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In further news from the British Isles guaranteed to just really [deleted] me off, we discover — to our complete and total disgust — that England has hauled off and banned replica katanas.

Yes, Gentle Readers, in their mad dash to protect every-bloody-one from every-sodding-thing on this little sticky green dirtball, the Brit Gummint has now made it against the law to “sell”, “import” or “hire” a reproduction Japanese sword in Albion.

The mind boggles. It really does.

Two things manged to penetrate that red blur:

1) Apparently, the Government promised those folks who have authentic katanas — the various dojos, collectors, and all”genuine” martial arts enthusiasts (as opposed to what — fake martial arts enthusiasts?) — that their swords would be safe.

I’m guessing in an effort to soothe the waters before they got troubled.

Hey, your buddies are about to take it in the neck, but here’s a pat on the head to keep you quiet.

Yeah. Any student of history want to give me an average length of time it takes the average government to go from, “Oh, we’re just going to take these, not those” to “We’re taking those. Now.”


The second thing to leap off the screen was this asinine quote from some anthropomorphic cow wandering around the British countryside attempting to dictate policy:

“[Barbara Dunne]“It’s an achievement to get the weapons banned. I don’t want children to keep seeing them in shop windows and thinking it’s normal.”

Allow me to re-quote that: “I don’t want children to keep seeing them in shop windows and thinking it’s normal.”

That quote right there, Gentle Readers, is the distillation of why those idiots and I will never see eye-to-eye: To them, an inanimate chunk of metal hanging in a shopkeepers window isn’t … “normal”. She is petrified by the thought that some children might not be as pathologically terrified of a lifeless piece of metal as she is.

This is the kind of inbred, gauch-eyed, snot-slinging hysteric who, upon looking out her kitchen window on Ragnarök Day and seeing Arthur ride forth at the head of his Knights to the defence of his beloved England, would have him arrested, committed, and Excalibur melted down into some jackarsed peace symbol because “someone’s feee-eelings might get hurt by all that iron-mongery!”

Sod ’em, the lot of ’em.


Just ... just ... BUGGER!

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  1. It will be sad when Great Britain is absorbed into the European Union en mass and made a vassal of the mainland. Will they remember their days of striding about the globe as Empire Builders fondly, or bear those memories in shame?

    Oh well

  2. First the guns, now the swords, next the knives… You are right LD, it’s not going to end anytime soon. As an oh, by the way- The criminals aren’t obeying the laws. They are the only ones left with guns other than the military, and they are the ones who have been using swords and knives to terrorize the citizens especially in London.

  3. Instead of banning them entirely, they should have just offered training to good citizens on how to use them. Then random acts of violence would turn into epic swordfights in the street. Now THAT would be cool.

  4. I bet she would have been flabberghasted at the Class three weapons dealer we had right next to the Dairy Queen…

  5. That’s not all, they have banned thought and speech. EVEN in your own home it is illegal to express your distaste or disgust at sacred cows of the Nu-Labour project – who of coursse are much valued voters.
    It is much, much worse in Britain than you can imagine, and now that once great Nation is subservient to the USSREU, where it has been illegal for some years to vilify the EU or its apparatchiks. Hitler would have marvelled.

  6. How they going to explain the displays in the Tower of London to the kiddies. All those nasty muskets, swords and pikes!

    There’s normal for you!

  7. Incidentally, I notice that in the photo that accompanies the BBC story, not one of the half-dozen or so knives shown even remotely resembles any Japanese sword or knife. I see a couple of hunting knives, something that resembles a falchion, a fighting dagger, a machete, and several miscellaneous knives, but nothing with the characteristic curved shape of the katana or wakizashi.

  8. 45govt: Easy solution for that: Nearly Free Speech provides reasonably-priced web hosting for any content which is legal in the United States. Doesn’t matter what the subject matter is…if it’s legal, it can be hosted there.

    While this has resulted in a few unsavory types (racists, [skin color] supremacist groups, neo-Nazis, and other irrefutable people) hosting there, there’s a lot of good people who host there (BugMeNot, for example) as well. That’s the thing about freedom of speech…everyone is free to speak.

    There is still some freedom left in the world.

  9. “banned replica katanas”

    …but I’m sure scimitars will be protected.

