Lunar eclipse

Got up early this morning to see the lunar eclipse.

There is something about eclipses that tweaks the buried primal part of the hindbrain. I know that there is a simple, rational scientific reason for the moon fading and taking on the hue of old blood.

Well, rationally, I know this. Down in the bones, though, a teeny part of me wants to make damn sure that it isn’t the result of a dragon with a celestial-sized appetite.

So, I sat on the front porch under that huge red moon and drank a glass of wine until she began to reappear from the shadow cast by her daughter, then went back to bed.

Rather nice — although getting up this morning for work was a bit harder than usual — but small price to pay for making sure the moon’s not getting molested by assorted mythological ghoulies.


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9 thoughts on “Lunar eclipse”

  1. You must get to sleep late or work odd hours. I was having my first cup of the day, of Kona dark roast, during the eclipse.

  2. I wasn’t going to bother, but I found myself wide awake in the wee hours needing to pee.

    So I took a look, and the moon was heading into the pines to the west. Cool. Orange looking.

    I got maybe another hour of sleep and then went about my day.


    I hate it when I wake up early like that…..


  3. See, I don’t think a lunar eclipse has quite the same OMG DRAGONS WITCHES AAIEEE!! potency as a solar eclipse. Still cool, but…

    …not cool enough to get me out of bed. 🙂

  4. I woke up around 5am eastern to watch it. The earths shadow was just starting to blot out the moon’s glow, so i figure I’d sleep another hour and come back out to watch it. Well, I didn’t quite wake up, but thankfully a buddy called me at about 6:30, and I got to see the red moon. Totally cool.

    My wife stumbled out of bed after me, looked up at the sky, and said “that isn’t very interesting, I’m going back to bed.” Oh well, not everyone can be a geek-of-all-trades like myself.

  5. The scientific explanation of any eclipse, sun or moon, is that The Dragon has been offended and is taking large bites out of it, intent upon destroying the offenders-that is, the West Africans-unless he is mollified by considerable numbers of human sacrifices. Any West African of the Rivers knows that.
    In the Bight of Benin, The Dragon is often offended, as the frequent eclipses of the sun testifies. You humans had better straighten up.

  6. Mostly cloudy here, darn it.
    Made me think back to the total eclipse (Official version is “annular” but it was a dang small rim around here.) of the sun in this area in 1984.

  7. Thank you all for checking up on that dragon as I was far enough east to watch the moon getswallowed but the sun rose before the dragons dinner.

  8. I got up and watched it from 0530 to 0645 CDT. Really great viewing in the mid-midwest, plus saw a couple of shooting stars and the planet Mercury. And enough breeze to keep the skeeters at bay.


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