I was drifting by Lady Tam’s blog, when I noticed that she is closing fast on the 500,oooth visitor check.

After delivering my heartily-felt congratulations, I got curious and hit my SiteMetre to see how far I’ve got to go to come up with half-a-million visitors.


I seem to have passed it ’bout 9K or so visits ago. That’ll teach me to pay more attention to the SiteMetre thingie.


Doesn’t seem right for me to have more hits than the lady who inspired me to blog.

Ah, well, most of those hits on my blog are probably me, anyway.

Conga-rats, Tam — it was your blog that jump-started whatever infamy I may lay claim to on the Intarwebz, so a large portion of my “success” must be laid at your feet.

Here’s to your next 500K.


I like this idea.
Fred Thompson

10 thoughts on “Huh.”

  1. Heh.

    I may have done it first, but you did it better.

    (Bonus points to the reader who gets the allusion from the short-lived mid-’90s network TeeVee ripoff of AbFab.) 😀

  2. So if you’re my Blog Father, and Tam’s your Blog Mother, then that makes her my…

    …Blog Grandmother?


    I think I have an Oedipal Complex. 😉

    Congrats to both of you on the 500k milestone. If I reach the same milestone with half the wit and talent you two display, I’ll be doing good.

  3. Maybe it’s because some of us log on to both of you three or four times a day… Now if I only had some money to send your way – Son & Heirs college tuition bill has arrived. And he will be checking in here, I know. Yes, Son & Heir, I’ll be doing some creative bookkeeping tomorrow and the bill will get paid. [He’s a great son, even if he does shoot better than his olde man.] OldeForce

  4. Congrats to you and Tam. I read you several time a week. You both have lived in worlds I know little about.

    I also read that SOB AD several times a week so he may be catching up soon. I can’t decide if AD sounds too much like work but his excellent prose keeps drawing me back. That’s the problem with living in AD’s world.


  5. Thanks, y’all. 🙂

    (My TeeVee ref was probably too obscure. In the series High Society, our heroine has a flamboyantly gay secretary. One morning she shows up at the office, and he’s wearing the same blouse she is. She exclaims “I wore it first!”
    He replies, “Yes, but I wear it better!”)

  6. Nah Lawdog, you’ve got maybe a dozen hits from me….

    Congrats on the awesome number ! You worked for it. You earned it.

  7. LawDog,

    Do you want to know the true secret of your success? We were all lured here under the assumption that at some point you would finish the story of the now infamous “Pink Gorilla Suit Incident.” Well, I check back nearly everyday in the hope that it will appear, but it hasn’t yet.

    Fortunately for me, your little scribblings keep me more and more entertained as the months go on. So much so that once I see there is no story of pink fur, I just let myself relax and enjoy the read. 🙂

  8. Congrats.

    But what am I doing wrong? Took me like a half year to get 5,000. What is the secret to big hits? Better writing than I produce?

  9. “What is the secret to big hits? Better writing than I produce?”


    Nekkid pitchers.

    Toilet humor.

    Gun porn.

    Gratuitous buzzwords thrown into your posts to catch the Google bots; Paris Hilton, naked webcam, Iraq War, Fred Thompson…

    Or my personal favorite, “Fred Thompson having sex with Paris Hilton in live webcam action, straight from Baghdad!”

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