That’s two …

By way of Larry Correia we discover that STI International has decided that it will no longer sell guns in California.

Previous to this, Ronnie Barrett, of Barrett Firearms Company announced that he would no longer sell any of his rifles to California government agencies, nor would he service the rifles currently held by California agencies.

Now, I realize that STI and Barrett are both niche firearm companies. There simply aren’t all that many L.E. agencies in California who are going to be buying one of the big .50’s from Barrett, and I seriously doubt if many agencies in California Nerf-land will authorize the carry of a cocked-and-locked STI m1911 clone.

No, I imagine that any reaction from the California gummint is along the lines of: “Goody-goody gum drops! That means fewer guns in our Bubble-Wrap Utopia!”

However, this development gives me a faint hope that one or more of the big suppliers for law enforcement agencies — Glock, SIG-Sauer, Smith & Wesson — will follow along and refuse to sell or service California government agencies.

A long shot, I admit. But the State of California has been dancing with the gun-control devil for too long unscorched. It’s time for them to start feeling the burn.


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  1. If it becomes popular, expect California to begin manufacturing its own weapons, creating the ultimate contraband.

  2. LawDog, I live in California which means I am one of the Californicated.
    Nobody would be happier than I would if ALL firearms manufacturers decided to boycott this (Multiple expletives deleted.) state entirely.
    Our “Elected Representatives” travel with armed guards while doing their level best to see to it that our families lack armed protection.
    Our kid needs two more years to finish High School. Two school years plus one day is moving day.

  3. “Glock, SIG-Sauer……”

    Seems to me that Euro gun companies prefer to deal with the .gov agencies instead of the peasants. More money there, these days……. maybe they remember the Fat Times of Mauser under the Kaiser and later the National Socialists…..

    “Because we’re H&K, and we hate you.”

  4. No chance of a S&W boycott. As a public company, they’d be severely exposed to a shareholder lawsuit for negligence, which S&W would undoubtedly lose. Maybe Glock or Sig. But probably not.

  5. While we are dreaming I wish the auto companies would grow a pair and tell Californina enough is enough. They’ve run the cost of cars up for everybody for about zip reduction in emissions.

  6. LawDog,

    It would have to be one of the ‘big’ companies (IE: Glock; HK; Beretta; S&W) for it to really get noticed.

    Most of the large agencies (mine included) wont let you carry 1911 clones as it is (much as I would love to) or anything not made by the bigger companies.

    I am stuck here in SoCal for at least a few more years. I am only 40, but have 19 years on…and our retirement is mostly age based…I dont think I can take another 15 years out here though!

  7. I call it the DingleBat state.. horrible place!

    Beautiful country (northern).. so its a great shame about the human population.

  8. Barrett also builds some VERY nice AR/M-16 clones…

    And it si not that he has refused to service their weapons. He just informed them that the only way he will do so is for the agency to hand carry them to his shop in TN.

  9. Dealers, manufacturers of accessories and everyone else needs to either not sell or add surcharges for California government purchases.

  10. But didn’t they license their design to BarSto, who continue to sell them in California?

  11. STI hasn’t been able to sell guns in California for years; none of their models are on the CA DOJ’s approved list.

    Still, great PR stunt.

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