Here we bloody go again.


That didn’t take too long.

H.R. 1022

I am cautiously optimistic that this one will die a quiet death in committee — I think we probably have a more pro-gun Congress now than we did at this time last year.

However, I will be the first to admit that I thought the original Assault Weapon Ban in 1994 had no chance to pass, and boy was I wrong there.

So, of your kindness, write your Congress-critter and courteously ask him/her/it to oppose this useless, unConstitutional bit of law-making.

Politeness and civility, folks.


Murphy was a cop.

26 thoughts on “Here we bloody go again.”

  1. Hard to avoid letting anything ‘expressive’ out but I’ll be doing my best.

    Hope not too many people slip in references to ‘rooftop recalls’ and such even as good intentioned warnings of the potential Unintended Consequences.

  2. I will send an email tomorrow morning regarding this issue. I feel very strongly about this. After spending the morning at the range and having some much needed quality time with my 9 mm and .45, I feel even stronger about this, as if that were even possible. I hope that more women such as myself, will speak out about this. As it is entirely possible to be feminine and love firearms and wish to protect our rights with such. I’m living proof. I wrote a post today about my time at the range this morning, feel free to check it out.

    And, ladies make some noise about this issue, please!

  3. BTW, sending emails to my congresscritter would be pointless because He never would vote for it anyway. Thank god for Ted Poe. Now THERE is a guy who’d make a good president!

  4. Letter sent.

    Of course, I am represented by Raul Grijalva (in Arizona, no less!), a total anti-gun nutjob who considers ways of “protecting the people from abuses of the Second Amendment”.

  5. I’ll send an email, but I highly doubt Sestak will listen. He’s a Democrat, what can I say?

  6. Don’t do the “Cold Dead Hands” thing.

    It will be a bunch of cops that will be forced to make them cold and dead.

    Fight the soft, political war right now, while you can. The police will not pass this legislation … a bunch of asshat politicians will.

    If it finally comes down to the last option, save your rage for those politicians. See to it that when the police are finally sent to get you and your weapons, the only thing they will find is an empty house.

    The police will eventually be on whatever side wins.

  7. Text of message to my Rep. For all the good it ‘ll do…

    I oppose bill H.R. 1022. Not only is such attempted legistation a DIRECT violation of THE BILL OF RIGHTS, it will “give aid and comfort the enemy” in this war on Teror.

    Good, honorable, and armed men & women make for safe communities. Good, honorable, and disarmed men and women are easy pickings for both local terrorists (Gang-bangers) and not so local terrorists (Al-queda et al.).

    I do hope that your office will take me seriously. The real danger of H.R. 1022 is to the Constitution that you and I both vowed to protect!

    Thank You!

  8. What about H.R. 297?
    Quoted from news release

    One of the major criticisms of H.R. 297 is that, if it became law, the records of individuals who were never convicted of an offense preventing them from obtaining a firearm but had been arrested for such an offense would be included in NICS. This would make them legally unable to purchase a firearm, even if they were never convicted of the crime for which they were arrested.

  9. My Letter:

    In regards to H.R. 1022, currently in committee,

    Should this unconstitutional bit of legislative drivel somehow make it out of committee, I ask you, as a registered, active voter and a constituent, to please vote it down. The last “Assault Weapons Ban” was nothing but a hollow, feel-good piece of law, which repeated studies have proven did absolutely nothing to lower violent crime. Until the crime itself is the crux of our nations’ scrutiny, the tool seems the apparent scapegoat, but as intellectuals we all should realize that violence will happen regardless of method, and until that behavior is addressed, violent crime will always be a persistent issue. Inanimate objects don’t kill people. Criminals do.

    I do not blame the writes of this bill. They are well-intentioned. They are also, unfortunately, short-sighted and incomprehensive of the entirety of the situation. I could wax poetic at length to provide better solutions to this. Please feel free to contact me for further input, if you are so inclined.

    Finally, the last time a bill of this nature was introduced; there was a “Republican Revolution.” Please don’t give me a reason to vote for another one.

    Mind you, I live in a very blue part of the state, so I’ll most likely land on deaf ears, but at least I said something.


