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  1. Very well put. Thanks for linking that. I’ll be pointing others to it.

    The closest I could come to explaining why I have more use for my dogs & cats is that if the worst thing any human ever did to me was take an accidental dump on my rug I’d be much a much less grumpy individual.

    Yeah, I’m classy that way.

  2. Over 100 million in signed deals and contracts…wasted..for wanting to see dogs kill and main each other…

    On the one hand, the sheer stupidity makes me feel sorry for him.

    On the other, I have the greatest joy that such a person won’t GET that money.

    Hopefully this will be a growth experience that will make him wake up and smell the coffee.

  3. Law Dog, I’ve stolen two things from you in the past two days. I stole the blog “Bad Dogs and Such” because I loved the link about Vick. It was eloquent. I also stole Andy McKee and already bought his CD.

    Thanks for both!

  4. You know, the Apaches had a use for animals that would be entirely appropriate for Vick. They put a salted, dry leather thong through one of their ‘little brother’s’ tail just above the rattle and staked it out. Then they took the enemy, in this case, Vick, and tied him up with a salted, dry leather thong through each wrist and ankle.
    Finally, they staked HIM out with his head just just touching the snake’s mouth, but not close enough for a bite.
    Of course, as his sweat softened the thongs he could probably escape. However, that involved moving. The snake, whose blood was also softening its thong was also getting leeway so IT could move. The snake tended to be a lot faster with the slack than the man.
    Having accomplished their ends, the Apache then let both snake and Vick go out into the desert. Bets on the snake recovering….?
    I like it.

  5. I am very much a believer in the theory that those who intentionally abuse animals have a greater probability of abusing people.

  6. I’m thinking Apache style torture would be appropriate in this case. But now I’m wondering how many methods I’d seen attributed to them were really done… staking someone out on a fire ant bed, or staking them out with wet rawhide tide around their head… I’d heard that’s a splitting headache… or tying ’em up on a wagon wheel (if available) and turning them upside down over a fire. I wouldn’t, but it seems to me staking Vick’s kind out on an ant bed would be quite appropriate.

    mustanger98 on THR

  7. Hi mustanger98
    Well, I can assure you, the Apaches were pretty good at thinking up tortures. They played a wicked psychological game. Many of the tribal punishments made burning at the stake look like a walk in the park. But then, the Cherokees were pretty good at it too; for instance, there was one tribe that if one of their women had a baby that wasn’t Indian, both mother and child were sewn into a wet buffalo hide and left in the sun. Nasty.
    How do I know all this, you ask? No, I don’t collect stories of torture methods, nor am I an afficionado of horror movies. I’ve a doctorate in Ethnology, so you run into these gruesome little facts. Sometimes they have a certain appeal, as in the case of Vick.

  8. I believe the fire ants to be a fair and just punishment in this case.

    For all three dirtbags.

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