Irish coffee


2 teaspoons sugar
1 oz Irish whiskey
Heavy cream

Brew your coffee. While the coffee is brewing, fill your mug with hot water and let stand.

Take your cream and whisk it a couple of times. And when I say “a couple of times” I mean it — you just want the cream to thicken a bit.

Pour the water out of your mug and fill mug about 2/3’s of the way with coffee. Add the sugar — even if you don’t drink coffee with sugar, add the sugar — and the whiskey. Stir.

Now, hold your spoon about half an inch above the coffee, upside down. Slowly and gently pour the cream onto the spoon until you have about three-quarters of an inch of cream floating on the top of your coffee.

To drink, sip your coffee through the layer of cream.

Voila! Irish coffee.


Merry Christmas
It's that time of the year again

10 thoughts on “Irish coffee”

  1. Better yet: Wet the rim of your mug and dip into sugar, ala salt on a margarita glass.

    Then mix as directed and drink. Drink early, drink often.

  2. I guess that’s nice, but I am one of those benighted souls who don’t like coffee. I’ll drink tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Just like Captain Picard.

    Merry Christmas, Mr. Dog.

  3. Irish Coffee: The reason Darwin gave me taste buds.

    ky, I didn’t like either coffee or whisky before learning about Irish Coffee via the work of Larry Niven.

    It has a vastly different flavor than any of its parts.

    Irish Coffee taught my taste buds how to enjoy coffee, to some degree. I’m still working on the Irish part. Damndest thing.

    Merry Christmas, everybody.

  4. Sorta’ good, but, accordin’ to AHM, ya’ gotta’ use brown sugar. After warmin’ your mug, drop in the sugar then mix in the whisky–makin’ sure the sugar is well dissolved–before addin’ any coffee. And only use real, heavy cream. It’s the best! (Not that I’ve had it, of course, ’cause I’m underage in human law enforcement years…)

  5. “I guess that’s nice, but I am one of those benighted souls who don’t like coffee. I’ll drink tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Just like Captain Picard.”

    Neither does LawDog, generally. I keep Earl Grey and English breakfast tea and a few others on hand for when he visits, then I have a cuppa or two with him.

  6. What a pleasure to see someone stills knows the recipe to a proper Irish coffee.

    None of that whipped cream out of a can, please.

    Merry Christmas.

  7. Well I usually have Irish Coffee orgies. Not because I lack restraint. I have enough restraints to restrain a courtroom of prisoners. But, I’ve found out that even a half pint of heavy cream will turn bad, before I would get around to seconds.

    I got enough irish, and single malt, to float a canoe……

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