Sky being blue, water being wet, and all that.

Researchers at UCLA have recently conducted a study which has revealed that the distaff side of the species prefers to date muscular men.

We will now wait for the shock to subside. Jocks get more sex than geeks? Who’d’a thunk it?

All sarcasm aside, one tends to wonder just exactly how much money UCLA spent on this research, and where said money came from.


We will now add insult to injury
I'm charmed.

19 thoughts on “Sky being blue, water being wet, and all that.”

  1. In what part of Westwood is UCLA even located?? Hello, So-CAl! Sheesh, even the Subaru-Queerosphere prefers that, or muscular women.

  2. One of the news shows decided to test this result, so they conducted the following “scientific” survey:

    They showed women a photo of a bodybuilder (bantam-flyweight, by the look of him) and their “geeky” intern.

    The catch is that the bodybuilder was just an 8×10 publicity photo. The intern was standing right there in front of the women as they made their choices. Looking them in the eyes.

    Who do you think most of the women chose?

  3. I must be abnormal, somehow. I like good looking men, but it doesn’t take much for me to think they’re too musclebound. I like intelligence and sensitivity, and one of the most attractive things I can think of is seeing a man taking off his glasses after hours or reading. Dr. Daniel Jackson on “Stargate SG1” absolutely makes me drool. And if a man can play chess, he’ll never manage to get rid of me.

  4. Damn my eyes!
    My perfect, perfect eyes!

    I should add that the photo of the bodybuilder was the kind of thing you see in the bodybuilding magazines–this guy was obviously a day or two from a contest, probably at about 3-4% bodyfat, veins everywhere, shirtless, and heavily oiled–and he was curling a dumbbell while staring at the camera.

    I’m not a woman, but I can’t imagine that works for very many–nor was it probably what most of them were picturing when they said they liked muscle.

  5. I am a woman and I’ll take a geek over a jock ANY day! Just ask my geeky bf!

  6. Possibly the study was conducted by the Athletic department, and assisted by some helpful Sorostitutes.

    Ya never know.

  7. I think women are confusing to begin with. Just when you think they like one thing, they’ll go and like something else and you’ll be standing there wondering what just happened.

    I’m a maker of horse tack- leather, that is- and I trade in Atwood palm straw hats as well as knowing a thing or two about felt hats and boots. I guess I’m a little on the geeky side in ways. I observe that most barrel racers, for whatever reason, gravitate toward bull riders. Why wouldn’t they just as easily gravitate towards the tack-making hat salesman who is also into the rodeo scene? especially given that all three are headed in basically the same direction?

    In my opinion, this study is a whole lot like the professor who was presented with a plaque at a testimonial dinner because he discovered that the sun can be used to heat water. Jerry Clower said he knew that a long time before he read of that guy’s study.

    mustanger98 on THR

  8. Someone did a study (Don’t ask me who it is, it’s been a few months back. I’ll see if I can Google it.) that found, based on the information from internet search engines, that a man that’s 5’9″ has to make $165,000 a year more than a man 6 foot tall to have the same chance with women. I’m not certain how accurate it is but I thought it was interesting

  9. I NEVER found bodybuilders attractive at all. In fact, they’ve always been a huge turn-off for me. I’ve always thought of them as shallow, self-centered and always having something to prove to someone (not exactly sure why).

    I’m definitely more attracted to the “geeks” and those that have extra meat on their bones, especially those with extra meat. To me, they’re real and they’re sincere.

    But that’s just me…

  10. That all being said, how many of my hard earned tax dollars funded this asinine study anyway?

  11. What could be more arousing than a knuckle-dragging neanderthal?

    I’m all bated breath waiting for the corollary study showing that men like women with breasts.

  12. I’m with nyx! Sure, I like my eye candy (no, not the bulging veins muscle builders, but a bit of definition is nice to look at), but Stargate’s Daniel Jackson sure made my heart flutter a time or two. 😉 It’s the eyes that always gets me. My husband as the most gorgeous eyes. 😀

  13. Muscles atrophy, good looks fade, but a quick wit, and a sharp mind endure. And Dr. Jackson from Stargate was definitely attractive!

  14. Oh, yes, Daniel Jackson is definitely hot…there’s a reason I own all the Stargate seasons!

  15. Bodybuilders are yucky. Just too much. Shaved legs. Shaved chests. No thank you…

    But a nice guy who exercises regularly and has good muscle tone ? Ohhhhhhhh, yeah…
    plus, it helps if he wears a cologne I like… Chanel for Men gets a gold star…

    I dunno who paid for the study, but it seemed like an obvious conclusion. Maybe it was the women from LAPD west L.A. division making an anonymous donation…

  16. I think another poll recognized this same thing, only the findings were slightly more indepth.

    During 3 weeks of the month, women prefer men with more masculine features. During that 4th week, the prefer men with the feature of a pair of scissors jabbed through their heads. 😉

    On a serious note, I just want to say how much I enjoy your blog!

  17. They didn’t happen to mention what percentage of the female population like muscular men, did they? I’m either an anomaly or part of the minority I suppose.

    I married an overweight, kilt-wearing, beer and tea drinking, meat-eating, critter-hunting geek whose only unattractive feature is he was graced with black hair instead of red.

    I guess it’s because all the “pretty boys” I went to secondary school with were cruel and mentally ugly.

    Perhaps the remainder of the female populace will catch up with that wisdom someday. 😉

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