  10. I assume that farmist is now banned from Great Britain as well for his obvious racist bias against Scimitars.
    Can the Scots still carry a Sgian Dubh?

    It is clear that complete goofy asininity is now international. A sorry day for Once-Great Britain.

  11. Thanks Pete – that’s good to know. Because of the draconian and crook-preserving libel laws in Britain, many blogs are hosting outside now. The whole world can know and discuss stuff that is newsworthy in the UK, while the British MSM are muzzled. For example the recent blackmail attempt against a gay member of the Royal Family, and the sexual orientation of the Prime Minister – all no-go in Britain, but common knowledge in the blogoshere. Total BS.

  12. Well Lawdog, I’ve got five of them.
    Not planning on handing any in now or ever.

    Robert the Biker

  13. I bow before your awesome word smithing. I used to think there would always be an England. I doubt it now – there will be only Muslims and yobs.

  14. First, they came for the Katanas…
    I shouldn’t be flip about this, as it’s only a matter of time before some elected weasel over on our side of the pond sees this and decides it’s a good idea.

  15. It’s sad to think what 70 years can do to a country…. I’m guessing that if faced with a German invasion today, the UK would “attempt dialog” and failing that, “attempt to gain best terms of surrender” and, failing THAT, just start learning German and hope for the best….

    Sad. Really sad.

    What’s worse, our country is only 30-40 years behind Britain when it comes to Total Pussyfication…..

    Since I don’t want to be on the tail end of the Progressive Peace Movement, I have already removed all my steak and bread knifes from the kitchen, removed the pointy sharp ends from the forks and dulled all butter knifes…. Frankly, seeing all this sharp steel was frightening me!

  16. As for knives, many knives have been illegal over there for years. Amazing.

  17. “Will they remember their days of striding about the globe as Empire Builders fondly, or bear those memories in shame?”

    Ask the Italians.

  18. Does anyone really care anymore?

    Britain is gone. We can recolonize it once we clean the islamics off of it after they lose WW IV.

  19. If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t there a program, during the second world war, to send firearms to the Brits so they could defend the homeland? Hmm, there not getting any of mine.
    If knives and swords frighten them, the contents of my gun safe would really drive them over the edge!

  20. “It will be sad when Great Britain is absorbed into the European Union “

    Brown signed, the last step is labour pushing throught he bill without a referendum.

    They have a majority, so it’ll pass.

  21. Got that off your chest??

    I am grateful every day for the little white ‘Green’ card that allows me to live in America.

  22. The lass had better get used to seeing the swords, because once Albion goes under the sharia legal code she’ll be seeing a lot more of them.

    Hassan chop!

  23. Coming soon to a homeland near you. I have watched the social trends in the U.K spread to Canada and then the U.S. for decades. What concerns me is that this traditional time gap is getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller.

  24. “..inbred, gauch-eyed, snot-slinging hysteric..” that is word smithing!

  25. Anonymous, 3.24:

    There was indeed a programme whereby generous North Americans sent weaponry to Britain in 1940 and 1941.

    They were mostly issued to the Home Guard, a hastily-raised defence militia. My father trained himself on handgun that way, and reports that all the kit he saw was very sound.

    After the War, all the guns were called in by the government here, and I read years ago that most were dumped in the sea.

    You are disgusted of course. My advice is that if the call for firearms goes out again, your respond only to me and such as me: no gun you gift us will go into the sea.

  26. Give ANY government an inch and they’ll take a mile. Err…the English would be “give ’em a milimeter and they’ll take a kilometer.”

    That sucks about the swords going. Soon they’ll be banning pocket knives. Hey! You could even stab someone with your keys! Better ban those, too!

    I am so glad that my sword, nunchucks, sais, axes, and machetes are safe in the ‘States!

  27. Yet another reason (as if I needed any more) for my son to be looking very hard at emigration after finishing college.
    Many other writers have written about Britains woes at length, and far more skilfully than I could – all I will add is that my wife & I are stocking up on “essential items” in anticipation of the shitstorm to come………
    Apologies if my language is politically incorrect, but I am depressed beyond measure at what my country has become.

  28. I’ve always felt that at least once a year, a politician, picked at random, should be dragged through the streets by a mob, tarred and feathered and place in the square with a sign around their neck. I think it would remind society how well behaved we actually are and how precarious the balance is.

