This evening in history …

… thirty-eight years ago, a 28 year old teacher, secretary and campaign worker for Robert Kennedy accepted a ride to her motel from Senator Teddy Kennedy.

Earlier this day I wrote a post savaging Senator Kennedy for the subsequent death of that young woman. It is now — and has been — my opinion that she was left to die because Teddy Kennedy’s political career was more important than her life.

I even dug up the National Lampoon fake VW advert as the opening for this post.

Teddy Kennedy is a murderer. He is a wretch totally lacking in courage, honour or common human decency and, as a result, he allowed that young lady to drown in the darkness.

The thing is, there is nothing I can do to Teddy. He has no conscience for me to prick; no sense of shame that I can jab; no vein of honour I can awaken.

Had he any of things, he would have atoned for his part in this slaying a long time ago.

I can write — have written — vicious satire, cutting humour and elegant insults, but to what end? There is nothing I can write this side of Eternal Judgement that will have any effect whatsoever on the sotted, ophidian soul of Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts.

And I would regret that my efforts in this would cause any disturbance to the rest of that slain girl.

So, I merely offer this:

Mary Jo Kopechne
26JUL1940 – 18JUL1969
Requiescat In Pacem



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  1. This may be an inappropriate place to leave this message but, have you ever heard the Teddy K. Rag?
    I’ve forgotten the tune but the words are:
    You brother is dead,
    And your brother is dead,
    And your brother is dead,
    And your sister’s retarded.
    You Cheated at Harvard.
    You killed a Young girl.
    Your Wife is a lush,
    And your son has one legggggg.
    Please delete this if you think it’s inappropriate in this forum.

  2. The kennedys don’t own a red cent. It’s all incorporated. No one can sue them for their requent wrongdoings because they have title to nothing.

    That poor girl.

    I wish I believed in hell because that would be an appropriate place for that rotten sombitch.

  3. And yet the people of Massachusetts keep electing him. THEY keep electing drunken, sleazy, murdering Ted Kennedy over and over and over. He’s treated like royalty. His whole vile dysfunctional sickening twisted family is treated like some version of American royalty by the American media and the coastal aristocracy.

    He’s been enabled by the media and the establishment for years and he’s been sent back to the senate by the people of Massachusetts for decades after he murdered that girl and been the subject of scandal after scandal. That should say something about the people of that state should it not?

  4. LD, the Kennedys are the epitome of what’s wrong with politics in this country — I don’t believe he’s much worse than some others, unfortunately, murderer though he may be, but he’s been at it a heck of a lot longer than most.

    And he speaks for a whole state. What an absurdity. I share your distain.

  5. I live in MA, and so far I can’t find anyone who admits to VOTING for Fat Teddy – so how the hell does he keep getting elected?

    Then again, I don’t know anyone on welfare, so that might explain it.

  6. My favorite pipe dream is to be in front of a Senate Commitee headed by Teddy, being televised on all the major tations. In the dream, I keep answering anything the Lush asks with some smart-mouthed reply, causing the Red-Nosed senator to ask “Are you in contempt of these proceedings, sir?”

    My answer is “No… just you. But I won’t be getting any rides near Lake Chappaquidic, so I’m not worried”…

    Hey… I SAID it was a pipe dream!

  7. The Kennedys are a offshoot of the slime mold family, and Fat Teddy is a prime example.

    I can not fathom why he keeps being re-elected. The ONLY saving grace out there is the Chappaquiddick incident spoiled his chance to be President.

    Thank God JFK, Jr bit the biggie, too, or New York would have had a Kennedy in office.

  8. As someone who live in MA I also have been unable to find anyone who admits to voting for that fat windbag. I also am ashamed of my state for putting him back in DC every election. We owe the rest of the country an apology for both our senators. They stand out as an outstanding example of what not to send to Washington. . .

  9. I’ll join Ross and JD as a MAsshole who has never, will never, and cannot fathom ever voting for fat Teddy.

    One of the greatest smackdowns I ever saw happened during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. Kennedy was bloviating on and on about how inappropriate Thomas’s alleged remarks were, and how they were immoral and such.

    Orrin Hatch took the floor and commented that it was his belief that the Senior Senator from Massachusetts was one of the LAST people who should be lecturing ANYONE on morality.

    Kennedy looked like a vampire exposed to sunlight…

  10. I’m jealous…I wish I had your ability to use words as a rapier rather than (as so many do) a hammer. Good comment, great prose and a wonderful sense of justice.

  11. Sen K. is one of my favorite targets for scorn and ridicule. I feel he is one of the main reasons we need term limits for our federal legisltors.

  12. Law Dog,
    She didn’t deserve what that self-serving monster without a conscience or remorse did to her.

    It’s disgusting that he holds office. It’s just as bad that he never went to prison.

