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  1. The wife and I just caught on to this one recently as well, and are enjoying it enough to have already nicknamed the hosts as “Bull and The Ocho.” The former hopefully self explanitory, the latter after the inane and obnoxious color commentator from the movie “Dodgeball”‘s ESPN8.

    When we aren’t busy betting how much longer before Bull’s annoyed looks flare up into snapping Ocho in half, my particular pet peeve is the little force schematics they put up to explain the mechanics of a given strike. I swear, the guy in charge of the equations they doodle on there must just open a math book to a random page and pull out whatever looks impressive sometimes.

  2. Stingray is being generous- often the “equations” make no sense at all.

    That said, easily ninety percent of the fun for me with this series is what is NOT said, in the stifled expressions and exchanged glances of the show’s protagonists and the martial artists they’re learning from alike.

    Also, if you have them recorded, try doing as we did and watching the Krav Maga episode and then the Savate episode back-to-back. Comedy. Gold.

  3. Here’s to the occasional mindless indulgence. If nothing else, these “reality” shows are a refreshing view of the occasional person whose physiognomy was not made for television.

  4. these “reality” shows are a refreshing view of the occasional person whose physiognomy was not made for television.

    Is that like saying he has a face made for radio?

  5. I think best quote so far was on the Krav Maga episode, when the instructor told the show’s host, “you may be good in the ring but your self defense sucks”

  6. “Ninja Warriors”-great gratuituous violence for those who have put up with mindless stupidity and had to suffer fools gladly all day long.

  7. Hey LD,

    Do you have a post covering the general statutes on defending your house, in Texas?

    We’ve had several break-ins in the neighborhood and we’re simply looking to understand what we are and are not allowed to do if someone breaks in while we are home.

    Thanks! (Sorry to hijack your comments!)


  8. Sing-a-long with Joe!!!

    LawDog was Kung-Fu fighting…

    His moves were fast as lightning.

    In fact, he’s a little bit frightning!!

    But LD fought with expert timing

  9. and then one of the hosts gets his but kicked by a long-term student

    There, fixed that for you. 🙂

  10. I’ve really enjoyed the show, too. Yeah, the equations are hokey, so is the one-week training regimen. Speaking as a 4th Dan Tae Kwon Do practitioner, it’s really not bad, considering how this subject is usually mangled.

  11. I particularly enjoyed the Escrima episode.

    Del Ocho was beaten like a red-headed stepchild. “Having studied Escrima before….ouch…oooo…this guy’s fast..ouch..I didn’t need that finger!!”

  12. I thought the Krav-Maga episode was pretty good, the others so-so.

  13. I had a hard time watching it after waking up in the middle of an episode and hearing one of them say they were going to use their strength & bull rush a Judo teacher. I rolled my eyes & rolloed over and went back to sleep. Good luck on that one, sport.

  14. I would love to watch that show, but I can’t handle the OMG HE JUST HIT SO HARD!1!!ONE1 camera-shakes they are so fond of interjecting every five seconds.

    Every time I try to watch, I get about six camera shakes into it and give up.

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