That’s what friends are for.

My friend Reno, seeing all of the Gentle Readers who were asking for a picture of the previously-mentioned hooking incident, graciously provided a camera-phone shot of the deed — anonymity guaranteed:

Do I have great friends, or what?


Oh, sonova--!

38 thoughts on “That’s what friends are for.”

  1. Dang, that’s gone’ah leave a mark!  FWIW, LawDog, I always figured you looked like that.  😉

  2. I’m a lurker on this blog. I like the stories you tell and the way you express yourself, even if I don’t always agree with what you have to say.

    That said, this picture’s my new desktop background. Thanks!

  3. Yep, that qualifies and an Owee! THat one is gonna be a little hard to explain at work too…

  4. The advantage to this is Dog gets to masquerade as a space cadet. Oh, wait. Maybe it’s not a masquerade…

  5. Muthaf*cker, that looks like it hurts!! And you’re smiling slightly in the shark picture.

    What is wrong with you men that SOMEHOW you get into those predicaments??? I mean, you don’t see women up in the ER like that!!

    I’m glad your schnozz is ok though, LawDog! lol

  6. LawDog, bless you and your sore nose.
    Forgive me, but I have to say I laughed my butt off at your story.

  7. I’ll confess to a sharp intake of breath reading your story, but I never laughed at your plight until I saw the award-winning pictorial. That was the icing on the cake.

  8. OK, I have to admit it. I did some eye-rolling when I read the original post…but was still feeling all “Oh, poor LawDog” until I saw the name of the first .jpg file tonight.

    Then I had to snicker.

    Reno, loved it!

  9. Good drugs.

    How can I tell?

    Big Casino took your pic, and you sat still for it.

    Lemme guess– they tried to give you a scrip for Hydrocodone?

  10. You know, with the facial metal people are sporting these days, you could’ve left that sucker in and been fashionable.

  11. Wow. Thank goodness your nose was there, or you might have caught that in the eye. 😉

  12. Gee, and I’ve known people who pay to get pieces of metal put in their face…

  13. Personally, LD, I recommend going to a professional for a nose piercing. I would almost bet that it’s cheaper than the ER visit. Although, I doubt the piercer is as attractive as the female persuasion of your ER nurses were. 😉

    P.S. Thank you, Reno.

  14. Drop dead hilarious – cannot wait for Trooper to get up so I can share w/ him. Thx for the pic – worth a thousand words. Even yours.

  15. Please Tell Reno I said thanks. Hope your nose is doing better. And since when did you start raiding my closet? I’ve been missing that shirt for 2 months.

  16. Well, if you do decide to head to another pasture and can’t find work as a critter hunter…

    At least you have references for body modification and art now!


  17. Whooee! Mr. Dog done caught himself a real nice specimen of Texas Snouttrout!

  18. You know, you might have avoided that hook if you hadn’t been wearing those dark sunglasses. And I would have thought that the helmet would have provided some protection. Man, that’s bad luck

  19. Well,

    At least folks are avoiding saying things like “Looks like you’ve got a nose for trouble.”

    Maybe those barbless hooks for catch and release (aka ‘torturing fish for fun’) hooks are a good idea after all.

  20. Ha ha! Glad it came out okay. But a lot of people pay money to have their noses pierced!

  21. To: Lawdog
    From: Toad

    Where did you get that nice ancient Roman Helmet?

    The next time you mess with the rods wear a full face motorcycle helmet. Of course with your luck you’ll hook your hiney, and really find out who your friends are.

  22. If you’d worn your Norman helmet with the nasal that day instead of your Roman pot, this never would’ve happened.

  23. You know, it hurt reading about your little incident, but seeing the evidence…youch!

    Admire your dedication to the piscatoral obsession, however.

  24. It’s just karma: if you’ld finish the Pink Gorilla story, your bad karma would go away and things like this would stop happening… 😉

  25. KCSteve:

    Those barbless hooks aren’t just for catch and release. They make some really fine barbless ones (look like a slight helix made from spring steel — hooks nice), and they are just dandy for easy hook removal — One slide down the line, and Mr. Fishie drops into your catch tank.

    But, yes; when you reel in a fish a wee bit smaller than you should, you can easily release him for next year.

    Also nice when trying to remove hooks from yourself.

  26. Well I can cross that one off the list of things I haven’t seen. Ouch…sorry buddy. To Reno-Way to be johnny on the spot with the camera phone, nice.

  27. Lawdog as a small child…

    And you thought that lil’ jig hurt!


  28. At the ER nearest the Kenai River in Alaska, they keep a Styrofoam cutout of a human figure on the wall where they stick all the hooks they extract from anglers, in the same place they pulled it out of the live fisherman. Let’s just say this could be worse- one poor fellow was hooked while answering a call of nature behind a bush…
    Don’t know if that makes you feel any better, but this to will heal.

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