    Where is jutsice when we need it most ?
    Sadly lacking for the scumbgs in the Kennedy family.

  13. The pity is, the victims get forgotten, eventually. Nice to see someone speak for the dead in an eloquent fashion

  14. hollyb – that’s a nicer version than the one my wife learned from some Boston college girls… Something about “and Marilyn Monroe is a dead rotting corpse”

  15. First off, about term limits, they have one, every six years his term is up and somehow, someway, he gets another term. Perhaps an investigation into how would be better effort then the effort for “term limits”. But, that is another vien I think I will put in my new blog today! Thanks for the idea and thanks for inspiring me to make it finally LD…

    Now, onto that wonderful TK. I kinda wish he would run for office of the president again. He tried in 1988 but, I think he got the word that if he had any real shot at winning, he really would be shot like brothers John and Rob. The Kennedy clan has a bad habit of believing thier own press. They seem to think that because Daddy was a big shot in Mass. that they too can “bank on their father’s reputation” nationwide and get away with it. Well, they messed with organized crime to the point where they were really impacting the really higher ups, not talking “family bosses” here folks, I’m talking the ones telling them fellows what to do. That leads to things like grassy knolls, arab extremists in lobbies, that kind of thing. The kind of “justice” that happened alot back in the day and is just not politically correct today but, right or wrong, was QUITE effective at removing the immeditate problem.

    Ah well, thank GOD I live in Texas!

    And thank GOD that Mass can only send TWO senators to Washington.

    Course, I think that is why he keeps getting elected, they don’t want him in THIER legislature so they send him to DC!

    Yeah..that has to be it….

  16. Ted Kennedy’s car has killed more people than all my guns put together.

  17. I also live in MA. You have to remember, however, that Mary Jo is not the only victim of the Kennedy family.

    Perhaps the first victim was Rosemary Kennedy, who they had lobotomized.

    We all know about Mary Jo. Don’t forget about Pam Kelley, who was paralyzed when Joe Kennedy III overturned his jeep on Nantucket.

    Then there is Michael Kennedy. Mercifully for all of us, he skied into a tree. But before he died, he had a sexual relationship with his children’s 14-year-old babysitter.

    John John basically committed suicide by flying in conditions for which he was not qualified. I don’t blame him for that — a Darwin award IMHO. What I do blame him for is taking Carolyn and Lauren Bessette with him.

    The number of women who have been victimized by this family is almost incalculable. And yet they still get away with it. Makes me sick.

  18. I know so many sweet little old ladies who would reel in horror if they were faced with someone who acts like Ted Kennedy, but they still bask in the glow of Camelot and think he’s the Anointed One and simply can’t be bad since he’s a Kennedy.


    RIP Mary Jo.

  19. He is scum and at sometime karma has to rear it’s head and bite him square in the chaud. I firmly believe that in the end there is payment to all evil doers, this belief is the only thing that keeps me sane. He not only left her to die, he and his ilk then proceeded to darken her character and impunge her morals. They tried to make her into a party girl who would do anybody. That poor, poor soul. May she rest in peace.

  20. He reminds me of Boss Hogg from “Yhe Dukes of Hazzard”. Fat, and scheming and thinks he is above the law.

  21. Yes, I also live in Mass. The problem is he and Kerry basically run unopposed. It is so hard to vote someone out of office when they are the only one running. The last time Teddy ran, someone was going to run against him. Don’t you know they soon dropped out of the race due to ‘family matters’. hmmm, Makes me wonder if their puppy disappeared or their kid was ‘detained’ on the way home from school.

  22. I’d pay money to see a Republican senator respond to a Ted Kennedy diatribe on the senate floor with:

    “Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment”

  23. “Teddy Kennedy is a murderer. He is a wretch totally lacking in courage, honour or common human decency and, as a result, he allowed that young lady to drown in the darkness.”

    And, he continues to be revered and elected to political office. I’m so glad I don’t live in Massachusetts. I saw the date of when this happened, and I hate the fact that it was just 8 days before her birthday. What a horrible thing for her family to endure. It’s also odd because I was 1 year, 11 days old when this happened, so I feel compassion for Mary Jo and her family for this horrible tragedy, but at the same time, it almost seems surreal to me. It’s unfortunate that this animal is allowed to wallow in fame and fortune in his political career, when he should be hanging at the end of a rope, or submerged in a watery tank until her runs out of air.

  24. “so far I can’t find anyone who admits to VOTING for Fat Teddy”–Ross

    Vote Early and Vote Often! The mantra of the Democrat Party.

  25. “John John basically committed suicide by flying in conditions for which he was not qualified.”–jared

    Word is also coming out that John John might have been drinking before flying. A Kennedy drinking and killing someone or two or 3(watch out people of MA)? Who would have thought?

