Oh, hello!

By way of Kateykakes, we learn that Amazon.com is offering a book of poetry and haiku’s for paedophiles.

And not only is the puddle of slime that managed to sneak up on a keyboard and author this screed a paedophile, but it’s also a goth-emo-vampire paedophile.

Screaming for attention, ain’tcha?

You got it.

Given that paedophiles are the rightful prey of lawdogs everywhere, I think I’m going to have to deal myself in on this one.

I’m not about to link my blog to some subhuman deviant pervert, so for further information, go here.

By-the-by, First Amendment arguments are a dead issue here. Amazon.com may have the First Amendment right to publish this garbage, but I also have a First Amendment right to speak my mind. To them, about them, or to any of my Gentle Readers about this.

So, any whinging about the Freedom of Speech of Amazon.com better include a section on MY right to freedom of speech.


Weaselboy gets his day in court.

18 thoughts on “Oh, hello!

  1. Sigh… What we have here is the basic PC world… I can print and sell ANYTHING I want to because I’m “protected” by the 1st Amdendment. I’d protect this SOB with a little West Texas shade tree… ’bout 7 feet off the ground, ya know…

  2. Thanks for passing the message on, LD. Thank you. You are a gem. I’d hug you for it, but I wouldn’t want your Wife/GF/SO to kick my butt!

  3. Amazon has one of my books for sale. My publisher has never sent them more than one at a time because they price discount they require borders on rape. Thanks for giving me an excuse to never send them another book.

  4. As you might expect, I’ve passed this on to BACA National PR. They’ll probably pass it on throughout the Nation via their online radio show. Thanks for the heads-up, Law Dog!

  5. I also have posted the link over on my blog as well.

    Jim – as for being “protected” by the 1st Amendment, I think that the post over at the link covered it well – it’s only protected if it’s not against the law to say it. Pedophilia is definitely against the law, therefore this guy doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

  6. A long trip on a short rope’s too good for him. Pedophiles ought to be incinerated immediately upon discovery. Said incineration ought to be shown to the group of them who are next in line. To paraphrase the Old Testament: This is how you will get rid of this sin from your midst.

    ‘Nuff said.

    Amazon doesn’t have the “Cojones” to do the right thing. I will continue my boycott. Perhaps TAM will do the same?

  7. Excuse me while I lose my lunch.

    My solution? Two words:

    Lynch Mob.


  8. I think this guy is sick and a dirt nap would be the most suitable place for him. I also think that this is exactly the sort of thing that is to be protected as free speech. Just because we, or any “sane” individual disagrees with the content doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be able to publish it.

    I’m not for banning any books or other published works. Look what happened in Florida with rap group 2 Live Crew’s album. They sang, if you can call that singing, in a way that some people didn’t approve of and one of their albums was banned for sale in that state. What about people who happened to enjoy their music, or whatever you want to call it?

    What gives you or I the right to say what is or isn’t fit to publish? If we go simply by what we like or dislike, a whole crap load of stuff would never see the light of day. But that’s why we have a Bill of Rights in the first place. To protect citizens (granted this guy isn’t an American citizen so the B of R shouldn’t apply to him) in exactly this sort of situation.

    But again, I don’t support this guy, what he thinks, says, or does in any manner whatsoever. I simply feel he should have the right to publish whatever he wants. That doesn’t mean we have to read it.

  9. “But again, I don’t support this guy, what he thinks, says, or does in any manner whatsoever. I simply feel he should have the right to publish whatever he wants. That doesn’t mean we have to read it.”

    But what he’s putting out there is hurting kids. If what he’s doing is a crime- violent and with victims as pedophilia is- then he has no right to do it or write books for other such miscreants. The only advantage to some idiot writing such a book is maybe we know the enemy a little better. But is this one such a big advantage? I don’t think so.

    And if the guy isn’t an American, he’s not protected under the Bill of Rights which protects people from gov’t retribution for dissenting. People holler Bill of Rights to try to cover stuff the founders seemingly never intended it to cover. The 1st Amendment not only protects Freedom of Speach, but also the Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Where some “people” go wrong on that is when their pursuit of their version of happiness directly causes others to be miserably screwed up as the pedophilia problem does. Hang ’em high!

    mustanger98 on THR

  10. The First Amendment only protects this slimeball’s right to say what he wants. It doesn’t force anyone to listen, buy or sell his garbage. Amazon is masking irresponsibility in the guise of freedom.

    Now it is time for me to exercise my freedom of association and never associate with Amazon.com again.

  11. Aren’t there some laws making it illegal to advocate committing a felony?

    Since having sex with children is felony, couldn’t those laws be used against this scum??? Conspiracy to commit statutory rape, that sort of thing?….

    Just wondering…..

    BTW, is MAMBLA (sp?) LEGAL????? (same reasoning as above)

  12. Did they not just get a clue from the situation in Missouri? Also, we had a piece of scum(putting it nicely) proposition a 14 yo boy on a city bus as he was headed to school. The boy naturally refused, so the sexual predator followed the boy off his bus stop, grabbed him, and abused him. What is this stupid world coming to?

    Libery is Rights with Responsibility. If you aren’t responsible, you give up your Rights. In essence, Rights are truly a privilege, and not everyone is deserving of them.

  13. Personal opinion:

    “Two-tap him and run him through a tree chipper.”

    Legal opinion:

    NAMBLA is legal under the First Amendment, right to assemble. Same reason the KKK still is. But, anyone think that enterprising cops and DAs don’t keep half an eye on those guys ? [Idea for a novel: black PI trying to identify the members of a KKK chapter]

    Business opinion:

    I wish Barnes & Noble had a better website. I dropped Amazon over online privacy issues (we won’t sell your information unless we decide to) years ago.uson

  14. Maserati,

    Keep in mind that I am no lawyer, BUT MAMBLA being legal under the First Amendment (right to assemble) does not sit well with me…. Is Al Quida legal? Why not? It seems that many (most, all) of their members are involved in, promoting or contemplating committing violent crimes (felonies). Why isn’t an organization whose many (most, all) members either perpetrate, advocate, contemplate (hey, this could be a rap song!)or promote committing felonies, often violent felonies that happen to be sexual in nature, ILLEGAL?

    Quite frankly, I think the only reason KKK is legal, because it has a long tradition in this country. If today I started an organization that would do what KKK did only 50 years ago against a specific target group, it would be labeled a Terrorist Organization and hunted down.

    Maybe MAMBLA is legal because a significant number of people in power don’t have a problem with its agenda, just like they didn’t with KKK (at least they didn’t 50 years ago)….

    Or maybe they just don’t care…..

    MAMBLA’s membership list should be seized, its members prosecuted (for advocating committing of felonies) or at the very least, the list should be used as a list of suspects…..

    Just my $ 0.02……

  15. Response to my letter to MySpace:
    “Report Inappropriate Content
    Body: Hello,

    We have received and reviewed your report of inappropriate content. This content has been removed.

    We thank you for your support in helping to keep MySpace a safe and fun community!



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