1 cup baking sugar
1 cup spring water

2 1/2 cups of orange juice, with lime, tangerine and any other citrus juices you can find added

3 1/2 cups red wine
1/2 cup good tequila
1 cup club soda
1 lime, thinly sliced
1 lemon, thinly sliced
Mint sprigs.

Take your baking sugar and your spring water, mix them together in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Simmer until all the sugar has dissolved. This is your syrup.

Get a large pitcher. Probably bigger than that. Pour in your mixed citrus juices, then add your syrup, and stir well.

Once the syrup and juices are well-mixed, add your wine, tequila and club soda — stirring well.

Toss in your fruit slices.

Pour over ice — making sure you get a fruit slice in each glass — garnish with a sprig of mint.

Voila! Sangria.


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12 thoughts on “Sangria”

  1. Delish… of course you forgot to mention the best part.

    Allow to sit for a few days, serve the drink to those you like… and the fruit to those you love.

  2. Outback Steak House has a sangria cocktail with mango & apple juice added to the citrus juices, and it’s really delicious!

  3. Lil place called Texana Grill here that has 2 slushy type machines side by side.
    One is filled with frozen margarita and the other is a tasty frozen sangria.
    They do a “Texas Twister” where they alternate layers of each that is sweet/tart as you drink through it.

    Damn! 7:12 am and now I got a cravin’!


  4. Thankee, Dawg. Been wondering about making Sangria, especially after several trips to Zaragoza, Spain. Best Sangria I ever had. I’ll let you know if this concoction is similar.

  5. Yeah, Sangria has, er, uh, “enlivened”–that’s it, enlivened–more than one Saturday afternoon at Rancho Arturo. Hey, where’d ya think Jerry Jeff came up with the song?

    :), Art

  6. I don’t drink much but this sounds delicious. I think I’ll have to try this one.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  8. Might I ask you to define your terms – what is “baking sugar”?
    Thank you, kind Sir …………. 😉

  9. “Baking sugar” is also called “bar sugar”, “superfine sugar”, “castor sugar” or “caster sugar”.

    It’s simply regular granulated sugar with unusually small grains. Smaller grains dissolve easier in cold liquids.

    Do be aware that “baking sugar” is not “powdered sugar”, “confectioners’ sugar”, or “icing sugar”.

  10. I’ve never seen a recipe of sangria that is made with tequila. I’ll have to try that. I’ve made mine with white wine and added fruit like strawberry slices, peaches, and peeled oranges sliced into wheels. Then I let it sit overnight at least.

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