey-wrench into the cunningly-laid plans of Senor Beltran-Moreno.

While the finer points of Shanghai-ing For Profit may have slipped by El Nacho, he seems to be smart enough to realize that hanging around probably wasn’t in his best interests and seems to have gotten into the wind — most probably headed back for Ye Olde Homeland.

As you might have guessed, peace officers throughout the South-East and South are somewhat anxious to have a bit of a chat with the Senor.

Unfortunately, most recent SHAGs* have El Sleazo well over the border by now.

Is it too much to ask that we have enough control over our own sodding borders to be able to at least make it somewhat difficult for a wanted fleeing felon to cross our borders? Maybe actually make it a challenge to escape the Long Arm of the Law by border-jumping, instead of a routine “ho-hum” occurrence?



*Scientific Hairy-Arsed Guess

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  1. Well, if we ANY kind of control over said border, the aforementioned felon wouldn’t be a-gettin’ in here in the first place, now would ‘e?

    This non-border border situation is killing me, honestly.


  2. At least you and yours are activly hunting for the dirtbag. Around here the only time they catch one is when they have a fatal wreck and the body happens to be the accused. That or the DUI’s that pile up cause the igits can’t stay off the roads when drunk.

  3. To all the “illegals” out there:

    “Get to steppin”, it’s that simple!! This is crazy!! CRAZY!! Hell, I’m starting to think “Do we even have any flippin’ borders”?? Hoooooo-hummmmm

  4. No, we don’t have any sort of real border to the south and barely have one to the north. The reason for this is the screaming our neighbors do when we try set up an effective border.
    To the south, our neighbor makes a large chunk of his income from people breaking into our home and sending money back. Now, it doesn’t help matters any when some of the people living in our home choose to save a few bucks by paying those who have broken into the house to do something for them rather than paying someone who is legally in the house.

  5. He was doing “a job Americans won’t do”. When was the last time you’ve heard of an American kidnapping someone for ransom (other than in the movies. However, I understand this practice is fairly common south of the border, in such lovely places like Haiti and Columbia.

    I’m sure y’all have heard it before, but the Indians had a careless immigration policy, too. See how it turned out for them!

    They had a bunch of foreigner show up. They brought their own culture with them, refused to conform to Indian customs. Eventually, the foreigners set up their own government and killed all the Indians that disagreed with them!

    Welcome to Nuevo Mexico (Amexico, Mexica?) Gentlemen!!!!

    We better all learn Spanish, start bribing corrupt public officials, get used to living in a Third World country and start beating our wives!!!!

  6. I am betting that he knew in Texas the farmer(s) in question did not take kindly to kidnapping. Therefore in their vocabulary is the phrase, “Get a rope.” Myself, a native born Texan would not have any problem assisting in acquisition of said rope. I can’t stand people who prey on children.

    Dr. Joe Cathey

  7. Since 9-11-01 just over 3100 Servicemen and Women have been killed in action by jihadis overseas.

    In that same time over 8000 Americans have been murdered by “Undocumented Immigrants.”

    Maybe it is time to impeach el Presidente Jorge Arbusto.

    Gerry N.

  8. Maybe I’ve been overly influenced by Cinematic Westerns (which have, at base, about as much connection to reality as Al Gore’s head), But I was under the strong impression that the Mexican border had always been fairly porous. Certainly the history of Black Jack Pershing in Mexico seems to give that impression.

    Secure borders have always been a bit of a fantasy. Even the borders of the USSR leaked, and God knows those swine did whatever they could to control the borders.

    I agree that something needs to be done. I agree that keeping violent nuts out of the country (or, conversely, keeping them in if they are fleeing the Law) is highly desirable. But the core problem is that Mexico’s government and economy are dissolving into a puddle of goo. Unless that stops, the problem is going to persist. We may guard the border, but people fleeing destitution and violence are ingenious …. as Fidel Castro could tell us (if he still lives).

    In the early 19th century we could (and did) invade Mexico, give the current bunch of ‘rulers’ a drubbing, slice off the parts we wanted responsibility for, and leave matters better governed than when we came. We COULD do that now – if we set the goons that govern New Jersey to rule Mexico the government would improve in both places – but the resulting hysteria probably isn’t worth it.


    Put to return to my original point; let’s not pretend that lack of control of that border is a new and unprecedented phenomenon.

  9. I’m not that bothered by the critters escaping across the border. If the Mexicans don’t mind them on the loose in their own country, that’s their problem, and I rather suspect that someone the Federales really want to lay their hands on won’t often remain free for long.

    The problem is that the critters can come back just as easily.

    It is true that the border’s always been pretty porous. The problem is population density. Strangers used to stick out in most of the border country. Strangers whose faces were on wanted posters for kidnapping or the like got noticed pretty fast – and in those days, if the critter fought when the law caught up with him and died suddenly, folks would congratulation the lawman on his shooting rather than convening a board of inquiry.

    Now, there’s too many people, no one knows them all. Worse, there’s too many critters, it’s hard if not impossible to memorize all the faces a lawman ought to know and go after on sight, and definitely not always possible to be sure that someone you glimpse was the guy in the wanted poster rather than some poor sap that happens to look like him. Not to mention the trouble that you’re in for if you have to shoot the critter, let alone his lookalike…

  10. If the US and Mexico were to have some formal agreement about border porousity, then it would have to be in tandem with some sort of agreement about law enforcement co-operation and extradition. No more hiding places.

  11. Core problem
    Root cause

    Horse manure. Make punishment more than a ‘please appear’ or a free trip to the border. How about 6 months in the pokey, WITHOUT free health care, free dental care, etc., confiscation of any property-in-possession to pay for the meals, and THEN a trip to the border. For a first offense, that is.
    Second offense – say 2 years.
    Third offense – 5 years.
    We still have road gangs in this country, don’t we?

  12. While it may be unconstitutional to declare someone “Outlawed” (outside of the protection of the law), it comes to mind that a large fee for his return “DEAD or alive”, with a certain emphasis, would encourage regular folks to keep the undertaker in business.

    I detest those who prey on children. Burying such alive would be too good.

  13. I agree with the good doctor above..except I advocate just shooting them…I AM a lazy cuss.
    as for Mexico…I’d say lets annex it.
    hey! we get a great labor force,a population with a majority of people that have a diverse and conservative outlook… they get rule of law, better jobs, and we can we can add a few more states to the union.
    a plus would be that we’d no longer need passports to go to cancun.

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