Question for my Los Angeles readers:

I have located this Los Angeles County Press Release from November of 2006 which states in part:

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca was joined today by District Attorney Steve Cooley to announce a new early release policy that requires all jail inmates to serve at least 25 percent of their sentence before being eligible for release.

I cannot find a later announcement which changes or supersedes this one.

Is there an official press release from LASO which changes this 25% policy? If so, can you point me to an official copy?

Thank you.


I should be so ashamed of myself.
And the ranks grow.

9 thoughts on “Question for my Los Angeles readers:”

  1. Press Release Dated Dec 1, 2007:
    Lee Baca is hired as new security chief of Hiton Hotels Inc….
    250K per year!?

  2. You know what might start to explain Baca’s fascination with Hollywood celebs?

    He’s a Scientologist.

  3. Laws are different for the rich and famous. The sooner we can accept that the happier we’ll be.

  4. 25% !!??
    Enough to make you decide that getting justice in a courtroom in L.A. as the victim is impossible. Perp pleads down to a misdemeanor, then gets the sentence of a couple of months, then gets released in 15 days. You were still the victim of a violent crime.
    I’m just sayin’….

  5. A suggestion that might help alleviate this problem. Canada and New Mexico and a couple of other states have relaxed gun laws enough to permit law abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons.
    The results of that might help felons move back to LA. Until California wises up and starts it themselves.

  6. Hey LawDog,

    He’s full of crap (as usual), as it is often WORSE than this. Quite a few inmates do about 10% of their time.

    He has been starting far too many “hug a thug” programs ever since he got elected by default (when Sheriff Block died during the run-off) Some of us still have the ‘I voted for the dead guy’ bumper stickers.

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