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  1. Reading the blogs of our dear nurses made me realize, I don’t miss nursing one iota! I loved the adrenaline energy of it. I loved helping those who really needed it, but most of the time, it was a royal pain in the Behonkas dealing with docs, patients, and hospital administration. Ladies(and gentlemen) who are still in nursing, I want to give you all a big THANK YOU!, as you deserve it with all you have to put up with.

    Unfortunately, I am more the receiver of healthcare now, and I know that it has only gotten more difficult to be in medicine since I was in it. Of course, I would probably still be in it, if we hadn’t been understaffed on 7/3/97. That’s the day I injured my knee transporting a patient on a stretcher, and the last I saw of my career. I was too young for that, but it has been a blessing in disguise. So, since then, I have been on the other side of the bed, so to speak, and I am still very appreciative of what nurses put up with day in and day out. Hang in there, friends!

  2. Dawg, I used to look forward with much anticipation to your writings. While your stories were funny, they also made me think. Now that you have this blog it seems as if it’s nearly all taken up with a sort of circular ‘attaboy’ with all the other blogs.

    Most of them deserve a hearty attaboy from time to time but those of us who learned of you through your tales of Pearl, the emu and the snake are beginning to feel a bit . . . . ‘shortchanged’ shall we say?
    There are a lot of good writers out there in cyberspace. You’re one of the best but if you don’t write how will anybody know it? I used to write a bit so i know that the juices just don’t always flow properly. Like an old-fashioned water pump though, occasionally the juices just have to be forcibly primed. Now get on that handle and get busy!

  3. “oldfart” must have been too busy critiquing to ready “Epiphany”, which is more classic LawDog.

  4. hey aren't old so i just call you fart ok ? 🙂 just kidding nice post BabsRN

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