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  1. Essentially the same critter as appearing on small local radio (probably with the same employer considerations), except that your 559 listeners are likely to be scattered globally rather’n tucked in around the little town of Beyond Familiar Environs.

  2. Yep. Check his website; there should be archives in mp3 format so you can preview his interview style.

  3. I’d see if you could get a copy of the questions/topics he wants to cover with you before the interview. Would hate to see you get blindsided by some liberal whackjob…

  4. LD,

    Be wary, this guy advertises on his site that he covers two of the three dangerous discussion: Religion and Politics. Before you agree to interview with him, listen to the shows he has archived; get a list of questions or at least topics he wishes to discuss; and find out WHY he wants to interview YOU.

    Just my two pence of opinion and the electrons required to post it.

  5. I’m another one who advises caution, LD.

    Considered responses to blog comments are one thing, being verbally ambushed is another.

  6. I’d suggest calling freetalklive.com instead; it’s consistently one of the top podcasts, and is also a syndicated broadcast show. They’re strong libertarians leaning towards anarcho-capitalism, but I know you agree with them on several areas.

    Oh, and do check out their shrine of female listeners. Does a fellow good to know that there are such liberty-loving lasses out there in the wild.

  7. You’re such a gifted storyteller that it would be a delight to hear you spin some yarns on radio, so count me in. I agree with researching the interviewer, though, because someone who would try to broadside a person is not worthy of so noble a subject as yourself.

  8. I think I know what anonymous PaulB was trying to offer, here is my attempt to give you the link


    Thats cut in half so it’ll fit.

    And on the discussion at hand, I’ll echo the sentiments of those advising caution and checking into the style of the person asking questions….

  9. The “11 year old girl kills two home invaders” story Paul B. linked to is unsubstantiated at best, and appears to be completely made up.

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