By way of Lady Tam and Squeaky Wheel we discover how to create your band and its latest CD cover:

1) The first article on this page is the name of your band.

2) The last four words of the last quote on t
his page is the CD title.

3) The third picture on this page is your album cover.

Voila! I present: Acoustic Torpedo with their new album, “Flies Like A Banana”.

To quote Rolling Stone magazine:

In the wake of the tragic — and untimely — death of electric bagpipist Nae Sae Wee Jock, the second CD from punk/folk/goth band “Acoustic Torpedo” presents a harder, grittier edge than their freshman offering.

NSW Jock, known for such power bagpipe staples as, “Hinka Cumfae Cashore Canfeh, Ahl Hityi Oar Hied ‘caw Taughtie” and “Heh Neebr, Goat A Rotry Airm Fur Ma Fordie?” died in Florida after the inebriated rocker mistakenly attempted to play a Caribbean Death Octopus during the 2005 SeaWorld Tour.

“It was ghastly,” reminisced LawDog, lead kazoo/backup vocals, “The rolling about, the shrieking, pounding on the bag, wailing, convulsions, gurgling — seemed like a fairly normal electric bagpipe performance.”

The experience matured the band, adding a haunting, driven tone to the tuba and bringing out the full range of the kazoo.

Scandals, however, continue. When asked about the latest rumour, LawDog snarls, “False. Totally and completely. We did not use a bag of cats and a taser to replace Jock. Anyone who says so is a total hack who’s obviously never listened to electric bagpipes before.”

Rolling Stone gives ‘Flies Like a Banana’ four and one-half stars.



Electronic bagpipes
Your Attention, Please

17 thoughts on “LIVE! IN CONCERT!”

  1. ROFL!
    But I have a problem: My “band name” is “Joe Claussell”, which (who) Wikpedia tells me is “a New York DJ, music producer and record label owner.”
    This silly meme is gonna get me sued.
    Oh, yes, my album title is “To blame everything on”, which I understand can be abbreviated “President Bush.”
    Never got to the album art…

  2. “A bag of cats and a taser”……I am still laughing typing this. That is some classic comedy right there.

  3. I guess my band is Cryotherapy with a new albumn, excuse me, CD, called Still Carry A Tune.

  4. My band is “Warrah River” and our CD is “good deal of rubbish.” The album cover was a grumpy-looking little boy.

    This is fun!

  5. I’d be careful of Lawdog and that kazoo. I saw what he did to his brother Tole with it . . . 8-O!

  6. “He is Very Good”, Air Conditioned Clothing

    I don’t know if I’m a gospel band or a bit narcissistic.


  7. We did not use a bag of cats and a taser to replace Jock. Anyone who says so is a total hack who’s obviously never listened to electric bagpipes before.”

    besides any one with even half a brain knows that a cattle prod and a sjambok will give a vastly superior tone when used in conjunction with the cats

  8. Band: The Sage Gateshead
    Title: “Everything is a Gag”

    Picture: some random guy looking thoughtful

  9. Ya don’t need a sackful o’ cats; you only need three minimum- Young female, older female, and an old tom. Actively stimulate with a homade cattle prod (Model T coil- need I say more?), and that should do the trick… Before anybody gets too bent out of shape, I must have some Scotch ancestors,’cause I like the pipes… Damn, Lawdog, you can crack me up!!

  10. I’m really, really glad I have a job where bursting out laughing is not only acceptable but encouraged. Otherwise, I’d be in trouble.

  11. I actually just did this on my blog today. I thought it was really cool.

    My band: Corridor U
    Band title: Do What You Love

    And the pic:

    The pic is a woman in a bathtub in a pair of black wedge heels. She’s covered by the shower curtain, so you can’t see anything except her legs and the shoes. It’s done in black & white.

    I thought it was an awesome pic.

  12. Cystine

    “Entirely Devoid of Interest”

    Album cover is a black and white striped lighthouse.

    I like this.

  13. That was kinda fun.
    Band: Ibresinsky District
    Title: “The Prescription Ran Out”
    Pic was pretty randomly appropriate.

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