  26. On the other hand Johnny was late for a wedding or whatever and had two high maintenance women who were in the plane yammering and bitching at him from the back seat. One can only imagine the whining, yammering, bitching and moaning.

    Heck, Johnny boy might have just pushed the nose over and put it into the water just to stop the incessant bitching from the harpies in the backseat.

  27. Charges can still be brought. No statute of limitations on a death charge.
    Read a book some years ago, can’t recall title or author. He was an investigator that looked at the case. He said the damage the car had sustained was not consistent with the scenario of driving off the side of that low bridge. His conclusion was that Teddy ran off the road and rolled the car before reaching the bridge. Thinking that the girl was dead, he summoned help to flip it back on its wheels. They then positioned it on the bridge, tied a rope from the steering wheel to the outside mirror, propped something against the gas pedal, and shifted into ‘drive’. Then Teddy dove down to the car to remove the rope and pedal prop, which took a number of tries, instead of the stated dives to rescue the girl. Blood from her head impact in the rolling was found on her sweater/blouse and the car seat. Blood stains would not have occurred if her injury had been from the car falling into the water. This and the state of her lungs indicate that she did not die when the car was rolled in the field, and survived the car flipping upside down in the water, but finally died of exhausting the oxygen in the pocket of air she ended up in. The author thought that the cold water triggered a return to awareness, but suffering from the effects of a severe concussion, was too disoriented to figure out what was happening.

    My father was an autobody man all his life. He ran his own towtruck, also. When I showed him the photos of the car, his damage assessment matched the author’s findings to a T.
    So, Teddy had two points where he could have saved her life.
    The author thought that at some point one of the people involved with assisting Teddy at the two crash sites would spill the beans, perhaps not until a deathbed confession, though. The Kennedy’s had enough money to buy silence from the few involved, including the pilot that flew them out.

  28. When your wyrd runs out, you can only hope there’s nothing evil there to help it along.

  29. It is for just these situations that THE JUDGEMENT was created. We cannot convict a murderer due to a “technicality”. Unless he repents, he ‘s got HELL to pay in the next life. I’d rather atone here.

  30. “Charges can still be brought.”

    In only a pipe dream!

    Old joe brought booze to the masses when it was illegal to do so!

    Prolly real pissed off when the feds managed to outlaw hemp without the aid of congress he was.

    MA, can lay claim to the two most worthles humans on the planet as congress and then still elected a mormon as the states highest office. Inept as he was/is, he was still elected.

    I suppose pulling off an olympic event in the face of disaster must be worth something eh?

    BTW Romney is just another worthless member of some states BAR! THAT alone should shed volumes about the mans character! Come on , think Nifong!!!!!

  31. PetaQ! Politicians are honorless yintag todsah’pu! Ohhh! Thinking about the slime that routinely is elected to run our city, state, and federal government makes me so angry I could just CURSE in KLINGON!

  32. Happy Sunday the 22nd to you, LawDog !
    Just came by to say hello and see what was new !
    Be Safe !
    Loving Annie

  33. There’s that old joke that goes: Anyone know what it would take to reunite the Kennedys?
    Just one more bullet!
    Problem being is that noe of my bulets ever did anything bad enough to be placed in his arse!
    Maybe one day Ded will get up in congress, do his red-face diatribe and have his head explode!
    One can only hope I reckon!

  34. C’mon, Lawdog, you are absolutely right about Teddy, but you are being too kind to Mary Jo. You know that hanging around with bad companions leads to trouble, usually of the “sumdood” variety. This time Miss Mary Jo was hanging out with the Kennedys and, surprise, surprise, things went badly. If she had been raised to judge the people around her more critically, she would have never been with Teddy, and certainly not running around alone late at night with him.
    If you were questioning them, you would never believe he was just giving her an innocent ride back to a motel.
    Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas. She was at a party where all the women were young and single, all the men were married, and alcohol was being consumed. Are you offering Teddy the benefit of the doubt in this case? I am not. She went off alone with him for the obvious reasons. When he drove into the creek and then abandoned her, the true nature of the animal she had chosen to associate with was made clear.
    Like so many women, she chose badly. In this case it cost her life. It’s not a question of deserving it, I don’t think that at all. It just that, like many women you must meet at work, her choice in men is so appalling, and the outcome so bad. Usually these men are not in the social strata of the Kennedys and the Clintons, and what you see are the drunken disasters of high speed car wrecks or fights in trailer parks, but the reality is the same.

  35. Ok ‘Dog…I’ve ‘googled’ and
    ‘yahood’ every combination of “lawdog” “kennedy” and “kopechne” and other terms I can think of…..and STILL cannot find the post you referenced “…savaging Senator Kennedy.”

    Would you mind, kind sir, posting a pointer (read url) to same….Please? Thank you.

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