Whole bunch of new Gentle Readers are flooding my e-mail Inbox with questions. Forty-six, to be precise. So …

I learned to write using a fountain pen and a bottle of Waterman’s blue-black ink. In my mind that is the way you should write your personal stuff. This blog is a personal journal of mine, so I use heavy italics in dark blue.

Plus, the heavy blue italics have become a bit of a LawDog Files signature.

My mother was born in Texas and has American citizenship. My father was born in Kansas and likewise, has American citizenship. I was born overseas, but under the doctrine of jus sanguini I have American citizenship. My grammar, punctuation and spelling reflect the education I received overseas — and that is why The LawDog Files occasionally look like they were written by a foreigner.

My being born overseas results from my father being employed in oilfield engineering. I am not a Military Brat, nor a Missionary Kid.

I am also an extremely private person. Outside of work, or the Internet, I am screamingly introverted, and this is why I use the nom de cyber of LawDog and am intentionally vague regarding personal details — although I am getting better. And, yes, I realize that any script-kiddie worth his salt could find out everything he wanted to know about me with a handful of keystrokes — but why make it easier for anyone else?

All pictures posted here that aren’t downloaded from the Internet are taken by me with a FujiFilm FinePix A345 digital camera.

I still don’t have any plans on publishing a book; and I will get the Pink Gorilla Suit Story done sooner or later.

I think that just about covers the range of questions.


My secret shame

23 thoughts on “*sigh*”

  1. I’m still waiting for you to come down to my neck of the woods so you can try your hand at my attempt at culinary delight …

  2. So I’d guess this would be ‘The LawDog Files’ FAQ post?   I humbly suggest you ought to create a link to this post in the sidebar somewhere on this blog?

    Might cut down on the eMail in your INBOX?

  3. Promises, promises, LD.

    How about we race to see who can get done first? Me with my rewrite of the construction accident (which is proving more difficult than I had thought it would be. Damned third person omnipotent, anyway…) and you with the infamous Pink Gorilla Suit story.

    We could call it “Write Race ’07” or somesuch. It’d be fun :P.

    (You realize, I hope, that this is just a joke. I probably couldn’t write on a deadline if someone was holding a gun to my head…)

  4. Hey, LawDog, don’t forget about “The Stache” that needs an ending too!

  5. The Dog neglects to mention that he comes from a long line of Scots who kept that lyrical speech-even in America-up to the last generation, and from a mother who absolutely insists upon multitudinous descriptive adjectives lest things get boring.

  6. Heh…Now I will get the song “The Scotsman” stuck in my head when I think of LD now…*snicker*

    Thanks LawMom!

    I’ve a fair share of Scottish clansmen as buds too, must be the “dwarf” in me or something. *snicker*

  7. “My grammar, punctuation and spelling reflect the education I received overseas — and that is why The LawDog Files occasionally look like they were written by a foreigner.”

    By that you mean full sentences, properly puncuated with all the words spelled correctly. I just wish that was still the standard in US public schools. Your writing is prime rib in a buffet of Beenie-Weenies.

  8. By that you mean full sentences, properly puncuated with all the words spelled correctly.


    Tis true. I just finished grading papers from college juniors. I think I will cry now.

  9. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling-and if he doesn’t do it right, of course, I hit him.

  10. LawMom

    Would you please come to my school for a little while? I need some help with my students.


  11. WtC, I am a strict disciplinarian, and if a kid doesn’t want to learn, he’s out of my class. Parents can yell all they want to, and the powers-that-be can support me or not, but he’s either going to learn or he’s gone. I personally find American schools absolutely apalling.
    The excuse that ‘oh, well, everyone is like that’ simply doesn’t wash with yours truly. I would get you fired in a trice!

  12. LawMom–

    Please… PLEASE come to my college! There are plenty of slackers to yell at and I’d get a huge kick out of it. I promise cookies!

  13. farmgirl,
    Trust me, you don’t want someone to walk into class and say, “I’m not your babysitter or your friend: I’m your teacher. If you want to learn from me, I can teach you; otherwise, get the hell out.”
    Nor do you want someone, in answer to a baiting comment to say, “Don’t pull that racist shit on me. I don’t care if you’re green with pink polka dots; you do the work, you get the grade. You don’t do the work, you’re out on your whatever-color ass.”
    I am not politically correct, and I don’t suffer fools gladly.
    On the other hand, if you want someone who knows the meaning of ‘hitive’ and how to use it properly, I’m the one.
    Would that be oatmeal, with pecans and raisins?

  14. Actually I would love to see some of the slackers that interrupt class tossed out on their behinds, personally, but really I was thinking that you’ve probably got a couple of “this is not the real world, this is college” speeches tucked away somewhere, too.
    I’m getting really tired of the entitlement herd whining to me about how hard it is in the “real world.”
    And I’ve never made oatmeal with pecans and raisins, but I can give it a shot if that’s what you want 😀
    I was thinking of my great grandmother’s peanut butter cookie recipe. Those are sooo good we always make more dough than baked cookies, and eat the dough raw too.

  15. LawMom

    Perhaps, but it would be one HELL of a trice. And I’m rather partial to…ahem…ANYway.

    Frankly, you’re needed more for the administration.


  16. P.S. My chocolate-chip-oatmeal-cherry cookies have one several prizes.

  17. WtC
    Which “one” of the several prizes have you won?
    I admit to having adulterated good oatmeal cookies with cinnamon and cherries from time to time, but chocolate chips belong ONLY in chocolate chip cookies.
    I make a mean chocolate peach cake, courtesy my grandmother, and on the other hand, do a dandy fallen cake, courtesy the other grandmother, who was extremely inventive in culinary disasters.
    Yes, I probably do belong in administration; me and Lee Iacocca I suspect, were cut from the same cloth-although my Italian is way, way back, in the form of Thomas Jefferson’s violin teacher…..

  18. Which reminds me of hummus of which I haven’t had a decent dish since Abu Dhabi.

  19. There you are on your own, LawMom. I do know the way to a woman’s heart (Through the anterior chest wall with a Stryker saw) and cookies work almost as well. I’m from New England. No savvy hummus.

  20. Hummus. Properly made, pureed chickpeas with lime-no garlic, no nothing else. Served spread on a small platter garnished with red Arab pepper and tahina (sesame seed oil), and slices of red onion, cucumbers, and the occasional tomato, with a plate of hot toasted Arab flatbread.
    Which puts me mouth wateringly in mind of Foul….

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