25 thoughts on “At last, someone listened to me!”

  1. As put by my fiance:

    “Hey Fred, why were you late to work?”

    “Zombie Apocalypse…”



  2. Apparently my sense of humor isn’t what you (or ‘normal people’) would call normal either. I liked it and more disturbing, it made sense. Zombie Apocalypse is coming. Semper Paratas.

  3. Oh yeah… you suckered me. For a second there, I thought someone had hacked your blog…

  4. I only use guns for Zombies if I can be sure of a Head shot. And even then I like to use a shot gun. I actually prefer flamethrowers for the pesky bastages. But that’s just me. YMMV.

  5. There’s a novel out :

    “World War Z, Anecdotes from the Zombie War” or something very similar as the title.

    Great scene as the US Army starts it’s reconquest of the US from Zombie infestation. A full infantry regiment marches out with new, hugely reliable bolt action weapons and a LOT of ammo, water, & lights, forms a hollow square outside a city somewhere open and range marked, and waits for the recon guys to lead the zombies to them.

    A couple of days later they wait while the engineering crews break through the surrounding wall of dead zombies to let them out having basically fired at zombie head continously for 40 hours, and cleaned out the city of all but stragglers.

  6. Holly b

    Flamethrower has the potential drawback that it can take some time to put them down, during which time they’re staggering around setting other things on fire.

    That’s why my ZDS (Zombie Defense System) is in layers. I’ve got the PSL (Russian sniper rifle) that’s good for head shots out to about 800 meters, just got a nice AR varmiter for when they get to about 300 meters or so, lots of choices for 100 meters, and a whole lot of choices when they get in close. Horseman’s axe is probably the best ‘up close and personal’ choice since it’s all steel and has a nice spike on one side.

  7. Hehehehehe, LOVE it!

    Recommended zombie reading:

    The Zombie Survival Guide: complete protection from the living dead by Max Brooks

  8. And that is why you sir are “Uncle Lawdog” to my kids. Every kid needs that odd uncle that no one talks too much about. 🙂 Good stuff brother.

  9. Gotta watch it though, if you “spike” the zombies you gotta kick them to get them off whatever you spiked ’em with (bayonet, axe, fence post, whatever) before you can whack the next one. I use a folding shovel with a sharp edge. Even when the edge goes dull, “BATTER UP!”

    Yes, I’ve seen too many B-movies. It’s apparently inherited from the male side of the family. Which explains why I’m always yelling at the screen with my dad and his family while my mom’s side is hiding upstairs.

    – ISU Tinkerer

  10. I just carry a bit of salt. It’s supposed to snap the Vodun Tzombies out of their funk. If that doesn’t work, I suppose that the UNDEAD would use it to season ME! ;^(

    But this will give me some time to use the machete,
    I hope.

    I agree that distance is your friend in Tzombie combat.

  11. LD, I gotta quote you on this one….


    That tickled my funny bone in a very twisted kinda way…. I was just randomly chuckling for the rest of the day on that one……

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