  29. vhtnqnGreat Britain has banned replica katanas? boys this seriously scares me, I’m not just american but in the South and we don’t take kind to any threat of taking weapons. our longtime relationship with GB is what I’m thinking about now. This is a wound to the US too for it’s a reality we could face ourselves if we are not damn careful to put the right people in places of power. God bless the queen in her time of trouble and Gos bless the United States of America, may both flags fly high forever. Big Joey

  30. I used to work in a Museum and we had a lot of faily rare Firearms that had been donated,i rang the curator the other day after getting a message he wanted to talk to me and found out that they had de-activated every firearms.
    I am 58 and i cried,this country is not going to the dogs it is there if i could leave i would.

  31. So this lady’s son was stabbed and killed by a sword wielding yob. Why not just make it illegal to stab people?

    Oh, wait.

  32. Wah-hah-hah-hah!
    Dog’s brother just got gifted with a replica miniature katana for
    At least the former Colonies retain some semblance of the desire for independent thought and freedom that brought us from ***** Britain in the first place.
    One can only hope we learned our lesson well.

  33. I really don’t understand modern liberalism and it’s reliance on feeling and emotion when the facts are right in front of them.

  34. Big Brother is watching-and taking CARE of you! You’re being educated out of responsibility-for anything.
    Big Brother will excuse everything you do.
    If an arsonist burns down your house, Big Brother will tell you that he’s ‘disturbed’ and encourage you to sue the match manufacturer.
    If your little brother is being a total bad bastard, Big Brother is sure that it’s because he doesn’t have a color t.v. in his room; he isn’t bad, he’s deprived.
    If someone shoots you from his car, Big Brother says it’s not just plain uncontrolled bad temper, it’s ‘road rage’ and that person shouldn’t be punished, but counselled.
    If the president of the United States has what most people would call sex in YOUR HOUSE-which is what the White House is-excuse him by saying he didn’t know that was sex.
    We have turned into a nation of blamers, compromisers, and excusers. The day after 9/11 I watched in horror as a television reporter interviewed a couple who had had to leave their apartment in TriBeCa.
    Were they upset with the people who had killed thousands? Were they angry?
    Certainly not. They wanted US to find out what WE did wrong, make it right, and for things to just go back like they were!
    Unfortunately, this is often the American attitude: find out what we did to offend someone, apologize, and throw money at them; then don’t understand why they still hate us.
    Big Brother won’t be happy until we are all sunk in bland mediocrity without an original thought. This world is going to be boring beyond belief.
    I have mourned the old Britain for years, but I didn’t realize how deep the self-righteous, sanctimonious, irresponsible yuppy types were entrenched.
    Time for a real thorough rebellion.

  35. “Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who don’t.”

    England is doomed.

  36. LawDog,LawMom, this nitwit thinking is supported by three legs. Politicians, the MSM, and school(teachers). Which leg, or legs, is more important to the process of converting us to twit-hood? Feel free to expound at length 🙂

  37. “Dog’s brother just got gifted with a replica miniature katana for Christmas.”

    According to my sister, her husband has a replica katana. I recall hearing from some guys who tried that kind out on canteloupes on their coffee table… second slash and the blade came unwound. You could see the bubbles where the casting broke. Are some replicas better than others?

    Personally, I have a USMC K-Bar and sometimes I think of aquiring a real Scottish basket-hilted sword… the regimental type. I don’t know what kind of price tag those have now. Mostly though, I figure if somebody comes after me with a sword, they’re not getting that close.

  38. Scott, just as an act of pedantry, the English do not use milimetres or kilometres.

    Neither does Britain as a whole… it may not be much to outsiders, but “England” and “Britain” are not interchangeable!

    I’ll go back to my little island now.

  39. I got thrown off a British videogaming forum the other day.

    I bought Ace Combat 6 for my console, and in the course of playing it, I “bought”, in the game, an A-10 Warthog. To celebrate this cheerful up-gunning of my gaming self, I posted a picture of the main gun of said anti-ground airplane – and got banned for posting a “Filthy, horrible real-world gun” picture.

    You know… Britain’s gone. Nothing left but the emasculated and the immigrated. And what’s worse, the detesticulated remnants insist that the remnants of the country emasculate themselves publicly so they “feel safe”.

    Cleansing swabs please. This place is dirty now.

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