I’m not sure how this came up, but I’ve noticed a couple or three people mentioning a wife/family in the ‘Comments’ section.

I’m not married, I’ve never been married, and I have no children that I know of.

Not that blessed, folks.

That is all.


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17 thoughts on “Misconception”

  1. This is a carefully crafted and considered statement. LawDog is on the prowl, wants to publicize that fact, but wished to seem subtle.

    Well played, sir!

  2. Hmmmm, I was thinking law dog was married. I think it had something to do with a picture he posted of a pup he rescued. I thought there was some mention of wife and kids, but clearly I read it wrong.

  3. Folks, LD’s not so gauche as to advertise himself as available on his site for the purpose of obtaining companionship. He doesn’t need such techniques. Heck, you’ve seen his picture !

    He was just rectifying a misconception that had been voiced about him.

    But if the right lady did come along, she’d like good tea, holding hands and walking on the beach… and show appropriate reverence for the Penal Code.


  4. I had wondered a bit, but came down on the side of not married, which in turn made me wonder whyever not: entertaining, gallant, well-spoken, handsome and a defender of all that is good, he seems to be a perfect catch.

    Or are potential mates scared off by mom and gran?

  5. Oh, what a shame for the Dog not to have any puppies! You need a litter (or two), my friened, so that you might experience the fine art of parenting in today’s world.

  6. Dog,

    I thought you were married and keeping the doe nameless… You should get a squaw… keep you warm!

    However, being married is a mistake that everyone should experience at least once; don’t miss out! As Zorba the Greek once said… “…wife, children, house, everying; the full catastrophe!”

    Good luck…

  7. Hmmm This will get the women started….

    A. Does LD want to get married? Let’s assume yes, for the purpose of this argument.
    B. What would constitute the “wish list” based on his comments in this blog.

    We can assume I think that any women LD would care to sahre quarters with must have the following qualities.

    1. Phlegmatic. Grace under fire. Stiff upper lip. Call it how you want it, I don’t see LD with a drama queen.
    2. A certain degree of education /intelligence – not necessarily formal education – but someone who knows where Nigeria is, and can at least carry on a conversation about more than lipstick shades or cattle diseases.
    3. She’s seen some of the world.
    4. Know her way around a revolver and a rifle.
    5. Physical characteristics I’ll leave to LD himself. Tastes vary.
    6. Patience of Job. LD was a hellion of a child, what do you want THAT’s inheritable.

  8. I can only hope that any woman LD meets will care for him, love him and be kind, for he is a true gentleman. 🙂

  9. “Call it how you want it, I don’t see LD with a drama queen.”

    I’d pay good money to see that.

    All five minutes of it.

  10. I’m with Cheryl Howard something in the rescued dog piece made me think there was at least a wife around.

    Keep up the great writing.

  11. I’d say people are sometimes wrongly mis-interpreting SO. Lawd help me if I ever do.

  12. This is a carefully crafted and considered statement. LawDog is on the prowl, wants to publicize that fact, but wished to seem subtle.

    Suppose some of LD’s female readers are interested in contacting him privately. How does one accomplish that?

    Just thought I’d ask…

  13. Sadly ladies and gents, LD’s being single might actually have something to do with him being an LEO.

    After all, while he’s a rather fun filled Texas lad, and who in thier right mind (I clarified RIGHT mind now ya’ll) wouldn’t want that?

    Well, a friend is an LEO of mine and his wife, god bless her, is a rather special gal herself. Self sufficient, resilliant, true blue to her man, the kind of gal makes men like LawDog wag thier happy tails ta come home to but, there have been more then a few night the strain of him not coming home when he’s supposed to…hearing a “officer down” report…little things like that tend ta get to her because, as I said, she kinda likes her hubby and wants him to be around for a right long time.

    I might be out past planet Pluto..er, excuse me…MOON Pluto here but, it does give one a thought to pause that having to deal with the critters he has to ain’t exactly be more safe place he could be and women tend to get kinda attached to thier men folk.

    Least the good ones do. *wink*

  14. Just so long as you’re not getting any – or many – anonymous Father’s Day cards… oldeForce

  15. Simeron,

    “I might be out past planet Pluto..er, excuse me…MOON Pluto here….”

    Kupier Belt Object Pluto, actually. And if I may be a tad bit bitter, I’d point out that the ladies stating that LD is a Gentleman and then wondering why he’s unattached may just be answering their own questions…

  16. Hee. I’ve been asking him if he’d like to meet a nice samurai lady. Men who use the language well get me all excited.

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