Mint tea


Eight cups water
One cup mint leaves
Four tea bags
Half cup of honey

Two coffee filters

Put your eights cups of water into a pan and heat.

Put half of your mint leaves into a clean coffee filter, and tie off with clean string. Trim off excess coffee filter material. Do the same with the other half. Roll each bag of mint gently to bruise the leaves, then bung your tea bags and your improvised spice bags of mint into a container big enough to hold all the ingredients.

When the water comes to a rolling boil, whisk in your honey until dissolved. Turn off your fire and allow to cool for a couple of minutes.

Pour the honey water over the mint and tea and allow to steep to the desired strength. Fish out the tea bags and the mint bags, then serve over ice or put it in the ‘fridge and pour a glass whenever the mood strikes throughout the day.


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10 thoughts on “Mint tea”

  1. Thanks! Sending to my wife. The mint-ish teas are easy on her stomach, to her. She been using peppermint for now but I know she will like this. And this is easier than trying to find a store that is open at 1am when her prenancy hormones hit and she wants mint tea NOW!

  2. For the lazy ones like me, they actually make empty tea bags that you can put loose tea into and use. Also, Starbucks in Barnes and Noble sells the most fantastic Peppermint Herbal(=caffeine free) Tea by Harney and Son’s Fine Teas. I love making Iced Tea with it. It’s very refreshing in the summer months. I think even more so than regular tea. Now, I have to confess that I haven’t made my iced tea with honey. I may have to try that. I use Stevia, which is a natural, no calorie sweetener, instead.

    This has inspired me. I am going to go make some iced tea.

  3. Thanks for the recipe! I have more peppermint in the garden than I know what to do with. A girl can only drink so many mojitos.

  4. Bigelow used to make an herbal mint tea that my family would mix in (1 bag in 4 or 5) with our ice tea. I never though about using honey as a sweetener though.

  5. Bosque County Method is less work intensive. Make a big ol’ glass of ice tea using your preferred method. Pick the top 4 leaves off a sprig of mint. Toss it in the tea and mash one leaf against the side of the glass. Remaining leaves are for the refills. Key thing here is finding proper mint….it doesn’t all taste the same. Regards, Smoke

  6. Awk! Starbucks actually ices Earl Grey. And allows you to put sugar in it. Heresy.
    Celestial Seasonings has the best herbal teas ever, including a great peppermint one (good on the stomach) and a spearmint one, etc. Those are nice folks-sent me a case of mint tea one time when I was in Nevada and the stores didn’t stock Celestial Seasonings. Give it a try. Mandarin Orange in the winter with a spoon of honey (not to say a dollop of whiskey) is the very thing to ward off a chill.

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