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  1. The wife and I learned our lesson last year. She got a flu shot, promptly got knee-draggin, comode huggin’, 2 straight weeks sick. Then, about 3 days before she was well, she gave it to me. So, no more flu shots for us! Hope you get better, friend!

  2. When our company nurse asked if I wanted a flu shot, I said “No thanks, I don’t want the flu”.

    I’ve never had either a flu shot or flu.

  3. This reminds me of a Dilbert strip, with the punchline “You’re probably thinking of the flu *prevention* shots”

  4. I get a flu shot every year. I’ve had the flu twice, once when I didn’t have the shot and once when I did. Both times when I got the flu, I was working in constant contact with people – once when I was teaching high school and once when I was working in retail. It’s not the shot that gives you the flu, it’s the contact with the public and all their germs.

    You take care of yourself Mr. LawDog. I recommend fine Kentucky Bourbon.

  5. Everyone in the house had to get flu shots this year, as Butter Biscuit (being a preemie) is in the high-high-high risk category.

    Yup. Everyone here got sick, too.

    I’m no doctor, but a strong hot toddy seems in order.

  6. about the only thing that sorta works for me is to sock back the orange juice and other liquids, go to bed, put an electric blanket on high and try to generate a sweat for about 12 to 18 hours. The “theory” is to try and cook the virus without exploding your eyeballs.

  7. LD,

    The medical journals show that people who get regular flu shots and then promptly get the flu probably have a weakened immunity system. Not saying anything but it may be that you were either 1. coming down with the bug, or 2. you have a weakened immunity system and just don’t know it yet.

    Best Regards
    Dr. Joe

  8. Dear Mr. Dog. Having recently read through all your posts and being highly entertained, it seems you, like me, get a little more than the usual number of colds/flu. Do you have a GOOD otolaryngologist? Mine discovered I had a chronic, low grade sinus infection. That has been fixed, and I am much much better.
    -Bob in Austin.

  9. My reasons for not getting those flu shots have been illustrated in ya’ll’s posts.

    I’m with ky person on the Kentucky Bourbon. It kept me doing a lot better all last deer season and winter.

    mustanger98 on THR

  10. Dawg, maybe you’re waitin’ ’til too late into flu season to get the shot. I always get mine in Oct and I NEVER get sick.

    Perhaps you need a consultation with Ambulance Driver.

  11. I prescribe a mug full of hot tea with lashings of honey and lemon juice and a healthy jolt of Wild Turkey.

  12. I skipped the flu shot and went right to the flu.

    Out of 184 work hours last month, I put in 92 actual hours of work, and 92 hours of leave-time (sick) and leave-time (vacation).

    It’s a jungle out there. Take your vitamins. It won’t change a thing, but when you get bronchitis you won’t feel much like eating.

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