What, again?

Remember these little guys?

Yes, again.

This time I was wearing jeans. And I took the time to put on a pair of work gloves.

There were three this time, but one of them actually managed to get out when I got back, leaving these two.

The little girl in the calico outfit was looking pitiful and absolutely adorable — until I got a hold of her. One must remember that kitties have six ends, and five of those are sharp.

She got my social digit in between a couple of molars and bore down like a hydraulic press. Didn’t break skin, but she bruised my finger something fierce. Thank various deities for Spectra-lined work gloves.

Once again, I bust my hump for a Sweet Young Thing, only to be savaged and left swearing in the dust.

I’m starting to see a metaphor to my dating life.



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35 thoughts on “What, again?”

  1. I am not touching the dating metaphor comment…but I will say, that cat has the craziest look in it’s eyes I think I’ve ever seen. Next time you might be wise just to drop a ladder over the side of the dumpster for that one.

  2. That is sooooooo the wrong kind of kitty you should be handling when discussing dating. *grin*

  3. LD, if your forays in search of female companionship are of the environmental caliber exhibited recently, may I suggest classier environs?

    Geez, dumpster diving?


  4. I’ll leave my jeers for our next phone or personal convo, you soft-hearted sod.

  5. I know how you feel. A soft heart cannot help but try to help a defenceless creature. I have had many a bitten finger,long chases and various injuries trying to help an animal who doesn’t realise you are trying to help. Not unlike many people really. Such is life.

  6. It has been my (admittedly limited) experience that calicos are mentally deranged. I’ve heard that from others who’ve lived with them too. It seems to be somethig genetically linked to the color which makes them insane.

    Mine my mother called my indoor feral cat. Several of my friends refused to believe that I even owned such a cat since in the eight years I had her they never saw her. She hid under the cabinets during the day, and at night she might come out and sit near me on the sofa. She would also let the husband see her. The girls would catch a glimpse maybe once a week for a few seconds as she changed hiding spaces.

    She had a chronic illness and the day I found her out in the open mid-afternoon letting the kids pet her was the day I knew the final vet visit was at hand. I still kind of miss her though.

  7. Be glad you’re not seeing this guy!
    [URL=http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6917113.stm]Furry Grim Reaper[/URL]


  8. Your humanitarian (felinarian?) deeds do you credit. Do they keep getting in there searching for food?

    What if you just knocked together a 2×4 covered in an old carpet remnant? Next time, you could just set it in there and let them make their own way out. Might save you some lacerations.

  9. Good Thursday morning to you, LawDog.

    Heh-heh. I am leaving the comment that immediately came to mind in the gutter where it belongs. Meow !

  10. LawDog,

    A guy who will go dumpster-diving in order to rescue a bunch of furballs definitely has my respect. As for the ungrateful response you received, they had undoubtedly been abused or tormented prior to being dumped in the dumpster, so were only trying to protect themselves. Sounds like y’all should set up a camera there to catch whoever’s dumping the kitties and nail them for animal cruelty. Just a thought….

    Meanwhile, I guess you’ll just have to keep rescuing the babies.

  11. Once again, I bust my hump for a Sweet Young Thing, only to be savaged and left swearing in the dust.

    Remember, cats are just little women in fur coats.

  12. Wherever your Heaven is, I strongly suspect that your deeds have assured it won’t be stocked with 72 virgins.

    Good eats, drinks, happy animals, and other assorted pleasures there will be in plenty, of course.

    And I’ll second the suggestion for a kitty escape ladder, although a length of heavy rope might be easier to deal with than a 2×4.

  13. The Boss Kitty, AKA The Bright Huntress, commands me to take umbrage at the maligning of the sanity and emotional equilibrium of Calico Cats.
    She has always been a Lady, well-mannered, considerate, and intelligent. When she was first considering adopting us, she actually waited for permission to enter the living room, and then again to get on the furniture!
    She has us re-trained by now, of course…

  14. Doesn’t take abuse- any cat that hasn’t been positively socialized to humans by that age will be psychotic when you handle it. They can be partially rehabilitated as semi-sociable pets, but they’ll never be normal pets as cats that saw humans from early kittenhood on are.

    I second the idea of the escape route 2×4; give them a means in and out and they’ll be fine in their filthy little shelter.

  15. The cat is normal, if something that much larger than me picks me up, first i’m gonna take a large messy on it, then I’m biting and scratching.

    Think landing net, as in fishing. A long handle aud you are slightly out of reach.

    Hey Lawdog, you need a Carolina Girl. :}

  16. A veterinary technician I know uses the fishing net suggested above not to mention a big towel to trap the evil kitties she deals with. As to your dating life…I think you’ll have sufficient offers for companionship from the ladies who have gotten to know you through this blog. Best of luck with all manner of females, feline or not.

  17. I can see a problem with the 2×4 + carpet kitty ladder. It’s a dumpster, which probably means that it gets upended over a dump truck regularly. Goodbye kitty ladder. But if this keeps happening, LD might want to start carrying it in his trunk.

    So LD, how do the kittens keep getting back into the dumpster? Could you remove or block whatever is serving as a kitty ladder and/or diving board on the way in?


  18. Markm, I think Lawdog is saying he found a new litter of kitties, not the same litter. But it IS possible that momma-cat in her infinite kitty-wisdom decided that a dumpster is an excellent place to raise her brood due to the food tossed in as well as the protective nature of a six foot steel fence plus floor provide. Cats aren’t smart enough to realize that it periodically gets tossed in a trash compactor. Momma comes back from a hunting trip to find kittens gone, just assumes they got ‘et by a coon or something like that…. and proceeds to find another tomcat babydaddy.

    Dawg, be glad you weren’t wearing a kilt that day….. Woulda possibly led to a whole new meaning to the phrase “Cat scratch fever”!

  19. Like I said earlier, I’m looking for a new cat(s), LD. If you’ll stick them in a box, I’ll drive up and take them off your hands. They’ll thrive at my place.


  20. I see a chronic pattern developing here, just like that joke about the revenging bear hunter.

  21. “It seems to be somethig genetically linked to the color which makes them insane.”

    Uuuuhhhhh…that’d be their gender, I believe. 😉

  22. I’ve realized that both I and (judging by the photo) LawDog are talking about tortoiseshells, not calicos. Calicos have white mixed in with the black and brown/red/cream. But the torties are still crazy. Some of them very sweet, but crazy none the less.

  23. I agree that providing an escape route should put a stop to the problem. I keep “bird boards” in my horses’ water tanks. Totally eliminated finding drowned wildlife when doing chores.

  24. I hereby announce the formation of the Quapaw Animal Resuce Unit – all stray kittehz are to be plucked out of turmoil & set on the loose again.

    Oh, wait – you’ve got that covered? Cool beans.. Y’know, I’d totally help with your rescue operations… I hate animals in distress (even if they are stupid and the situation is their own fault)… same rule applies to people (generally).

  25. Gloves: GOOD!
    No Tuna: BAD!

    I find that bribery works quite well with cats & dogs.

    As far as dating…
    “all kinds of shiny things” may help keep her attention long enough for her to see your more sterling qualities.

    Or just ask if Tam has a sister who’d like to move to Texas… ;^)

    I hope you don’t EVER have the misfortune to run into my (insert expletives here) ex-girlfriend. She makes being a hermit enticing.

  26. OTOH… back in the day, I personally have tamed feral cats and made them into wonderful pets. But then, human beings are not so malleable as cats.

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