The brother from another mother whom I mentioned in this post earlier is back in God’s Own Litterbox.

He’s already done time in Afghanistan and Iraq, but he is good at his job and all that, so I guess the Army needs him in Iraq again.


If you have a spare Happy Thought laying about, it surely wouldn’t bother me if you were to wing it past Jim Totten, c/o U.S. Army, Bigpatchasand, Iraq.

Continuing the same theme of loved ones off in places I ain’t too happy about, Nana’s back in the hospital.

The centre where Nana is staying got concerned about some leg swelling she had and got some tests done — turns out Nana had a fairly significant clot deep inside her leg.

So, she’s back in the hospital — only this time she’s off in the big-arsed Metroplex and not in our little hospital here in Bugscuffle where everyone knows Nana.

Mom’s off to Garland to tend to Nana — and Mom hates big cities almost as bad as I do.


In other news, it appears that the proper method for getting at least one Brit sailor to crack is to withhold hugs. Goodness. At least the inmates at Abu Ghraib made it to the dreaded ‘panties-on-the-head’ stage.

No word yet on whether the tomb of Lord Nelson has detonated or not — although there are rumours of a tremor running about 7.8 on the Richter scale somewhere in the vicinity of St. Paul’s cathedral in London.

Cindy Sheehan must be very proud. Isn’t this the kind of warrior/diplomat she’s been advocating?


Speaking of New Age Courage, it comes to our attention (by way of numerous sources) that high-level Internet boffins are proposing guidelines and tactics to enhance civility on the Internet — the most baffling of which is a two-pronged approach consisting of 1) Considering the banning of anonymous comments; and 2) Deleting comments found to be distasteful.

The fact that these ideas, and others, were presented with a straight face leads me to believe — in no uncertain terms — that these same folks are bloody, sodding clueless when it comes to the Real World.

How the hell do you ban anonymous comments? Sure, you can remove the ‘Anonymous’ box, but anyone who’s made it past the third grade can make up a name. Can’t post without entering a name? Sign your vitriol as “Phil Mc Craken”, or the oldie-but-goodie, “Harry Butts” and spew away.

And just who the hell wants, needs or requires approval or permission to delete comments? It’s your bloody blog, delete whatever you want.

By-the-by, here at The LawDog Files we don’t have much of a problem with incivility or trolls. Of course, that may be because we’re a tiny little blog, but I can’t help but wonder if the fact that The LawDog Files is a polite and civil blog to begin with might not have a bit of an effect.

Wouldn’t surprise me if those blogs who are complaining of incivility and trollish behavior might be guilty of blogging a bit of the same.

Oh, well. What do I know?



Duke case
When you speak, Baby Jesus cries.

12 thoughts on “News”

  1. So sorry to hear about Nana, LD. Will keep her and your brother from another mother in my prayers.

  2. Seems to come in waves, doesn’t it. We’ve got all your family in our prayers. Nana would be welcome in our family. We lost our version back about 1980…

    Don’t worry about the Brits, it is too late to worry and time for contingency planning.

    I never post anonymously. Well, kinda.

  3. “By-the-by, here at The LawDog Files we don’t have much of a problem with incivility or trolls. Of course, that may be because we’re a tiny little blog…”

    Yeah. Right. Last time I checked, you’re running about 10X the traffic that I’m getting on my little effort, and your regular readership has even outstripped Tamara’s. (Although I note that she got a massive spike, today. Somebody must’ve linked something on her site.)

    You just draw a nicer class of folk, and then tawk purty to ’em.

  4. “An armed society is a polite society.” Not that I fear being tracked down if I post something uncivil, but habits carry over.

  5. Sorry to hear about Nana. Holler if you’re coming this way.

    Door’s always open. Well, you know what I mean. I’ll deactivate the wires at the perimeter.


  6. LD,

    Nana and Jim will be in our thoughts and prayers. I hope Nana gets better soon, and Jim will stay safe. Is he stationed at Ft. Hood?

    From the UK article:

    “I ran up to her, threw my arms round her and cried like a baby.”

    Oh…my…word! Oh my FREAKIN’ WORD!! This is from a soldier in enemy captivity?? I can bet you I have little nieces and nephews who would have more decorum and courage than that. Again, these are soldiers/military, right? At least, that’s what our media reported, but I noticed that there wasn’t a single mention of rank in the UK article. Good grief! Europe is in some serious, serious trouble if this is a picture of how their military is trained.

  7. “For you broke a British square”! It’s obvious things aren’t like they used to be! Soldier and sailor too! Apologies to Kipling! Hope Nana is OK.

  8. Jeez Luweeze, I b’lieve I agree completely with your take on the Duke case. Still waitin’ to hear from Sharpton about it…
    I also agree with Matt G’s analysis, with a rerun of Slim Picken’s comment to Hedley about his oratorical skills.
    God is good that you still have Nana to worry about – I’m out of parents and down to my MIL – who is excellent people even if she is a liberal. God bless your family.

    As for little blogs, I don’t even need word verification on mine – but I enjoy writing in it. Keep up work, good.

  9. So sorry to hear about Nana’s situation. Prayers for all.

    As for the Duke case: don’t hold your breath about the coming apologies. Shake-down artists never apologize to the world for their actions.

  10. If your mom needs a good place to eat in Garland, with more of a country atmosphere, I recommend Babe’s Chicken Dinner House. They are at the corner of Belt Line and Garland Avenue. To give you an idea, almost every time I eat there, there are at least two Garland cops eating there on their meal breaks.

  11. I wish your brother luck in that war. I am against but there are nothing that we can do about it.

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