Kee riced all my tea …

Yesterday I posted out of frustration and anger, and then went for a mug of tea. I have very carefully stayed away from the Internet and other Media because — quite frankly — continual bombardment of tragedy orchestrated by plastic, blow-dried hyenas who try to convince the world that They Care, all the while (metaphorically) circling in on the carcasses … just doesn’t do anything for me.

I logged on after work just now — Great Googly Moogly! My poor blog.

26 outbound links — that Blogspot can find. 98 comments. 3700 visitors in 17 hours. Oy.

Some boffin at Google/Blogspot is probably setting fire to a ‘Dog voodoo doll as I write this.

I’d like to welcome new Gentle Readers to The LawDog Files. I wish it had been under better circumstances.


We license cars ... yackyackyack
Virginia Tech Shooting

8 thoughts on “Kee riced all my tea …”

  1. `Dawg, It is just because you are the antithesis of those babbling, plastic ninnies on the oh so aptly named ‘Boob Tube’ that I come here rather than check the lame stream media for editorial comments. Most of the talking heads lack enough wits to aspire to the appellation of ‘half-wit’ on the best of days, let alone in such unfortunate times as these.

    Randy in Arizona

  2. Worst part is, people were on the same damned DAY trying to make rushed judgements of the reaction by the university and their cops.

    We won’t fully know what happened there for a year. (Which, I’m sure will upset some attorneys.)

    Other than commenting on our emotional response, I don’t know that there’s really anything definitive that can be said.

    But we’re all saying, nonetheless.

  3. We’re humans. We talk. It’s how we cope.

    Terry Pratchett was right when he suggested a better name for our species than homo sapiens would be homo narrans.

    Not that much of it isn’t disgusting… I think I have to take a break from all this tomorrow to restore my equanimity.

  4. Dawg, read “mostly Cajun” today. Sheepdog and sheep.

    Wade in Austin

  5. Your posting of somewhat sobering news is completely wiped out by the hilarious postings in the archives.
    Don’t change a thing,

  6. Lots of traffic on this one … the original Hot Air thread on this is at 694 comments as I type this.

    That and having a GFW troll in the thread ….

    Don’t sweat it … sometimes you need to get serious.

  7. Mr. Dog,

    In the “links” to your VT post is this one:

    Obviously the site of an anti-gunner, it claims to list 10 “gun-nut” postings in reaction to VT.

    One of them is yours.

    Another is to the MD Citizens Defense league. The reference they make is dated “5 June 2004”


    I post this here so it doesn’t get lost in the 100+ comments on the other post.

    They need to be called out!


  8. The book club began, by coincidence, the book “Crazy,” by Pete Earley, this week. It’s about Mr. Earley’s frantic effort to get medical help for his mentally ill son. The Earley family had the misfortune to live in Virginia. In Virginia, it seems, a person cannot be involuntarily committed UNTIL HE HAS ALREADY ATTEMPTED TO HARM HIMSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE. So no matter how scary Cho was acting, there was little that could have been done about him.

    I know I’ll be checking on my state’s commitment laws, and if they’re anything like Virginia’s, I’ll be writing my Congresscritter posthaste.

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