The Wheels of Justice Grind Slow …

… but they grind exceedingly fine.

In May of 2006, a young man by the name of Jesse MacBeth slimed the men and women of our Armed Forces by claiming to have been an Army Ranger, and as such, having been directly ordered to commit atrocities on civilians in Iraq.

Of course, this “brave veteran” immediately became the darling of the Anti-War Left, with the organization Iraq Veterans Against the War not only scheduling Young Master MacBeth to represent the organization at events around the country, but also using their homepage to host a video in which Our Boy Jesse described — in excruciating, stuttering detail — the various acts he was forced to commit by the war-mongers back in Washington.

Gripping stuff.

If you get all your information on things military from a Mack Bolan novel.

Several folks — including Your Humble Scribe — thought that MacBeth’s story smelled a skosh fishy.

Well, it was. Jesse MacBeth got his little Squeal butt bounced out of Army Basic training — never even finished — and never got anywhere within spitting distance of Ranger Training or Iraq.

I think the MacBeth debacle was a major embarrassment to the anti-war movement — not that you’d think so the way they pretended not to have even heard of the sprat.

Anyhoo, according to the Associated Press, Jesse MacBeth was charged twice in Federal court on Friday for 1) using or possessing a forged or altered military discharge certificate; and 2) making false statements in seeking benefits from the Veterans Administration.

It seems Young Jesse was fairly easy to find: apparently he’s been serving time in the Tacoma lock-up for fourth degree assault.

Better stock up on those honey-buns, Jesse — the exchange rate in the Fed Bed and Breakfast isn’t as generous as that in local.

Good riddance and throw away the key.


"Weel done, Cutty Sark!"
Dispatchers don't get paid enough.

19 thoughts on “The Wheels of Justice Grind Slow …”

  1. Yes, indeed. And bring it up to the Left and what you’ll get is “Jesse who?”

  2. “Better stock up on those honey-buns, Jesse”

    If there is any justice in this world, where he should be going (if only to avoid REAL Rangers) I do believe there is no need to stock up, he is going to be bringing his own.

  3. Most people on the political blogs had him nailed as a phoney from the get go.

    Hey I grew up on Mack Bolan novels, although not sure if I’d fake a military career with one…

  4. If someone is honestly opposed to the war I don’t have a problem with that. I’m still not convinced the Iraq portion is a good idea, and haven’t been from the beginning.

    But this guy … bleah. What a waste of oxygen. Good riddance indeed.

  5. Perhaps the wheels of justice won’t stop turning until Kerry, er, I mean Jesse, hear the doors of Leavenworth slam behind him. And all of his new playmates know exactly who he is….

  6. Strange you should mention Mack Bolan, LD… I finally got to shoot a .44 AutoMag yesterday (Bolan’s favorite handgun). Pretty much of a letdown, though… not a very reliable piece, I’m afraid. But cool to shoot.

  7. The Army just needs to reactivate his butt, and put him through ACCELLERATED AIT and then ship him over to Iraq or Afghanistan to assist the Rangers with thier jobs. Like cleaning out the latrines, making sure the commo wire is fixed during a motar bombardment, ensuring the flag is raised and lowered as it should be. On ssecond thought I don’t want him touching the flag so take that detail off, but the other plus any that reaaly will free up a “Real” Ranger to do thier job.


  8. Ahh the PX Ranger, unfortunatley not a rare breed. I’ve had a few encounters in airports when I spotted jump wings and such… Usually a sternly worded reprimand did the trick! An associate of mine in the 82nd caught a private with jump boots and made him cut them down to shoes in the bathroom of DFW airport…

  9. Perhaps this critter & his female counterpart sould help the Army with its target practice. Might stop wasting ammo.

    I’ve known REAL vets. What the chose to share with me sometimes made my skin crawl. All regular dudes who’d much rather stay home making babies than go save the world, but they did that, too.

    Phoney vets should be given the opportunity to redeem themselves on the battlefield. Failing that, let the punishment fit the crime.

  10. Jesse goes to Leavenworth, Jesse meets Bubba. Jesse finds out the meaning of ‘honey-buns’

  11. Funny, Dawg, but didn’t you once mention in a rather detailed post how guys who claim to be (insert elite military unit here) usually end up with some sort of assault charge on their head?

    Well, if you didn’t hit the nail on the head with this one. False claims and all.

    Good work, sir!


  12. What a surprise. The IVAW seem to be made of much the same caliber as the VVAW.

  13. How the hell would you fake a military career using Mack Bolan as a source???? Last I checked, most folks don’t cart around a .44 automag and a Desert Eagle, or a Beretta 93r.

    I grew up on them too. Good beer ‘n’ pretzels style reading, but definitely nowhere near realistic.

  14. *snork*… I haven’t heard anyone mention Mack Bolan since… well, I don’t think anyone ever mentioned him, even when I was voraciously reading The Executioner series in my “yute”, in the 1970s. In those days, Bolan had to cut down .308 and form his own brass to make .44 AMP, at least 10 years before Dirty Harry discovered the AutoMag.

    I was amazed to see that the franchise continues, with 670 titles so far. Personally, I never read anything after Don Pendleton franchised the name.

    As for the main subject of the report… he’s little more than a dog dropping stuck to the bottom of life’s shoe. Scrape him off in the grass, to be forgotten.

  15. Phyphor[thr], I actually suspect it’s rather easy to fake a military career, especially when you have an audience that wants to be fooled. Hell, I had to explain to my ex-supervisor that not everyone in the Navy is a SEAL.

  16. Wasn’t this the guy that claimed to be a “Special Forces Airborne Ranger”? That was a huge clue to those of us who know what Army Special Forces are…

    And no, I wasn’t one. I enlisted for, and stayed in, an Air Force support job that kept me as far from the action as possible – even if I hadn’t picked the best period for avoiding a real war, anyhow (Carter and Reagan). But I did take care to learn about the folks that the pilots I supported might be supporting. Besides, one of the buddies I made in civilian life is retired from the real Special Forces…

    By the way, I can’t get the Google/Blogger sign-in to work anymore.

  17. well folks, I called the veterans against the war…got a canned message.
    I left a real one asking a couple of questions.
    yes I identified myself.
    I was with HHT, 1/2 acr (yah yah, yuk it up why don’t you)in desert shield, storm, and operation provide comfort.
    pretty much I asked them why they would stick their heads in the sand when confronted with the impending doom of their own way of life and then I asked what sort of people would actually support Jesse Macbutthole without verifying his bonafides.
    yes, I know, that was a rhetorical question.

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