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  1. “Hi Lawdog.”

    Oh, not a 12-step group? There are enough of us here to start one, I’m sure.

  2. Used to LOVE Chill. Actually, in the post-Buffy Televerse, making a series based on that game would be pretty damn cool….

    (Used to GM Shadowrun as well….)

  3. The geeks have inherited the earth.

    I’m just waiting for the first thesis on how the potato gun changed the schoolyard balance of power.

  4. LD!

    Just when I think you can’t make you like me any more I’ll be a nilbog and you go and post this!

    Course for me, it was JOLT cola, not DEW…heh.

    As for potato guns…

    The Spudmaster 3001 was the creation of a demented mind I know well..my own.

    Take the standard 3 ft long, 3in round PVC pipe, install vaccuum cleaner hose (Kirby was my choice) and said vaccuum cleaner modified to use gasoline (took a bit to figure that out) and have the thing on BLOW while using the appropriate tank to hold the compressed air.

    Add one 1lb Idaho spud and let the fun commence till the local constablary shows us and confiscates said apperatus.

    Ah, memories…what I can remember that is…heh

  5. Join the happy throng. I’m a Nerd who married a geek (I may be the only bride on the planet who got left by the side of the dancefloor so her new hubby could wage a lightsaber battle – custom lightsabers made by the groom for the groomsmen in the wedding colors, combat capable and able to stop a 32 caliber bullet. If I have to be married to a geek, I wanted the best one around!) and day by day we fall further into our nerdhood.

    Only reason he is willing to think about children is he is intrigued by the idea of custom creating your own personal henchmen.

  6. Some are born Geek; some achieve it; others have Geekiness thrust upon them.

  7. Just had my 57th and in a weekly D&D game. Heck I even go to game stores! & SF cons too. 🙂 I will cut back real soon though the wily Bambi calls and the pheasant fly.

    tony AKA Tomas Duncan Gram
    Bard, poet, gentleman killer of orcs

  8. Hehe – Shadowrun. The memories…

    On the topic of geeks marrying, it’s wonderful to have your wife suggest that we figure out a way to get the wedding guests to do the Macarena to the Imperial March (to general approval of both the guests and the DJ 🙂 ). Think about it; if you happen to have a copy of the Imperial March handy, try it.

    I dunno who that compares to the friends of ours whose first dance was a tango – the Masochism Tango, to be precise…

  9. If we are flashing our geek cred…

    I have (somewhere in the basement o’ doom) the mimeographed version of D&D before it became ADVANCED D&D.

    Vampire the Masquerade and Werewolf Apocalypse were my RPGs of choice. I’m a Gangrel *G*. Walt was Ventrue, the Marine!Goth followed his mom into the wolf pack. (And no, I didn’t corrupt Walt – he was gaming long before I met him. I WILL take credit for the Marine!Goth though.)

    Let’s see – owned a Comodore 64, and did punch carding in the days when comps took up the science building basement and needed their own air conditioning system.

    Heh – I was actively gaming up until the year Walt got sick and still read a ton of fan fiction.

    Remember – Be nice to the geeks, you’ll probably end up working for one.

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