  10. My congressional representative is the Honorable Dennis J. Kucinich (note: said with straight face. Really.).

    Nonetheless, I will write Mr. Kucinich (I’ll even fax him), pointing out that unjust and unConstitutional laws cannot bind a free citizen in conscience–meaning they can be enforced only by, well, force… which promotes the general welfare and/or domestic tranquility exactly how?

    This will accomplish precisely nothing, but my conscience will be clear. After that, well, Molon Labe, he-has-made-his-ruling-now-let-him-enforce-it, etc.

  11. Actually, I rather hope to see it pass. There is a HUGE markup to be made by doubling the price of large cap mags, making instant collector’s items out of all pre-ban weapons and various scary looking but fairly useless low quality weapons that we can run off in huge numbers right before the ban takes place. Bring it on, I say! There’s money to be made!!!

  12. Actually, I rather hope to see it pass. There is a HUGE markup to be made by doubling the price of large cap mags, making instant collector’s items out of all pre-ban weapons and various scary looking but fairly useless low quality weapons that we can run off in huge numbers right before the ban takes place. Bring it on, I say! There’s money to be made!!!

  13. Allow me to add a +1 to kristopher’s comment. The empty house would be the best response, in the event. Although I rather suspect that enforcement will be federalized, if they can manage to arrange it that way.

  14. How about this for a simple form letter, which I sent to my congresscritter (love that term, BTW!):

    It appears that gun control legislation has once again been introduced into Congress. As a longtime voter who considers gun legislation very highly when I go to the ballot box, I ask that you please take every opportunity to prevent H.R. 1022 ( and any other gun control legislation which restricts the lawful right of innocent law abiding Americans from becoming law.

    Thank you for your support of the Second Amendment.

  15. :sigh: Well, I wrote my Congress critter, but she’s a D, I’m an independent. Even though I’m a constituent, somehow I doubt my little e-mail voice will be heard over all the Democratic Partei whipcrackers and the anti-gun lobbyists.

    …or it could just be I’m pessimistic at the moment.

  16. Sorry Kristopher but Aufträge sind Aufträge won’t cut it.

    We’ve seen the footage of the federal troops and police kicking in doors and confiscating weapons in New Orleans and there are many people who have no sympathy for those doing the evil. I come from a military and law enforcement family but I can say that I wouldn’t have shed a single tear if every one of those damnable thugs who participated in that perfidy in New Orleans had been shot dead as they attempted it. In fact I would have cheered. Those who ordered or participated in that should be hung and spat upon by passing school children. I don’t care who they are or why they did it or who gave the order.

    I can only hope if it comes to the point where the police and federal troops go from house to house kicking in doors and rounding up weapons again they not only have to have a truck to haul away weapons but they need to bring another to haul away the bodies of the federal troops and their civilian lackeys. Be they friends or relatives, collaborators are collaborators. Once the cushy government sector job, health insurance and authority come into conflict with right and wrong I think many people will be shocked to see how many of their supposedly Liberty loving friends and relatives and friends in LE and government will side with the paycheck and reveal their true love of wielding authority and will be the first ones with the boot to the door. Sad but true.

  17. Nice to see the Donks over-reaching. I was worried that they would hold off on this until after the ’08 Presidential race.

  18. I emailed both my congressmen and senator. Thats pretty much all we can do until the decide to put the words repeal together with the words “second amendment”..when they do that, we can go on the warpath..till then, scream and holler and pitch a fit!
    let em know what you think! here’s a helpful link!

  19. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll have to see if I can write something as good as what Dregan or CDH did.
    And congrats on the first anniversary of your blogdom, too.

  20. “I’ll have to see if I can write something as good as what Dregan or CDH did.”

    Feel free to copy and paste mine to your hearts content!

  21. I sent an email to my senator, John Warner. I hope it through to him. I think he was a for a keeping the old bill around. Hope it gets it this time.

    I actually think it is time for him to retire.

  22. I’m lucky, my rep is fairly 2ndAmendment supportive, being in the GOP and from Texas. I still mailed him anyway just as a reminder to do the right thing.

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