Okay, one more thing …

Photographs, as the old saying goes, are worth a thousand words.

This photo by Michael Yon is a powerful, powerful thing. The short article underneath, while helpful, doesn’t have the sheer visceral impact of the photo.

If the Universe is just, this photo — and Michael Yon — will become as iconic as others have throughout the decades.


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12 thoughts on “Okay, one more thing …”

  1. The only place I’ve seen it, besides here, is on the Day By Day cartoon.

    Of course, since no one has been blown to bits, it couldn’t possible be news, could it?

  2. I saw it first in Day By Day, then on Michelle Malin’s blog and lastly here. Three times my heart skipped a beat.

  3. It is getting spread around the “conservative” blogs but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for it to appear on any MSM source.

  4. Obviously a fake. After all, Iraq is a lost cause. We should surrender now.

  5. This photo is a strong emotional punch in the stomache. and yet, the MSM is quiet. The politico’s are quiet. This should be shouted from all the rooftops of every building in the world, that peace is coming to Iraq, and yes Christians and Muslims can work together and we can pray together

  6. Little Green Footballs has the image, as does the JawaReport.

  7. Caught this on Michael’s blog yesterday. There is a bunch of good photos on his site, worth looking at.

  8. Michael is one of those people I follow and try to support, what little I can.

    He has a wonderful piece about the unit he is with currently. It’s funny how he tells about being an old soldier and knowing how to impress the young guys he’s with by simply outlasting ONE of them.

    Drinking tons of water in the heat and waiting for one of the others that isn’t staying hydrated and when they “face plant” he gets to rest..heh..love it…old age and treachery beats youth and skill everytime…

    He’s a good egg…I pray for him daily and hope he lives to a ripe old age in one piece with no bad memories.

  9. Good picture and commentary. But…

    Jesus loves me! This I know,
    For the bible tells me so.

    Christians here are starting to get kinda scary: http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/20071107_the_cancer_from_within/

    Some other interesting viewpoints on Iraq:

    Haven’t read
    but it looks like he’s going to win Best Military Blog. Seems I’ll have some interesting reading material for the weekend.

    A mind should be open and skeptical.

  10. Have you read the rest of Truthdig?

    The particular article you linked is going to be less hysterical than the rest of the site … why?

  11. This to me symbolises the fact that human beings want to live in peace and we should always support those fighting evil.

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