By now, I imagine most of my Gentle Readers are familiar with the lolcat phenomenon — people take pictures of cats or other animals and add humorous captions.

Many lolcats can be found here.

In a move which has done a great deal to reinstate my faith in the American Public, folks are taking terr pictures and giving them the lolcat treatment. In this, we are using one of the most effective weapons against fanatics: humour and mockery.

So, I give you IMAO and his lolterizts.

Link, laugh, spread the love. And if the mood strikes you, make your own.


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11 thoughts on “lolterrorists”

  1. To quote St Paul Simon “You know I don’t find this stuff amusing anymore”.

    When the majority of information available is propaganda then you know corners are about to turn. That goes for the gatesofvienna blogspot above.

    So when do we start bombing Iran? I take dibs on 15 Mar 2008.

    I was talking to a guy at work the other day. He’s a (gasp) Muslim. Palestinean (double gasp) to be exact. He and his family (legally) immigrated here 20 yrs ago. This summer, his wife and children are visiting his wife’s family in Jordan. He showed me a text message his son sent that basically said “when I get back home I am going to buy the two biggest American flags I can afford and plant them in the front yard”.

    I guess I ought to tell him he should move back. This ain’t exactly the land of the free any more.

  2. Cute. But describing the picture of the little girl holding her Koran as a “terrorist” is a bit incongruous.

  3. That was cute, Law Dog !

    Are you ever gonna come visit me ? Without your handcuffs, darlin…

  4. Funny, yes; unless you’ve ever been faced with one of these brainwashed child terrorists-that will cure you of funny forever.

  5. The picture of the little girl was Rosie Odonnell’s adopted little girl.

  6. kewt!

    If you would be so kind, we’re still interested in reading about Nana and the swarovsky thingie, if you get a chance.

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