Miami Vice

I have never seen a Michael Mann movie that I didn’t like.

On the other paw, I’ve never seen anything Colin Farrell was in that I did like.

So it was with some trepidation that I rented this movie tonight — who would come out on top?

I am sorry to report that the creative spirit-light of Michael Mann is not strong enough to overcome the black shadow of despair and desolation that is the career of Colin Farrell.


I had such high hopes for this movie, too.

Don’t get me wrong, the wizard gun-play and sound tactics and strategy that is the hallmark of a Michael Mann movie are all there — eventually. At the end.

Unfortunately, I was forced to endure countless hours of character development and plot building that went absolutely NO BLOODY WHERE!

If, in a sudden burst of masochism, you decide to rent this movie, do yourself a favour: fast-forward to the trailer-park bit, then pop the corn and pour the soda.


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8 thoughts on “Miami Vice”

  1. There’s actually two versions of this movie: the original, theater version and the “directors edition.” Which one did you see? The theater version was great because it grabs you from the first moment, but the director’s edition is a LOT slower. I wish I’d bought the theater version instead.

  2. After browsing IMDB, I now realize that I’ve never seen a Michael Mann movie.Do you have any suggestions Lawdog?

  3. hammer,

    If I can make a recommendation, watch the movie “Ronin” with Robert DeNiro playing a spook. The car chases are first-rate and the plot is pretty good.

  4. I’m with you on Michael Mann films – I’m particularly compelled by brilliantly scored soundtracks, and he has a penchant for pairing the most evocative music possible to suit the action. However, my love of MM films is outweighed by my intense dislike of Colin Farrell – thanks for the warning on this one.

  5. After browsing IMDB, I now realize that I’ve never seen a Michael Mann movie.

    My all-time favorite Michael Mann movie is Collateral, with Last of the Mohicans running a close second.

    However, the ne plus ultra of Hollywood gun battles has to be Heat.fdf

  6. I’ve seen the last gun battle from Heat on youtube but I’m sure it’s better on a normal screen.

    I’ll check out those suggestions, thank you.

  7. I rented Miami Vice.

    It was as though I bought premium blend coffee, and realizing that I’d accidentally picked up decaf.


  8. And yet, you’ve got to wonder why Colin Farrell keeps getting movie roles…the man can’t act his way out of a box, but he’s a semi-attractive face, so unfortunately, he’ll be around for a while.
    Love your stories!

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