Had a nice little *coughcoughhack*-th birthday.

I was gifted with a lovely little framed print of Rudi Hurzlmeier’s “Krahe” — maybe I’m just a bit … odd … but the sight of that crow marching across the field in those boots just kicks over the old gigglebox.

Got a nice big tackle-box tackle-trunk to put the growing collection of fishing goodies into; and topped it off with a nice bit of moo, seared exactly the way I like it.

Fielded several phone-calls from well-wishers and some e-mails to end the day on a proper note.

All-in-all, a rather nice day.


Widow Six Seven
Two years ago, tomorrow

26 thoughts on “Heh.”

  1. Happy birthday to you, too. Today is also my brothers birthday, and he turned me on to The bird pix which include a seagull in a slicker and a sparrow with cherries.

  2. Happy day, LawDog.

    Here’s hoping you get to tase a critter just for fun on your special day. {kidding}


    (PS: Verification word: grumpo. I swear I am not making this up)

  3. ‘Tis a fine thing you have done Lad.
    We have learnt alot from your missives, laughed a lot at your adventures, and shed a tear or two [the old man on the bench].
    A fine writer yourself, happy f—-th birthday!!
    Now to the range.


  4. Happy Birthday! I glad you enjoyed your hunk of moo and your presents. There’s nothing better than a lovely hunk of moo…

  5. Happy birfday!

    (Verification word: “Ctuhxzi”, which is Cthulhu’s Mayan cousin.)

  6. Happy annual natal observation

    hope it was a good one, sounds like it was fun.


  7. Happy Birthday Officer Dog. ^paw..I enjoy your blog immensely and make note that I have coated my monitor a dozen times with sprayed coffee reading your “assorted interactions with various critter-type beings” Best wishes many more returns of the day, from Beansimple, Editor of OffTheBeanVine Newsletter. Godspeed and watch your six.

  8. Made it through another, heh? Congratulations. May you enjoy many, many more.

  9. And for his b’day night, after a pretty good day, fate gifted the Dog with a spectacular case of stomach flu. However, true to his usual-unusual-he passed out in the bathroom with his head in the cat litterbox, and awoke to find Ittycat digging…..Don’t know if Ittycat was desperate or trying to cover the Dog up….

  10. Ouch! Sorry about the stomach complaint. LOL about the cat though.

    May you have many more birthdays. And may they end better.

  11. Lawmom, that gives whole new meaning to the phrase “Oh Sh!T!

    Dog, happy Bday, I’m sorry you felt so under the weather. I do hope it wasn’t due to an inadequately seared bit of Moo. Me loves me moo too!

  12. Happy birthday, Dawg!

    (I memed you. Purely as a gift, you understand.)

  13. coughcoughhack? You don’t look any older than coughhackcough!
    Happy Birthday!

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