Off to see the wizard!

Actually, I’m off to the Dallas Market Hall gun show, but it’s pretty much the same thing.

Afterwards, I, my brother, Reno and another officer we work with will probably hit the Germanfest at Muenster on the way back.

I have no doubt that this will generate at least one tale. Probably one involving a sentence something along the lines of: “It’s not my fault that donkeys can’t hold their dopplebock.”

Ah, well.

See y’all tomorrow.


Idaho nachos

7 thoughts on “Off to see the wizard!”

  1. Pick me up an M14 reciever while you’re there. And a Dopplebock too. Yummmmm

  2. Worked the Tanner Gun Show in Denver this afternoon for the state shooting association. Back tomorrow for a few houras. Had more than expected signing up for state membership, but I expect recent events and our new Dem governor (the Dems control both houses of the state government) has a lot of those who usually think “they’ll never take my shotgun away from me” more interested in what bills might get passed this year.
    Fair amount of business in the hall; you know, all those folks looking for “semi-automatic machine guns”. Did see a nice Colt Ace for my wife, but we’re about to side and paint the house. Maaaybe in the fall. Be well. Give nana a hug for us. OldeForce

  3. You shoulda made time to stop in Big D little e for Arts and Jazz Fest. Plenty of Beer, Festival Food, and Coeds in Skimpy clothes, plus 4 stages with a variety of music styles, not just Jazz. Maybe next year we can lure you up here for it. And dogs, lots of friendly dogs on leashes. I took Boo Saturday, gonna take the new Pup tonight.

  4. Enjoy the gun show; but better yet, enjoy the Deutsches Fest – they make some the the most wonderful brews in the world – just be careful not to start playing with the guns after imbibing.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  5. have fun lawdog, and get home safe. by the way, the ladies at the “women & guns forum are hoping you’ll pay them a return visit, you have fans there.

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