Reno’s wife is recovering from a nasty bout with a virus that hospitalized her for a bit, and having a rambunctious eight-year in the house isn’t as conducive to a quiet recovery as one might hope.

The solution?

One (1) My Little Barbie Fishing Combo

One (1) pack of assorted El Cheapo panfish jigs from Wally-World

Two (2) minutes showing her how to swim a jig minnow ’bout a foot or so under the surface.


Thirty-six+ hand-sized crappie and a hybrid bass or two later Reno loaded his daughter back in the truck and she was unconscious before we were out of sight of the lake.

I must remember to include a towel or a chamois in the tackle box so that us designated Fish Unhookers can wipe the crappie slime off our hands, rather than using sleeves and jeans legs next time.


What the hell?
This evening in history ...

12 thoughts on “Heh”

  1. Being a Designated Fishunhooker/Line untangler guy is more fun than actually catching fish on your own.

  2. Boy, you have that one right. Watching her face when the crappie jumped on the jig was priceless.

  3. Oh, the fishing rig link was a good’un. If they sell Hello Kitty ones, the Jumping Bean will be over the MOON.

    (And her grandpa is looking to take her on a fishing trip once the new critter pops out…)

  4. My youngest (about 4 yrs old at the time) had a Snoopy combo kit from Zebco. We were at a neighbors pond and both girls were pulling half dollar sized bluegills out one after another. Suddenly she started yelling “DADDY DADDY!” I ran over and grabbed hold of her and the pole just as a nice size Smallmouth jumped and broke the line. Needless to say she was excited . A couple weeks later my wife caught what I believe was the same fish. It was about 22 in long and put up a good fight on full size tackle.

  5. Dog,
    I got three of those and a Batman outfit for the grandsprogs last year. We now got three little fishergirls. I stayed busy as all get out unhooking and baiting.

  6. Next time, bring the towel but include a lesson or two on how to unhook your own catch. Sooner she becomes proficient at that, the better the fishing trip becomes for all.

    I’m sure she had a great time with you guys showing her the ropes and whooping and hollering to beat the band, however.

  7. You know, little girls can funny about unhooking their own fish and baiting their own hooks… after they know they can. My sister, four years younger than myself… she never was squeamish. Her grandmother and uncle on Mom’s side… they always got Granddaddy to unhook and bait up. *shaking my head*

    mustanger98 on THR

  8. At seven years old, I got my grandaughter a Barbie pole, her first trip to Big Bear Lake had her “hooked” immediatly on fishing. She was a bit put-out when she landed a 2.5 pound Bow, that she claimed was trying to steal HER new rod! Quite pissed off she was! We ate the perpetrator in self defense!

  9. Get some black ant “flies”, snap off the barbs, and put one out about 18 inches ahead of a small red & white bobber. All of the other kids were using worms, corn, bread and lures, with little or no results. My son and I were using the ants and just kept pulling in sunnies, one after another. Which is why I always have a half-dozen or so ants along with me when we go fishing. Lucky of I have any left at the end of the day, but it makes the kids happy!
    Oh, with barbless hooks the kids will lose a few fish, but the hooks come out of fingers and arms [and toes!] much easier. OldeForce

  10. OldeForce, Those barbless hooks are also considered more “sporting” by some… on some trout streams in GA, we’re required to use them. Good thing about ’em coming out easier. When I was a kid, nobody I knew would ever think of de-barbing the hooks. Wouldn’t want to loose a fish.


  11. I hope Reno’s wife is feeling better. Tell her to take it easy. 🙂

  12. When my 13 yo was in kindergarten the whole class came to our house to fish in our little neighborhood lake with bamboo poles. All 25 children caught at least one fish. There were four adults and we were baiting hooks and releasing fish as fast as we could. It was a great day.

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