Where’s the love?

By way of Michelle Malkin, we learn of a young critter who just might be half-a-bubble off of plumb.

Seems like this young man has a serious case of the red-arse aimed at pro-Iraq-war types, Bush supporters, Israel, Republicans, conservatives and … apparently … sheep.

Allegedly, this paragon of the anti-war left tracked down a College Republican through the Facebook site, entered his home by impersonating a military recruiter, then began verbally badgering the inhabitants of the house, finally escalating up to physical violence.

Two of the housemates turfed him out the door, at which time our Hearless Fero forced his way back into the house and more fisticuffs ensued, people got heaved off porches, police were called, Critter hung around, gave The Fuzz an ample serving of grief and got hisself hooked up.


Where to start?

First off — and I am completely and totally serious about this — why was the critter ambulatory when the police showed up? As soon as he forced his way back into that house: he became a Chew Toy. Bought and paid for. There were three college boys in that apartment, and betwixt the three of them, Mr. Critter should have experienced his Very Own Personal Old School Beat-Down.

He should have left that scene in a mop or a zip-lock baggie instead of handcuffs.

Secondly — this is one of the reasons why I tend to err on the side of anonymity and paranoia.

Thirdly — I’m not that anonymous. Where is the love for the ‘Dog? I’ve been a good boy — when do I get a Leftist home invader of my very own? I do so hate to see a perfectly good violent Leftist go to waste, yet none of the little sods so much as wave a fist within a block of me.

It’s not exactly fair, you know.


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  1. I’d be surprised if Mr looney pants doesn’t go back to the scene of the crime after he’s released from jail. The fellow doesn’t seem very smart

  2. ‘dog,

    I’m not entirely sure there is that species of dumb in your part of the world.

    Occasional strays from elsewhere apparently get shot.

    Also, though they are dumb, they have a sense of self preservation, yelling at a couple of college kids who didn’t want any trouble is one thing. Home invasion of a police officer’s humble abode… Not the same thing.

  3. he became a Chew Toy

    Bwaa ha ha! I humbly request permission to use that in general conversation.

    when do I get a Leftist home invader of my very own?

    Oh Dog, be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

    Why not? Remember, the clerks at the meat market recognize you as a knuckle dragger.
    -not that that’s a bad thing to be.

  4. The reason you don’t get your own leftist chew toy is probably the same reason I don’t.

    I had a critter once tell me he looked into my eyes and saw his funeral. He decided to come along quietly.

  5. ‘Dog,

    I’ve had ONE of those encounters…he and his ilk WON’T be back. The pair walked unannounced into my living room one HOT MUGGY summer night, they looked into their future…and it was dark and cold.

    Or maybe that was the short Remington M-11 that they were staring into.

    No matter..they stayed for the arrival of the officers, left with them and arrived in court the next week. The judge asked them to stay for a while as guests of the county for 90 days.

    Havent seen them since.

    Oh and Lawdog…us knuckledraggers NEED to stick together.


  6. Stories like this are why I’ve taken to carrying a Smith M38 on me while at home.

  7. Given the state of college campuses these days, they probably thought he was a professor they hadn’t met.

  8. On campus, we try not to beat the everloving daylights out of idiots like that – usually they turn out to be monstrously intoxicated and think they’re somewhere they aren’t. But one time in a million…

  9. Hey Dog! Here’s a link to an armed robber versus senior citizens on tour where one of them brought him to room temperature. Thought you might like it for your Goblin count.

    BTW, how does one contact you off the forums with this sort of thing?

  10. ‘Dog,
    Like I said, snake eyed, alert type, you don’t get tried very often.

    The chew toy got away because most college boys I see these days are Pu$$ies.

    And us mountain trolls, we tend to remind boys of their therapy appointment, can’t get the feelings ruffled.

  11. LD and others if you are anywhere near Wash DC 17 Mar you may get a chance to meet Mr. Looney. On the 17th Hanoi Jane (or Jihad Jane) Cindy Shehan and others of the anti-war movement plan on gathering at the Veitnam Veterans Wall and marching on the Pentagon. I do not have a problem with that, however I have a problem with their threat (intention) to deface the Wall.

    A group (Gathering of Eagles) along with other veteran groups (Rolling Thunder, VFW)are planning to gather at the Wall and be sure they (anti-war demonstrators)do not come near the Wall. I expect fun and games to ensue since the anti-war crowd ain’t too bright (as evidenced by Mr. Looney).

    More info at this site http://gatheringofeagles.org/
    Hope you can join us, should be great fun,

    Bob E
    Air Cav Trp
    11th ACR (67-68)

  12. I had the unfortunate ‘fun’ of removing a “Chew Toy” from a girlfriend’s apartment one year in college. With the help of her neighbors across the hall we, as Vin Diesel would say, “Threw him such a beatin.” The cops called this boy “Spode,” because “He not SPODE to be here.”

  13. Oh well … at least the boys were given an “asshole hunting tag” … a restraining order against the loony.

    Now one of them needs to obtain a 12 gauge, in case he returns and gives them a chance to fill that tag.

  14. LawDog, So far I’ve also not had the pleasure of this kind of unpleasantness. No, it’s not fair, but I also agree with what somebody said about being carefull what you wish for. That said, in my part of the country we don’t get that many Leftists running around like that; so far it’s just the meth heads and I hear from an assistant DA that that’s pretty widespread. Better to be prepared for the initial encounter than to wind up dead or need the restraining order the second time.

    mustanger98 on THR

  15. You’re not the only one, Dog. I also feel ripped off, not having my own feral leftist to beat down, after all the trouble i’ve caused them.

  16. I live in a house in the woods with a long driveway. It’s clearly marked as a driveway and could not be mistaken for anything but a driveway. One day, a car full of people decided to take a peek down this driveway. At the end of the driveway they see me. Chopping wood. Apparently, a fellow giving them the old hairy eyeball, while holding an axe wasn’t what they were looking for. They backed up all the way down my long driveway.

    After reviewing the situation, I decided to start carrying my Glock whenever working outside. I keep the axe in my laundry room, though. I can’t help but think it might have come in handy had Mr Feral Leftard’s scenario played out in my living room.

  17. Kinda remindes me of the time I was on the back porch and somebody drove in pretty fast… driveway’s 500′. I came off the porch around the corner to see who was pulling in. They took one look at me and hit reverse faster than they pulled in. I wasn’t even armed and didn’t have an axe handy. If it’s between being armed or not, armed is obviously better.

    mustanger98 on THR.

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