Come home.

A week or so ago, I linked to a Michael Yon picture and short article about a Christian church in Baghdad.

Today, Michael posts a follow-up to that story.

Shlemon Warduni, an auxiliary bishop for the Catholic Diocese, performed the first Mass held at that church since it was shut down.

From the article:
Today, Muslims mostly filled the front pews of St John’s. Muslims who want their Christian friends and neighbors to come home. The Christians who might see these photos likely will recognize their friends here. The Muslims in this neighborhood worry that other people will take the homes of their Christian neighbors, and that the Christians will never come back. And so they came to St John’s today in force, and they showed their faces, and they said, “Come back to Iraq. Come home.” They wanted the cameras to catch it. They wanted to spread the word: Come home. Muslims keep telling me to get it on the news. “Tell the Christians to come home to their country Iraq.”

Come home.

Are there any two words in any language that hold more hope, more comfort, than ‘come home’?



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  1. As the chill begins to find us, those words are a source of pleasant warmth.

  2. It’s taken me some time and several reads to comment.

    All I can come up with is a set of disjointed words and phrases — surprised, happy, respectful, hoping it will last, appreciative of their actions, appreciative of the fact that it is captured for us to see, sad by the fact that the mainstream media won’t give it a passing thought,…all rather disjointed for sure, but I think perhaps the strongest is a respect for those people.

    They have altered some opinions I’ve held, though I do wonder how widespread their attitude is.

    And I think matt_g has it spot-on, too. I have a mostly warm feeling about it.

  3. This is a very touching story. It would be wonderful if all Muslims felt the same way. They say there is about a billion of them worldwide so no doubt there are some who are tolerant of others faith and views. The problem is so damn many of them will even blow up other Muslims over minor doctrinal issues. It would be ill advised to consider this anymore than a pleasant, isolated incident. Rest assured that a suicide bomber is currently planning a way to take this church out.

  4. So, warm feelings for this isolated event and hope it’s more widespread than we can see from here.

    As for that suicide bomber’s current planning, let’s hope someone has the presence of mind to be planning to take them out before they pull the pin (or however that rig works).

    mustanger98 on THR

  5. Ummm… mustanger again… I just remembered vehicle bombs. Anybody know a good way to stop those before the attack can be effective?

  6. Dear LD:

    I noticed that you are a mod on TFL.

    There is someone there who has been badmouthing me, trying to start arguements by baiting me, accusing me of being racist, etc.

    The problem is that the person I’m talking about has more positive feedback there & on other websites than Jesus. I have only 2 positives on & 1 on TFL.

    I’ve tried to make peace & explain to the offender but they refuse to listen.

    What should I do?

    Thank you for your time.

  7. Anonymous said :”Ummm… mustanger again… I just remembered vehicle bombs. Anybody know a good way to stop those before the attack can be effective?”

    yep..there sure is..ask the Italians about that.

  8. And at least Fox News picked up the story too!

    I think I finally beat LD to a story!

    WEEE! heh

    Have a happy Thanksgiving folks.

  9. As I’ve said on my show many times, Muslims, Christians and Jews can live together.

  10. “Come home”

    There have been Christians in Iraq for centuries longer than there have even been any Muslims, anywhere. But, I seem to recall that we (that is, the US of A) helped turn Iraq from an officially secular state under Saddam into an officially Islamic state. Don’t know how comfortable I’d be coming back to that.

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