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  1. Yes, as a Limey in London I can confirm this is true (although I managed to be policing a different part of the city on his arrival).

    Quite a few squaddies I know have had a giggle at this, although it’s suspected that the main influence was a Private Eye reading Officer with a sense of humour and not a lot to lose.

    I have also heard that words have been had to prevent reoccurances of this…

  2. Oh yeah that was great! The brits sure are good at keeping a straight face.

  3. Try for the reciprocal and see how far you get.

    Try to operate a Christian bookshop in Saudi Arabia.

    Not going to happen, bibles are illegal there.

    So much for openness and promoting what the individual or culture believes…

  4. Memory may be faulty on this, but I’m sure I recall the Pumas (Argentine Rugby XV team)playing at Twickenham in the late nineties. The music was uncontentious- standard brass band stuff- but played by the band of the Parachute Regiment!
    Anecdotally, honour guards for French state visits are usually the Irish Guards- didn’t fight at Waterloo, you see.

  5. Also confirmed. And what a sodding marvellous thing, too.

    “Beheading people who lose the faith… it’s not a great idea, is it?”

  6. Now thats funny sh… stuff.

    Coincidentally that is the same ringer I have for my ex-wife.

  7. Would’ve been more appropriate to play “the Carousel Broke”, but the Impie March works well enough…

  8. The only way they could have topped that one would have been a rousing rendition of “Hava Nagila”.

  9. Heh…well, you have to understand that military folk are a tad…what’s a good word…


    I think John Glenn said it best when asked what scared him.

    “I’ve returned to Earth in a small metal coffin that was supposed to burn up due to a malfunction. I’ve tested airplanes and other craft that could and should have killed me many times. Death and I have stared at each other oftens so there is really only one thing that scares me.

    My wife.”


  10. No matter what other sins George Lucas has committed, that one piece of music he commissioned will live forever!

    My god, that was beautiful!

    I wonder what Al Jazeera had to say?

  11. Seems that the Canucks heard about this and not wanting o be left out, welcomed the Japanese Prime Minister into the country with the Col. Bogie March from Bridge Over The River Kwai.

  12. “the imperial march”, i love it, i bloody well love it.
    (breaking out the tullamore dew to toast the horse guards band.)

  13. Yeah, you know somesones career options just became: “Pick one: Count bird shits on Rockall, snow flakes in the antarctic, or retire. And, by the way, the officer’s mess sends a case of Scotlands finest and their friendliest regards.”

  14. Latest update from rumour control – displeasure has filtered down from the Royal family to the Officers in command of that troop, officially.

    Unofficially, the displeasure was tempered with a healthy dose of trying not to giggle.

  15. Oh, and by the way – did anyone else notice the news reader wearing pink socks?

    Not the best choice I’d have thought with that suit, but nice to see people fighting the system from within.

  16. Now we just need them to play the same theme when Bush visits! I think even here in America that should be the theme- not the presidential one.

  17. “Anonymous said…
    Now we just need them to play the same theme when Bush visits! I think even here in America that should be the theme- not the presidential one. 9:45 AM”

    Nice to see that you have the testicular fortitude to include your name. Go choke on some granola.

  18. Lawdog and friends,

    I am always gratified to read the well-thought out, and sometimes not-so-much, comments brought on by your commentary upon modern society. This time I would like to throw my hat in the ring. But I want to take it one step further.

    As I understand it, government serves 4 basic functions within a society: 1) Protect the citizenry, 2) secure order, 3) distribute the power so that every citizen has an EQUAL opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, 4) provide a minimum standard of living for all its citizens.

    Does the First Amendment protect the citizen? I think we would all agree that it does. We can all say whatever we like—as long as what we say doesn’t endanger the life of another person. In essence, what the Snyder family have to say? Basically, “Hey, leave us in peace to mourn the loss of our loved one. Go demonstrate some place else.”,,, I’m good with that. How about you guys? ,,, The Phelps family said, “Hey, we are going to use your loved one’s funeral to get our message out to the masses demonstrating how much we hate the thought of gay individuals in the military.” ,,, Again, I’m good with the main message, it’s a personal opinion. The Phelps aren’t real fond of the idea of gays in the military. Got it.
    ,,, Everyone involved is on equal footing to this point, would yall not agree? The Phelps chose to take it a step further by associating their message with a person who had made no offense against them other than he was in the military they have such an issue with. Apparently, the Snyders looked over the situation with an eye to the lesson plan; “Leave us alone or you’re gonna be sorry.” before they took their next step. Hmmmm, looks pretty equal to me. Equal protection under the law? I’d say so. What do yall think?.

    Did this ruling secure order? I sincerely and truly hope so. I can think of nothing worse than to spend three horrendous days trying to manage all of the myriad paperwork associated with a regular funeral, never mind the red tape of a military funeral, only to come face to face with a bunch of opinionated idiots who are all up in my space when I have one last nerve left to get through a miserable two hour ceremony. Let’s just say,,,should it ever happen to me and my family,,, Folks, I and mine are gonna don our spurs and go riding. Heaven help the poor idiots who chose that moment to become our favorite whipping pony. We’re gonna get all that angst and anger out right then! Does this ruling secure order? By all the angels in heaven and the demons in hell, it comes closer than any other resolution that court could have come up with or I guarantee nooses are gonna become the new fashion statement at military funerals. What do you good folks think?

    Does the ruling distribute the power equally. Hmmm, Side One was miserable while Side Two had a good time. Then Side One was happy while Side Two was miserable. Looks about equal to me. How about yall?

    Does the ruling prove a minimum standard of living for all its citizens? All any family wants to do is to mourn their lost loved one in peace. All any group of radical idiots want to do is to spout their nonsense at will. The court provided a way for each to do what they wanted while providing a standard beyond which neither shall pass, such as, “Idiots can make my life, or in this case death, stand for their cause, but I get to decide (with a jury’s help) how much they are going to pay for the privilege.”

    Did the government stand by its primary function? This little ole Texas Ms thinks so. How about yall??!!!

  19. I see that YouTube has puked on your post of this video, just like it did on mine. Too bad; a great thing. Hope they get their act together.

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