One hundred years

Nana was born August the 21st, 1907.

To work around various schedules — and other things — we’re celebrating her birthday a wee bit early on this weekend.

1907 to 2007. She’s literally gone from horse-drawn buggies to the Space Shuttle, the abacus to the personal computer, and wood-fueled fireplaces to nuclear power.

Two world wars, inoculations, powered flight, telegraph to telephone to e-mail to the World Wide Web, the sheer amount of history and change that my little Nana has seen boggles the mind.

The President, the Governor, and various local dignitaries have sent her letters and certificates of congratulation which she has thoroughly enjoyed.

And in acknowledgement of her 100 years on this little green dirtball, the management of the facility at which she resides has jacked up her rent by $450 a month.


After the celebrating is all done, we’ll be gently moving Nana to a new residence and hoping like hell it doesn’t blow her mind too badly.


See you guys on Monday.


Ye tap-dancing Gods
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30 thoughts on “One hundred years”

  1. Happy Birthday to Nana, and good luck with the move, LawDog. Be sure and give Nana extra hugs from us here in internet land.

  2. Happy birthday to your Nana! And prayers that the move goes smoothly for her & y’all!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Nana!

    And may the dirtball himself live to be 100 and screwed over by another, larger dirtball. Time to call out the press hounds.

  4. Happy Birthday to your Nana, and a wish for several more. We in Indiana just learned that we have the worlds oldest living woman…at 114!!!


  5. Happy 100th. All the changes that our grandparents have seen blows my mind. They have been witness to a lot

  6. Felicitous birthday regards to Nana. She must be a phenomenal woman.

  7. Tell her happy Natal Day numba C.

    BTW, my mother’s birthday was Aug. 21st, 1926. She passed Dec. 14th, 1999.

    Nana’s doing good…as for the rent hike…Wish Marvin Zinler was still around, bet this will make a good local story. Forcing a person out on or around their 100th birthday is wrong on so many levels. Legal or not.

  8. LD … First off Best to Nana . I just lost my ” Nana ” who was either 97 or 100 depending on which version you subscibe to . Mine had Alzheimer’s for some years , which makes things kinda tough . I hope and pray to all the Dietys you care to name that the move goes well and she does not become confused . Its a rough row you hoe now lad , but if you keep at it the end will come in its own time . Give love and spend all the time you can with her is all i can advise .. I did not spend enough myself and regret it now , even knowing how hard it was .

    Best to you and your family in this the times of trial

    Redneck .. aka Farmgirls dad .

  9. Happy 100th Bday, Nana! Congratulations!

    LD, I hope the move goes easily for Nana. It’s too bad the facility she is in is being a jackass. I would think that with her being a mini-celelbrity for making it to 100, that they would actually lower the rent for her.

  10. Happy birthday to Nana, and many blessings for all of you!

    Her landlords, however, deserve an epic, Old Testament-style beating.

  11. Wow, 100 years old. The things she has seen and experienced in all their newness we take for granted now. It appears she’s moved right along with the changing of the times, I hope she does as well with this move that is being “forced” upon her. Please, give your Nana a big Happy Birthday hug from me.

  12. Happy Birthday to your Nana!

    There should be some sort of legislation done world wide for those who live a century; they should never have to pay for any living expenses for the rest of their lives, including medical and pharmacy expenses.

  13. Happy Birthday to Nana. I envy you her company since both of my grandparents passed away several years ago. I miss them very much and think of them often. Good luck with the move, and a swift kick in the rear to those responsible for her rent hike. It’s just unconscionable.

  14. Happy (belated) birthday to your Nana! Best of luck with the move.


  15. A happy birthday to Nana. And, if I may be so bold, the dirt ball in question is not this pleasant earth, but the unspeakable piece of excrement who raised her rent.

    My regards to a gentleman and his venerable family. That’s you, ‘Dog, and your whole wonderful clan.

  16. God bless your Nana. My great-grandmother was born in ’07, & she died 6 years ago last Thursday.
    Large piles of offal upon those who raised her rent. Like Brian, I hope they live to have the same done to them. That whole “do unto others” thing.

  17. Happy Birthday to Nana!

    Good luck with the move. I hope she finds it comfortable.

  18. “we’ll be gently moving Nana to a new residence”

    Good luck with that.

    That woman could swim from Alcatraz to Fisherman’s Wharf if you take your eyes off her for two seconds.

    She’s my hero. 😀

  19. Good Sunday evening to you, LawDog.

    Happy birthday to Nana, and hope that the new facility is decent and that the people there treat her with the respect and kindness she deserrves.

    Loving Annie

  20. All the best for Nana, and my the fleas of a thousand camels nest in the armpits of her landlord.

  21. I’m with you, cybrludite. It seems this facility was bought out by three of its officers. The takeover occurred the first of July. Apparently they aren’t satisfied with a posted 40% profit, or the wuss in charge has decided to show them what he can do. What he can do is, so far, four other people besides Nana are in a delightful 10 person home set amidst gardens, with porches and patios, which I wish we’d found back in April. However, the current place only just added a type B assisted living service on the 3rd of August, and the wuss’s letter arrived on the 6th. How’s that for timing?
    WE are mightily impressed with the new place; time will tell if Nana is.

  22. If she’s not, I’ll air-freight her an RPG, some flash-bangs and a truncheon — she’ll break out in no time.

  23. Dawg
    A most happy birthday to Nana. It is amazing when you think the changes of the last 100 years and she has been priviliged to see them. On top of that, the joy of seeing children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren is the icing on the cake.

    Now, Dawg, remember to help her with her candles.

  24. Happy Birthday, Nana! It’s also my sister’s birthday, and would have been our great-grandmother’s birthday. Seems to be a day for wonderful women to be born.

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