Ye gods

In the latest news, we discover that Marvel Comics — the folks who brought us Captain America, Spider-Man and the X-Men — is apparently going to team up with the United Nations in an effort to “improve the image” of that pustulant pesthole on the East River.

You’ll pardon me if I’m really not sure how to “improve the image” of that pack of parasitic pismires.

Seriously, how do you put a positive spin on the Rape for Food incidents in the Congo?

The UN insists on installing the worst violators of human rights on it’s Commission on Human Rights — how are you supposed to put a positive spin on that?

You can at least make fun of the rampant bribery, feather-bedding and nepotism, but the United Nations has been complicit in the deaths of millions throughout the world — how do you “improve” those facts?

Will they have Spider-man drive the UN ambulance that transported armed Palestinian gunmen and munitions to avoid the Israeli military?

Will they have Captain America throw North Korean defectors out of the United Nations Refugee office in Beijing, so that they may be delivered back to North Korea for execution?


Considering that the comic book is going to be distributed for free to schoolchildren in the United States, we have a sneaking suspicion that this is less about “improving the image” of the United Nations in adults, and more about making the United Nations a familiar part of our children’s lives.

After all, why try to fight the current distrust of the U.N., when you can fool the next generation into trusting them?

Something I find to be distasteful in the extreme.

Your mileage may vary, of course.


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  1. Has Marvel done a global-warming comic yet? If not, it can’t be far behind. But distributing them through schools? This is an outrage, and yet another reason to school one’s children at home.

  2. Can’t have Captain America do anything, anymore – they killed him off to make a political statement about how America no longer is a representing truth and justice 🙁

  3. They will be distributed free to children in the United States only if we are stupid enough to play the UN’s game and do so.

  4. 1. They are bringing a new version of Captain America to the comic pages in the next couple of months.
    2. Parents who have kids in public schools will not have much of a choice. This will probably be required reading in many of them.

    I am a comic book collector. I believe that I will be informing them that I will never again purchase a Marvel comic book. That company just hasn’t been the same since Stan Lee left the helm.

  5. Just a little brain-washing of the young.
    We can cloak propaganda with a comic book character to make it more acceptible to children, but we can’t advertise cigarettes on t.v. for worrying that it will bend their little minds to a bad habit?
    I know, “that’s different.”
    Is it? So far as I’m concerned, both the UN and cigarettes will kill you, one way or another.
    It is far, far from Woodrow Wilson’s original concept, more’s the shame.
    I for one am just really, really fed up with the government’s encouragement of abandoning personal responsibility in favor of them protecting us from ourselves.
    Now they want to manipulate our children.
    That’s not only disgusting, it’s criminal. And the schools will go along with it.
    Big Brother is alive and well, particularly in Anglo countries such as the US of A and Britain.

  6. Comic book characters don’t die except as an excuse to resurrect them. Cap will be back with an “edgy” costume and a “hip” new set of weapons, not to mention even more angst and self-doubt than before, because comic-book companies know that dark costumes and angst are the way to reach today’s teenagers. They’ve done the market research and know that kids only read comics for the irony nowadays.

    Hey, they played along with the Comics Code, and they did crappy “Just Say No” storylines, so why not prop up the U.N.?

  7. My two daughters assure me any such comic book(s) will go directly into the classroom trash bin…they have their own informed opinions on the UN.

  8. Well I guess Marvel products will be one more thing I will no longer buy. thanks for the heads up.

  9. Maybe DC ought to have some african rape victims hire Lobo to kill a spidermanlike guy, and do other anti-UN things.

  10. The European Union tried something similar and created captain euro. It bombed big time. Under 25’s in europe are the most eurosceptic age group, so look out for books for toddlers next. Got to get to em young.

    half pint

  11. Guess Joe Quesada (Marvel’s editor in chief) wasn’t content to stop with crapping all over Spider-Man…

    (for those of you who are not comic geeks, Marvel just wrapped up a storyline which wipes out fifteen years of story development for our webslinger.)

    There’s a reason I don’t buy Marvel comics any more…


  12. i have a dream… in which i am in command of a task force commissioned to chop the u.n. building loose of its present moorings, float it out to sea and sink it with naval gunfire.

  13. There’s a chance to save the GI Joe movie if they make Cobra Commander the head of the U.N. His cohorts can be the human rights council.

  14. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. When Marvel started re-telling the story of its superhero population un the various Ultimates series, it had Captain America peg Colonel Nick Fury (an African American in the Ultimates universe) as a Nazi fraud because in the WWII world CAp thought he was living in there were’n any black colonels.

    Problem is that the first Black General in the american military was promoted in 1928 – a fact I only needed to check the Oxford Guide to American Military History to find.

    In other words, Marvel was SO SURE of its PC anti-American storyling that they DIDN’T EVEN CHECK.

    Marvel (and DC, and all the others) would like you to believe that Comics have come a very long way since the simplistic days of the 1940’s, when they were largely propaganda aimed at not-too-bright grade schoolers.

    Don’t believe them.

  15. The best way to improve the image of the UN that Marvel can do would be to send in the Punisher. The guilty must be punished.

    I can dream, can’t I?

  16. “There’s a chance to save the GI Joe movie if they make Cobra Commander the head of the U.N. His cohorts can be the human rights council.”

    That’s an idea…..

    “i have a dream… in which i am in command of a task force commissioned to chop the u.n. building loose of its present moorings, float it out to sea and sink it with naval gunfire.”

    Even better idea…..

  17. How Marvel comics can improve the image of the UN:

    Frame one picture of the UN building.
    Frame two picture of a mushroom cloud.
    Frame Three The world lives happily ever after, The End.

    Hey, it works for me….

  18. Dontchya just love propaganda in its most effective form? Hitler would be beamingly proud. Tsk, tsk, tsk on us if we let it happen.

  19. 0134hrs 1 jan 2008, happy new year to all on board and may 2009 find us all safe and well, still enjoying lawdog’s wit and wisdom.

  20. And I liked Spider-Man, too!

    See, if the Marvel comic authors were smart, they’d give the UN a perfect little propaganda copy to review (global warming references optional), and then print & distribute a…less politically correct version. Preferably involving the Marvel heroes exposing the UN as the sham that it is.

    Unfortunately, I doubt they’d like my idea. 🙂

  21. My idea was to hotwire the Intrepid, moor it off Turtle Bay, and use the catapults to fire old toilets, medical waste, and random crap through the UN’s windows.

    When they protest I’d reply, “We’ll let you know when we’re ready to accept your unconditional surrender.”

  22. gunner: Now, you know we aren’t allowed to sink hazardous waste at sea anymore.

    But I’ve got an idea to solve NYC’s homeless problem. They’d be a better class of inhabitants than the present ones.

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