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When I was still wearing a salad suit, we had a very healthy rivalry with various Marine units we came in contact with.

Rivalry does not mean lack of respect.

This weekend I have received some e-mails from several Gentle Readers about a request from BlackFive regarding a Marine unit currently in the Sandbox.

BlackFive did an interview with the CO of USMC Regimental Combat Team Six. In short, Colonel Simcock would like his Marines to know that — despite what the TeeVees in the chow hall, in quarters and everywhere else say — that Americans really do support them.

BlackFive is asking folks to send supportive e-mails to those Marines.

Done, and done. I am more than proud to do so.

The e-mail for those boys is: RCT-6lettersfromh@gcemnf-wiraq.usmc.mil

RCT-6 has their own blog at: http://fightin6thmarines.vox.com/

I would ask that each of my Gentle Readers take the minute or so required to hit their e-mail button and send those kids an ‘Attaboy’.

Thank you, and God bless.


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  1. Excellent idea… just sent one myself. Thanks for pointing it out, LawDog!

  2. I send an email Friday morning at work. In the afternoon I had recieved a reply. I was surprised as I was not expecting one.
    I printed it out and will resd it at the Monday roll calls.

  3. I’ll be sending an email out in just a minute.

    Thanks for pointing out the links

  4. Good Monday morning Law Dog,
    That’s a ‘yes’ to your request.

    Also sent an e-mail to ‘Sarge Charlie’ at http://www.sargecharlie.blogspot.com asking him if he would do a shout out about it —

    And left a comment on his post today asking the same.

    He is a very patriotic veteran, and has a really popular military blog, so I though it might increase the number of people who saw it and the boys might get even MORE mail !

    Hope that was okay.

    Be Safe Out There — all of you !

  5. Thank you for posting this. I’m just sorry to hear they don’t thinkt here are people hear at home behind them.

  6. Just an update – They’ve got over 1,000 emails as of last night (and the admins are getting PO’d that they PAO is using up all the paper! LOL).

    We’re hoping for 6,000 – One for each of the Marines in RCT-6. And hoping to overload their e-mail server too. Hehehehe. Show ’em they are SUPPORTED.

    Thanks for all the help!


    PS: Latest update – 1,000 Emails: About 2” high stack.

  7. Loving Annie asked and I answered. Yep, we are going to get some emails out to these guys……

    I did a shout out for my readers to do the same……..

  8. Same here- I copied it across to my blog with credit to Law Dog… The more the merrier!

  9. I would also like to ask for everyone’s thoughts and prayers tonight. I live in New Albany, IN near Louisville, KY in Floyd County. Two of our Sheriff’s Deputies were shot this evening. One of them just died a little bit ago. We have not heard the status on the other one. Their names are Joel White and Frank Denzinger. Please pray for them and their families. Frank Denzinger was the deputy who passed away, and he was the best friend of my husband’s cousin and a good friend to my brother-in-law, too. It is so horrible to hear news such as this, and we are praying for them and their families.

  10. Update: They still haven’t caught the 15 year old kid who shot the deputies with a high powered rifle. This whole situation arose because the kid was having an argument with his mother, 911 was called, and these 2 officers responded to the scene. They didn’t even get a chance to say they were on scene before they were shot by this kid. The next call to the dispatchers was from one of the officers saying that shots were fired, and that they had an officer down, and that he was losing consciousness fast. Joel White, the officer who is still alive is in critical condition. The many law enforcement agencies at the scene believe they have the suspect cornered into about a 1/2-1 mile radius, but have not apprehended him, yet. This whole incident happened about 6:30PM eastern time.

    While we’re on this subject, I just want to thank all of our men and women in law enforcement who are out there every day protecting us, serving us and putting their lives on the line for us. I know it’s often a thankless job, but there are many of us who appreciate all you do for us.

  11. Update–Link to a news website giving details of the incident:


    The 15 year old kid who did the shootings has been found dead in his home. They have not released cause of death, yet. I have a feeling he may have been planning something, but maybe not quite so grand.

    I looked briefly at his myspace page, and 2 of his friends right around 6P said that they were going to miss him, and one of them was going to pray for him. The shooting occurred at about 6:60P. I am very, very curious as to what these 3 teens were talking about. Also, he lists his age as 22 on myspace, but he’s only 15. It would appear he was up to no good. And, now many, many families are suffering because of it.

    Let me make a suggestion, okay? If you’re do desperate to leave this world quickly and in a suicidal way, and can’t handle waiting awhile to see if things in life improve; then, please, please don’t involve others in the killing of yourself. Leave the innocent people alone! It is totally UNNECESSARY to kill a bunch of other people, just because you might want to commit suicide. I mean, I know Columbine(the media coverage of it) glamorized such a thing, but it’s not pretty. As a matter of fact, it is downright ugly, and it has ruined many lives. So, before you feel that life is so bad, and you have to end it, STOP! Just STOP!! Give yourself some time to think it over, and to clear your head. Sometimes just a good night’s sleep can help. Also, talk to someone. Tell them how you’re feeling. And most of all, get some professional help. You don’t have to go out and hurt others in your path to death. Just leave other people out of your crazy plans.

  12. Kiki –
    very sad news. Thoughts and prayers definitely sent…

    And your last paragraph said it so true. If you want to take yourself out, fine.
    Just don’t involve others.

    Killing/Hurting those deputies and their families an all who know them is a wholly senseless tragedy.

  13. They are getting more information about the shooting. Here is a link to an article about it:


    It appears that the kid was a cold-blooded cop killer. He shot them from an upstairs window, then posted about it on MySpace before killing himself. This whole situation is just sickening.

    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for these families and the surviving officer as they try to move on with their lives.

  14. I had thought of doing this before, but wondered if it might not be appropriate, given that I’m not American. I have nothing but respect for those who stand between me and chaos, and who walk the dark so that I might sleep in peace at night. So perhaps, a wish for their safe return home, even from a foreigner, might not be spurned. So saying, I will send my little email too.

  15. Valerian,

    Support & kind words are always welcome, no matter the source.

  16. Valerian,

    I guarantee that they’ll be THRILLED with your email and well-wishing.

    There’s an old Celtic phrase that I love, translated: “It’s a friend that’s good on a day of battle.”


  17. Cool… I beat Mr Dog on a newsworthy piece!

    Of course, you posting it gets it spread farther, which is the most important thing…

  18. Just an update – They have now passed 6,000 emails!! There are prizes for the person who sends email number 10,000 and number 20,000 as well.

    Great job everyone! Way to show the Marines that the press are MORONS and that the United States has their back on the home front!


  19. Law Dog,
    It’s Sunday the 24th – just checking in to see how you are doing –

  20. Valerian,
    Good wishes for our Marines (and soldiers) are welcome from any where, from any person of good heart, from a former Marine, thank you.

  21. So how does one email LawDog?
    Do you have a google account to publish to your adoring fans?

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