‘Fess up!

Which one of y’all invited Al Gore to North Texas?!

It’s the seventh of April — in North by-Gawd Texas — and it was 30 bloody degrees Fahrenheit on the porch thermometer when I staggered out of bed this morning.

Now I find out that there’s a chance of snow.

Snow?! It’s April! In North Texas! Albert Arnold Gore, Junior — take your happy arse home, dammit!

April snow in North Texas — ye gods!



Yep, it’s snowing. Not little flakes, either.



Your opinions, please.

12 thoughts on “‘Fess up!”

  1. Yeah, what you said.

    This mornin, I sat in my mildly chilly living room, watching snow fall Fort Worth’s Sundance Square, a good ways south of your stomping grounds.

    Clearly, we are sweltering in the throes of GLOBAL WARMING! Gore help us . . . .


  2. I’m reminded of those two loons who planned their arctic expedition to prove the ice cap is melting off. They’d planned to put on wetsuits and swim through places where the ice pack was gone. The had to cancel their trip because one of ’em got frostbite. They said that’s the problem with global warming… unpredictable cold temperatures. They can say the place is heating up and be dead wrong and still twist it around so they’re right, at least to themselves.

    mustanger98 on THR

  3. ‘Dog,

    I had to get my motorcycle out of storage today.

    I live in New England.

    It was 25ºF when I got on the bike for the 30 mile (all highway) ride home.


  4. Global warming my arse! It also snowed some in Atlanta (Texas). After considerable research, I’ve come to the conclusion that Algore is actually Michael Moore in drag.

  5. Lawdog, you should know that about once every ten years we get snow on Easter weekend.

  6. Last weekend I looked at the woodpile and concluded I’d over-bought for this year. Not anymore.

  7. Its was snowing in Atlanta a day or two ago. Its been dipping below freezing here in SC over the past couple of days at night.

    Global Warming. Uh-huh.

  8. Sorry sir, some of the air up here must have slipped south. It reached a blistering 33 today in the wilds of Kansas, after a low of 17 and a forecast low of 14 tonight. Snowed on Thursday, just enough to make you feel miserable. Ah, spring on the Great and High Plains.

  9. LD, I was drivin’ through heavy sleet and snow earlier this evening in Austin!
    Somebody needs to take Al Gore behind the woodpile and beat the tar outta him!

  10. With the Polar Caps melting at such an alarming rate, the unused cold had to go somewhere! My thanks to Texas for storing it so nicely…

  11. Yeah, Al Gore is a friggin’ idiot and a liar – if he REALLY believed that crap he spews, he’d never be spending 10K a year on his heat and electric.

    F**king hypocritical headline whore.

  12. Soooo…how are the environmental loonies going to explain this one? The Earth had a mid-life hot flash and stuck it’s head in the freezer?? See how global warming causes frigid temps.

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