Lest anyone should believe that the Brits snagged by the Iranians earlier this month represent Tommy Atkins, Michel Yon has embedded with British forces in Iraq and will be reporting on British ops in that sector.

There is also the evidence of Private Johnson Gideon Beharry, who was awarded the first Victoria Cross since 1982 for “outstanding gallantry of the highest order” for actions in Iraq, 2004.

Despite what we have seen and read in the Media, Tommy is still packing steel fangs, and is — as he has ever been — very, very good at what he does.


Just shoot me now.
Should I get irritated?

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  1. While Private Beharry appears to be a good man to have in a pinch, I think I’d like to keep him on call rather than right beside me; his history seems to support the conclusion that he’s a doo-doo magnet.

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