28 thoughts on “Take that, eBay!”

  1. “the ONLY genuine, fully automatic ASSAULT ROCK!!!! “

    Banned in Kalipornia.

    I do have access to many, though…

  2. ROFLMAO… gotta get a pair of assault rocks. Soon every well dressed Neanderthal will be screaming at their cave tailors for AR pocket in their capes.

  3. Gee, maybe I should start auctioning 13ft telescoping carbon fiber crappie poles as long range tactical sniper assault sticks.

  4. The sad thing is, I bet Sumdood is going to catch on to this idea, and there goes the world.

  5. Aww, man. I was going to put up an auction for a Pointy Assault Stick (pat. pending), but somebody beat me to it!!!

    Oh well, less effort for me, but same amount of hilarity. 😀

  6. Hell, they’ve been using those in the Mid East for years…

    Your word verification is “yeowuf”.
    Is that a term for a happy Viking?

  7. You can about bet that Sumdood, if only because of the very first mention of his name, will be along shortly. And sooner or later, one of us, whether cop or private citizen, will be the last person Sumdood ever messes with. Bet on it.

    One good thing about GA… we may still not have quite as good a carry laws as Vermont and Alaska, but we don’t have a ban on assault rocks either.

    mustanger98 on THR

  8. We had an assault rabbit. Her name was Mohawk because her very red hair stood up and bisected the area between her ears. She was friendly to us, death on rats, and growled at strangers. Wonder what she’d bring on eBay?

  9. Now I have this visual of Sumdood being attacked by a red rabbit. I wonder whether she’d consider him a stranger or a rat.


  10. Jason,

    They recently changed it to be more restrictive because it came to their attention that the git who shot up Viginia Tech bought some of his magazines through them.

  11. Kiki B., I don’t smoke, but it’s good to see somebody got a laugh out of it. I grew up laughing at goofy stuff… the tasteful goofy stuff, that is.

    BTW, I ran into Sumdood at a rodeo a month ago. He’s a wimp. 😀


  12. Well, mustanger, I guess Mohawk had read Field Marshall Montgomery’s comment on rabbits and taken it to heart.
    He said, with regard to a maneuver against the Germans in WW II that the British troops would lurk and then, as I recall the quote, “leap upon them like a savage rabbit.”
    Never mind; all my relatives are squirrely-or in this case, rabbitty….

  13. P. S. Quick. Go to eBay and read all 90 comments on this auction before they censor them.

  14. Well, I just tried to get a look at those 90 comments… they have it locked so you have to have a user account with log-in.


  15. Damn. I was gonna bid. But eBay has ruined my fun:

    This Listing Is Unavailable

    This listing (170136134592) has been removed or is no longer available. Please make sure you entered the right item number.
    If the listing was removed by eBay, consider it canceled. Note: Listings that have ended more than 90 days ago will no longer appear on eBay.

  16. i’ve avoided both e-bay and paypal for about as long as i’ve been online, now i know why. i have used “auctionarms.com” a couple of times with good results.

  17. I usually use Gunbroker.com and I’ve had good results with most purchases.

    I’ve only run into one guy on there that I wondered what he was smoking… a Springfield ’03A3 with low bids was almost due to close. I bid the next increment up, then that guy’s buddy bid it up high. Next thing I knew, the guy emailed me back, said the other guy didn’t buy it and did I want it. I said that depends; I said I bid was $200something… I forget… and what would it take. He shoots back saying “this is a real Springfield and there’s no way I’m going to sell it to you for that when I can get $800 all day every day in my shop”. Now, if he can get that for it all the time, what’d he have it on Gunbroker.com for a lot less for?


  18. Well, poo. The comments on the auction were there only seconds before I left the comment, and the auction wasn’t 90 days old. There were some dillies, but not only does eBay seem to want to regulate assault rocks, they want to deny the first amendment as well. Says a lot about them…

  19. Oh, I don’t know, that rock looked pretty dangerous to me. Before eBay de-listed this latest threat, I notice that the rock’s asymmetry would allow a person to get a better grip on it, virtually ensuring misdeeds.

    I’ve noticed a lot of joking going on in this thread, but, seriously folks, this thing is a real hazard. How many people are going to look at an assault rock and see just another rock? How many people don’t know that recent studies have shown that assault rocks are significantly more dangerous than other rocks? More to the point, who are we going to sue when a person picks up an assault rock and accidentally lobs it at another person? Gaia?!


  20. That assault rock… that’s the original assault weapon that started it all… back in the stone age. Then came stone-headed assault clubs and then pointed and/or tipped weapons. Then edged weapons.

    No, we can’t prosecute and/or sue the user for inappropriate use… such would violate their Rights. No, we must have a manufacturer to prosecute and sue for making weapons that levitate off the table, float down the streets and discharge themselves upon happless unsuspecting bystanders. A rock would never do that.


  21. “What was it.. the Pet Rock on Crack?”

    Skywriter, All it was was an average piece of Colorado granite which the seller offered to spraypaint black or camo to be tacticool. It was also available in other colors. Somebody could say “pet rock” as there’s no law against those that I know of. It was just the whole matter of it not being the object that’s the weapon, because anything can be used that way, but rather the user’s intent.


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